The Leica M9P and 35 Summicron in 2020 by Dan Bar

The Leica M9P and 35 Summicron in 2020

by Dan Bar

Hi Steve,

These days I finally work less so that leaves me more time to shoot! Anyway, took my M9P plus the 35 Cron and was lucky to find this store with workers who installed carpets.  They were very nice and let me take their photos while working.

I also enjoyed my combo and shot 2 landscape photos. Thank you and a happy new year again!



  1. These photos are not very good.

    If you enjoy using your Leica M9 and Summicron good for you, but these photos could be taken with any digital camera.

  2. Someone else please comment on this.
    Its been over a week.
    Awkward that only one other person commented.

    • I would suggest you let yourself open up a little. It seems you’re after a certain look or style, and that’s fine, but I think if you explore other exposures (and the resulting compositions) you may be pleased with the results.

      The subjects in some of your images, and you do have some, get lost in the overall flat exposure.

      They say that shadows are the souls of an image, and that’s where I’d recommend you begin. Dark is okay, but find the soul. Give the viewer something to explore beyond just the lighter pieces in the under exposed image. In other words, what’s in the negative space you could express?

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