1. Hi Steve,
    Been enjoying your site for the last 10-12 years or so and have never left you a comment. However as I now enter my late 40s I am finding rangefinder focusing challenging in the dark. 🙁

    I have been toying with trading my M10, X1D and Sigma FP for a 907X and SL2S. I have some nice XCD glass and M glass but would maybe lose my 50mm APO M and 35mm LUX ASPH to get 1 or 2 pieces of L glass. As someone who has lived. with Leica M for so long, do you think this is a good/bad idea? I know it’s a personal thing but the things I value include portability, quality glass and the ability to make decent video from time to time for my art practice and getting nice family memories.

    • Hey Ken, I hear ya on the eyes! if you did that you would own what I do. The 907x, and the SL2-S. These are absolutely my two fave digital cameras EVER and offer up a totally different experience. The 907x for passionate shooting when you want a waist level experience and a jump in file quality from 35mm. For me, it’s so much more enjoyable than even the X1D series to use. The SL2-S builds on the original Sl and for me, is the real follow up. With that sensor, and gorgeous video quality as well it can be used for different things than the 907x. The cool thing is, M lenses can be used on both with adapters. I would go the route you are thinking if it were my decision!

  2. thank you great video.
    as I expected, for real-world use the Leica SL2-S is the best Leica in their program, right next to the most artsy M10-M and the most classy film camera M-A.
    I had reserved me a R7, but will go for the SL (used) to use my Summilux-R 80 with it and other bigger lenses that need a firm grip, next to my M240 and the set of M-lenses I have. It’s just ultra bang for the buck, that SL. I think all I will miss is the new touch-iconized menuesystem, well that may pop up in a nice M11 later and we’ll see where that will bring us in years to come.

    Until then SL will join my kit.

    thank you again and have a nice weekend and a great new year, it can only get better from now on…

  3. Very nice review. Planning to still stick with my original SL. AF not as much of an issue as I am shooting on older leica m and r lenses. IMHO, the latter are a bargain for very very good performance.

  4. Love this video, very informative and very well made. Thank you Steve! Greetz from Austria!

      • Fancied up with better build quality and finish, better organized menu system which is easier to read ( and more importantly better to work with in the field, better synch and performance with M lenses, better viewfinder, better color bias. That’s a good kind of fancy and worth the money in my opinion. I buy Leica exactly for these fancy features. By the way, I7ve owned a few Panasonics. They were great when new but are not built for heavy, long term use.

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