New Reviews Coming Soon – Photo and Audio!

Reviews Coming Soon – Photo and Audio!

Just a note to say that new reviews are on the way, and photo reviews are coming back as well. I needed some time off of camera reviewing as after 14 years serous burn out can occur, and it did for me.

The Leica 24-70 2/8

I recently dusted off my SL2-S and acquired the new Leica 24-70 f/2.8 L mount lens, which I will have a review for soon. It is the most affordable Leica branded lens in the full frame L lineup at $2795 and while it is not made in Germany it’s still a Leica lens with all metal construction, beautiful looks and fantastic performance. It’s smaller than the gorgeous $5500 24-90 and faster as well with a constant f/2.8 aperture.

BTW, I am still loving my SL2-S and today it joins my Hasselblad 907X and Sony FX3 in my camera stable. I enjoy the Leica with my Sigma AND Leica glass. Within the 24-70 review I will have more words about the SL2-S and how this camera made me content and not longing for something new.

When it comes to Audio reviews, I have a few more on the way as well. I am now getting some pieces sent to me for review and after 8 years of reviewing audio, it is about time! Lol.

Besides cameras will also have the following audio reviews up over the next few weeks:

*Best Budget Speaker Choices in 2021

*Icon Audio PS1 MKII Phono Stage (with comparisons to less and more expensive phono preamps)

*Comparison between the Bluesound Node 2i and Lumin U1 Mini as a Streamer Only.

* Shiit Freya + and Aegir Class A Amp. How close can a $2k combo do against a $20k combo? Maybe a crazy comparison is in order!

* Also a review of a very nice $2400 8 Watt Single Ended Class A 300B Tube Amplifier driving Klipsch Heresy IV, LaScala and RP-600’s.

* A look at the last generation of Pass Labs with an XP-10 Pre amp and XP-15 Phono Pre amp hooked up to XA60.8’s (and possibly the XA25 as well).

As for more real world camera or lens reviews, LET ME KNOW what you would like me to try out and review, and I may be able to make it happen! Leave a comment below!




  1. Hi Steve
    Your Wharfedale Diamond 225 video review was perfect. A speaker that is truly high fidelity. It is a good speaker regardless of cost. I own the D220 and the D225. I will never part with them. Others will come and go…as they already have. Not trusting of tubes after some expensive problems over the decades, but that Schitt gear looks to be top value.

  2. Hi Steve!
    Thanks for all the great audio reviews the past few months. I am in a hifi mood for some time (I guess the covid situation killed a bit the camera mojo for a lot of us) so it is always a pleasure to read your reviews.
    You tested a lot of US-made and UK-made/designed stuff in the last 2 years. What about checking some French stuff to compare? My 2 cents: Atoll Electronique amplifiers (I would love to hear you compare them to your Pass Labs gear) and affordable Jean-Marie Reynaud bookshelves speakers (a lot of people say they “sing”).

    • Thank you! I would love to give them a try, if I can get one sent to me for review ; ) No dealers for that gear anywhere near me…well…no dealers near me at all! lol.

  3. Hi Steve, in terms of cameras and lenses it would nice to see a review of the new Voigtlander 35mm F2 Apo Lanthar. Is it as good or even better than the incredible 50mm F2 Apo Lanthar?
    Stay save and many thanks

  4. Hi Steve, Following you since quite some time. Always very good reviews. Nice Video’s and Write Ups. Excellent work. As I’m not really a social media person or person publishing comments, never posted before. But this time, decided to give it a go in order to Thank you for your reviews and the effort/passion it takes to do, and at same time ask/suggest to see if a Linear Tube Audio Amp is/could be envisioned. Especially your increased review efforts on audio equipment and might think it is a nice/interesting compare to the Pass Labs equipment. If not , no worries. And all the best for the next reviews. Looking forward. Chris

  5. Looking forward to your camera reviews. Could you do a review on your long term use of your Hasselblad 907x. Can you see the view finder on bright sunny days on the 907x vs the XID 11?

    • The LCD on the 907x is very good but in bright sun it will still not be 100% ideal. I have never had an issue at all with it personally but have wished for a brighter screen on the sunniest of days. I still feel its the most beautiful digital camera ever made.

  6. Hi Steve, I can’t wait to read your camera review, as they have accompanying me since years now and have been always worth reading and very enjoyable and informative! Also I am in the dilemma to decide if to take the Lumix S5 with the Sigma 24-70 that I heard is more or less the same lens in a different housing, as this combo comes in Germany for 2300€ now what is an insane pricing! Only the overloaded button layout, the EVF and the overall design of the S5 are holding me back and leaning me towards the Leica body! Keep doing the great work and thank you!!

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