THE FUTURE of Imaging?

THE FUTURE of Imaging? Photo Realistic AI Portraits from you Mind and MidJourney. NO Camera Required. 

I have talked about MidJourney before but the quality has since taken a GIANT LEAP forward. We can now create amazingly photo realistic and detailed photos from our imagination. These looks like photos, and none of the portraits you will see here are of real people. Using tags like “Leica” and other interesting words we can unlock this detail within MidJourney.

I will show you how in the video below:

This tech is moving fast my friends. Just recently I shared my thoughts about this and predicted it would get really good, really fast and it came faster than I imagined. Anyone can make gorgeous portraits, all unique and no two will ever be the same. No camera is needed, just an imagination that can drum up whatever you would like to see.

There are creating words and tags to use to unlock this kind of detail at mid journey. Here is a quick example of how easy it can be to create a stunning portrait:

For this image I just wrote a simple text command but added the words needed to unlock the detail.

With MidJourney you simply come up with words to describe what you want to see. Sometimes you get a beauty right from the get go, but you are allowed to redo them, add words, and make changes with text. The more descriptive you are the more your image will come back looking like what you envision in your mind.

This is crazy future kind of stuff but here now at MidJourney. 

The interesting this is that this tech is still in its infancy. Think about it. In the near future this will only improve as there is one weakness that still exists with Mid Journey. The Eyes. While in some cases they look gorgeous, in others they are not and sometimes it can take many redos or alterations to get it right. When it is right, it is incredible.

I believe fully that this tech will move to video in the future (years away) and in that future will replace actors, voice and all. Mark my words. This will also hurt camera sales. While we can never use this to create a memory, we have iPhones for that. This tech will allow anyone to create works of art and stunning portraits of whatever they can imagine. Much more fun than hiring a model and shooting the same old same old pics that have been redone again and again.

This will improve more as time goes on to where we will not be able to distinguish from real photographs. Since most today shoot for the reward from social media above all else, to release those endorphins from the likes and comments, this may just overtake photography for the hobbyist and enthusiast. I can see it happening…easily. Camera sales are already down the tubes and things like this will not help. There are over 1.5 million mid journey users right now and I expect that number to grow like wildfire.

If you are a creator an artist or photographer, I suggest checking it out sooner rather than later.

Below are a few examples but I show many more in the video at the top of this page. It’s crazy!

None of these people exist nor have they ever…


  1. Man, thanks so much for cluing me into this site/tech. I’ve created some mind bending works in just a few days… the only problem is the native resolutions on MJ. Any advice/suggestions for upscaling? GigaPixel isn’t cutting it for the style of images I’m creating. The only solution I can think of is to print out a 300ppi(+) image, and take a high rez photo of the print. Unfortunately, I have neither the proper printer nor camera at present to test this out. Thanks again!

  2. The line between fantasy & reality, truth & lies blurs even further. Digital can be manipulated to such a degree that it’s not photography anymore; it’s illustration. One of the great virtues of film is it’s virtually impossible to fake and its archival properties are far beyond digital. This brave new digital world is not something I’m looking forward to. I don’t need virtual reality; reality reality is good enough for me.

    • I do not “censor” comments unless they are hate filled or attacks. You have never had a comment censored. Comments do not always go through instantly, but are approved within a day or two.

      • I’m not a fan.
        I’m a photographer as a hobby, professionally an animator and character designer, and my work is being fed into this software and used without my permission and no way to opt out. My work is then being passed off as someone else’s creation.
        I think I’m quite against this too as a close friend, a prolific and well known illustrator, who sadly died suddenly of a heart attack recently, is having his work fed into this machine literally days after his passing, without his families permission, and passed off as new “work”. It’s plagiarism.

  3. Amazing!… but it makes me uncomfortable. That such realism can be achieved so easily makes it’s potential for misuse unavoidable. With the human trait for gullibility still so high, it’s a powerful and dangerous tool in in the hands of a con artist.

      • Thanks for reporting this. It is hallucinating to think of the improper and criminal use that could be done with a beautiful program like this, in the near future. Cordial greetings. Flavio, Venice, Italy

        • There could be zero criminal use of this service, MidJourney. You can not make images of people you know, or celebs. These people do not exist. Not sure how it could be used criminally. I do not see that at all.

          • I used a prompt with the word “disturbing” in it and got flagged… it was referencing a “disturbing house,” lol. But I’m getting my $60 one-month investment out of the deal, so it’s no biggie… just need those larger resolutions!

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