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Sep 272012

Year long wait list no more..Leica Noctilux in stock at B&H Photo & Ken Hansen

UPDATE: B&H Sold Out

What was once a year-long wait list for this lens has now dwindled as last week had them in stock and this morning B&H Photo has some in stock and Ken Hansen does as well. You can check out the B&H Photo page for it HERE and if you want to contact Ken you can email him at [email protected]. Earlier this week when I posted about three lenses available at popflash (including the ever hard to find 35 lux FLE) they all sold within minutes so I know there are many of you out there looking for these lenses. My review on the Noctilux can be seen HERE. To really see what it can do check out THIS article or check out these photos.

  5 Responses to “Year long wait list no more..Leica Noctilux in stock at B&H Photo & Ken Hansen”

  1. Leica lens are good investment. The price can double within a couple of years (50mm noctilux f1.0 & 75mm summilux f1.4) I think there is no other lens manufacturer today that can double the price value of the lens, except Leica.

  2. It’s good to see these lenses so readily available (finally). I ordered a 50/1.4 ASPH from Leica Shop Vienna a couple of weeks ago and it is already in stock. Previously, the waiting list was between 6 and 9 months. Used prices are also back to sensible levels.

  3. Amazing how quickly these lenses go at that price. You hope that they don’t end up in glass cabinets.

  4. B&H is out of stock again

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