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The Ricoh GR is IN STOCK NOW at Amazon and yes, Prime eligible. They have 9 left as of this writing and I know many of you are looking for this camera, so now is your chance. The camera ROCKS, I still have one here with me and it has been impressive. If you want to get one of the nine in stock, CLICK HERE to go direct to the Amazon listing!



  17 Responses to “Ricoh GR IN STOCK NOW!”

  1. Ordered one through Sreve’s Amazon link and should get it end of next week. Plan to use it whenever the RX1 or OM-D is more than I want to carry (and I never warmed up to the RX100). I realized that I very often just carried the OM-D with the 12mm and was perfectly happy with 24mm eqiv. (or 35mm equiv. with the RX1) and never thought much about missing shots without more lenses or a zoom. I’m hoping the shooting experience as well as the image quality of the GR will be to my liking.

  2. Adorama currently has the GR showing as in stock for those still looking for one

  3. WOW – a 45 minute GAS attack :-)

  4. Just got one today at Precision Camera in Austin, TX. Give them a call if you are still looking – they might have one or two left in stock. Very impressed so far. Between the GR and the RX1 I am in compact camera heaven.

  5. I personally got the GR through a Murphy’s Camera 3rd party but endorsed by Amazon prime though it was open box but for $749 I can’t argue hehe.

  6. oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ashwin rao 1 bought all the ricoh’s hahaha

  7. I just got mine last week from Adorama and love the camera. I ordered it about one month ago. If you’re lucky, you might get them sooner.

  8. Aaargh! I noticed that Amazon had it in stock last night, put it in my cart, but held off ordering until today because it was a camera shop I didn’t know that was listed. Wasn’t sure it was a legitimate GR being sold since no one else has any inventory. Of course when your post went out, all 9 in stock disappeared instantly.


    • Anytime it says PRIME or Shipped By Amazon you are 100% good to go as it is coming from Amazon directly so does not matter what the third party company is. Amazon prime is good as gold. But yea, they went fast.

  9. Yeah, I luckily got mine within a few weeks of it being available (May), still waiting on the cases to be available. Looking at the GC-5 belt holster case from Ricoh.

    Great camera, took lightning pictures last night using Large JPEG, Continuous until it filled up a 16GB memory card, didn’t even wince….and the pictures were great as well.

  10. Just got the Ricoh GR half case. Very high quality with screw on handle to the tripod mount like Gariz. I got it from Japan but popflash can order it. Thanks for your review of the camera, Steve.

    • SK, if you don’t mind me asking. How much was it? They put up as call for price. I used Gariz case for my RX100 and it was money well spent.

  11. Well, it sure sold out fast….

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