A Fun and Inexpensive “M” like alternative…NOT

I was browsing the internet today looking at cameras. My son now wants a compact camera for Christmas. He asked for a Leica X1 but that is a bit too much so I was looking for something he can have fun with that does not cost a fortune. As I was browsing I cam across this Vivitar (yes, I know..Vivitar) and it is obviously inspired by the Leica M and is almost X1 like.


It’s an 8MP digital with a 2.4″ LCD and a 3X 2.8 – 4.8 optical zoom. Here is the PDF spec sheet. I am sure the quality is pretty much crap. The camera costs $129 through Amazon. I may just buy one to see if its half way decent but I have a feeling it will be total garbage. Not that all cheap cameras are junk, just that when you see a VIVITAR trying to look like a Leica M, the quality of the camera itself must not that hot.

At the same time, my son would probably like it and it would let him feel like he is shooting a mini AF M. Ha ha…

If anyone has seen one of these or tried one, feel free to comment and let  me know if it is a hunk O junk.


  1. I do apologize for not answering the question though. Hahaha!

    You’re probably right though… it will probably be junk. 🙁

  2. or the Panasonic GF-1. Just think, with the M-adaptor, it can actually use whatever extra lens you have lying around (since you can only use one at a time anyway). It can be a back-up body for your M9 too because it can mount those uber expensive Leica glass 🙂

    Of course… it’s a lot more expensive than any old compact camera…

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