Live from New York…its Monday Night Noctilux!

Man, it has been a HECTIC 24 hours. I have been on the move NON STOP and am now sitting in a hotel room in New York City writing this post. I flew out to NYC with my wife this morning very EARLY to see the sights, tour B&H Photo, and get some images with the Noctilux F.95 in the dark. I have to see we had a blast at B&H. That store is HUUUUUGGGEEEE! It took 2-3 hours just to tour the store. Amazing.

As many of you know, I will be putting up a review for the Leica Noctilux F.95 soon but I wanted to throw up a shot or two I took tonight as a teaser for the review. Then I will post two from the classic noctilux. I will be shooting more tomorrow and should have quite a few images built up by the time I write the review. BTW, street shooting with a F.95 or F1 MF lens wide open is insanely hard. I shot about 100 images and had so many OOF shots due to my focus errors. About 15 or so were great so not so high of a keeper rate, but then again, shooting street at night (which is where I had the most OOF) at ISO 2000 and F.95 is asking for trouble! Anyway, on to some images….

Two teasers with the new F.95 Noct…both wide open at .95…


This next one was out of focus as the Noct is a tough lens for street shooting. Still, I like the image.


Now two from the classic F1 Noct, both at F1



Tomorrow I will be shooting a little more in NYC and then I have to fly back home. Once home, I will start working on my review for the new Noctilux F.95 and I will tell you all of my thoughts and opinions on this $10,000 one of a kind lens.


  1. Btw, #2 is oof due to the fact that I was wide open and moving at a brisk pace while trying to focus in evening light. It’s tough for sure! I shot the hell out if this lens in darkness where it shines. But, it was a challenge as street stuff is much easier with a 35 cron!

    Still, when you buy a noct you will shoot it wide open. That’s what it’s made for and why it costs $10000

  2. Rick, none of the shots posted here are out of focus. Also, when I test a $10k lens whose claim to fame is it’s .95 arpeture, that is where I will shoot it 98% of the time. In real situations, I would NEVER use this lens past f2 as if I want to shoot like that I would bring out a much smaller and lighter summicron.

    Those who are interested in this lens are attracted to it for it’s super fast arpeture. Thanks for looking.

  3. You are definitely addicted to shooting wide open with every lens that you get your hands on. Some look nice, many are out of focus. Do you think that Leica put f/8 aperture on their lenses just to amuse us? Beautiful bokeh is nice but one can get carried away with that as their only imaging goal. I like shooting my film M6 TTL with a 35mm Summicron for these kinds of street shots. I’m more likely to get an in focus shot with nice bokeh too. Super fast lenses will put you in the poor house and break up your marriage super fast.

  4. Amazing pictures. I have the 50mm summilux asph and I know how difficult but rewarding it can be shooting wide open even though i’ve only had it for over a week. Do you feel your’re focussing stills getting better as you use it?

  5. Great shots as always Steve. Getting my classic Nocti tomorrow, as after reading your review I just couldn’t help it. Must be close to impossible shooting this monster wide open on the streets though, especially during the day.

  6. Steve,
    Your second image reminds me of the magic and power of black and white. I anxiously await the full review.

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