A Filmstrip..with the Olympus E-P2

Been shooting the Olympus E-P2 for the past 2 days with the Panasonic 20 1.7 and I have to say it again…this is a must own lens if you have a M4/3 camera! So light, compact and FAST! It’s like a poor mans Leica with its speedy 1.7 aperture and razor sharp performance. I’ll have a review soon but I want to shoot with it for a while first. I’m not a fan of posting a review of something without really using it and abusing it for a while  🙂

I just wanted to post this as I was having fun with the lens and the E-P2’s “Grainy Film Art Filter”. No, this is not going to show you the quality of the lens but man, this is fun! I titled this post “A Filmstrip” because this filter can really look like grainy B&W film! It’s a great filter and it’s built right in to the camera.

BTW, yes this is the cat that was on the streets ragged and worn just 2-3 months ago. She is only 1 1/2 years old and when we found her she was malnourished and filled with parasites and bumps on her skin. Now she is 100% healthy and doesnt even look at the door. She has become a member of the Huff family and is now a very happy cat.

Meet “Monroe” the luckiest cat in town…


BTW, these were straight from cam JPEGS. I did nothing at all to them. Thanks for looking! BTW, Amazon has the E-P2 with 17 2.8 in stock but looks like they only have one left at the time of this writing! Just a heads up!

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  1. Like i said, this is literally the first camera I’ve EVER owned. And i’m 30 frickin years old. How sad is that? That being said, it’s more fun then I could have imagined. Wish i had gotten into this game a long time ago but was always so intimidated. I take the Pen with me everywhere and love it. Keep up the good work! I’m off to track down that Pana 20mm.

  2. Your review of the EP2 convinced me to go for it and make the PEN my very first camera ever. This film strip is exactly why i wanted to get into photography. It has so much soul and character. Love it and love your site. I check it a couple times a week. Keep it up Steve, I’m a fan.

  3. Thanks guys!

    Randy, I have not tried the 17 2.8 but hear the 20 is sharper at 1.7 than the 17 at 2.8. I guess if you want speed and the ability for shallow DOF the 20 would be worth it. I adore it already and have been finding it is so easy to get great images with the lens.


  4. Steve,

    Great site — I just started following a couple of weeks ago. A quick question: I have an EP-1 with the 17mm lens and kit zoom. Is it worth the money to also purchase the 20mm lens. Field of view is pretty close but I’m curious if the increase in speed is worth the money, in your opinion.

  5. Great pictures Steves! Excellent examples of the how the art filters can be used creatively. In addition you are showing that skill & emotion is far more important than, for example, minor differences in resolution of 100% crops

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