Samsung NX10 Commercial

Just found this commercial on youtibe for the new Samsung NX10 camera. Another entry in to the small-ish/mirrorless camera arena. This one has interchangeable lenses along with an APS-C 14.6MP sensor and HD video capability. When it goes on sale (see the B&H Photo page for it here) it will come in at $699 with a kit 18-55 zoom lens. I’m sure the lens will be crap but it will be interesting to see how this camera does. I’m not a big fan of Samsung cameras but I admit, this one looks interesting. Ugly, but interesting. Also, it does not appear to be “pocketable” and is much bigger than a Leica X1 or Panasonic GF1. Sounds like the shutter is loud too 🙂 I hear a 30 F2 will be available for it as well. Hmmm.

Anyway, here is the commercial, which is entertaining and informative:


  1. Steve, I got the chance to play with this camera on sunday. It looks bigger than the E-P1/2/GF1 cameras, but with the pancakes they’re equally thick. The NX10 is a little taller, though, but not as tall as the E-P2 with the viewfinder: If you’re shopping for mirrorless cameras of this kind, but wants the viewfinder, I don’t think one is more pocketable than the other at the moment. (Although the 18-55 was not more bulky than Panasonic’s 14-45, I guess larger zooms may be a little larger than comparable m43 lenses. But if I were to buy a camera like this it would be with pancakes anyway)

    The little I saw of this camera really impressed me. Autofocus seemed real fast to me, the menu system was easy to figure out, and having the viewfinder built in was great. The only thing I didn’t like was the shutter sound. As you point out it’s loud. I wondered whether the sound I heard was actually synthetic, i.e. that it was a sample of a motor winder or something like that. But I couldn’t find a setting to turn it off, so I guess the shutter’s just of the loud kind.

  2. I saw the samples on dpreview and they do look fantastic. I am thinking that this is the year for compacts and 4/3 not made by Canon or Nikon. I know I am hooked and looking to get the X1 this year.

  3. Hey Ashwin, thanks for the comment. If it were up to me? I would have my M9, X1 and an E-P2 as my camera set. I love all three of them.

    The GXR. No sample but I have been getting some superb images sent to me by a friend and they look GREAT at low ISO, high ISO, whatever. Hopefully I can get one soon to try out. It appears to be the real deal in build, quality and control.

  4. My impression is “Meh….” CLearly this is marketted to someone that ain’t me. Looks like it’s aiming for a younger crew who’s just learning photography. The size…to big…the styling, to SLR’ish….

    To me, the X1, GF-1/EP-2, and Ricoh GXR are much more compelling considerations….

    Speaking of which, Steve. Do you get a Ricoh GXR to test?

  5. I actually got to test the NX10 this weekend and I must say, high-ISO shots looked incredibly clean (though it might be because of the amazing AMOLED screen). AF on both the zoom and pancake lenses were good. I’m definitely considering this one when it drops in March.

  6. Thanks Jimmy! Just saw those samples! Thx for the info. The color looks pretty damn good as does that 18-55. These small APS-C cams are the wave of the future. M4/3 is great but if these APS-C cams start coming out with better IQ at lower price points then it will get interesting.

    I wonder when Nikon/Canon will jump in?

  7. Steve,you will be surprised at the pictures from their 30mm pancake and 18/55 kit lenses.Check out the preview on

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