Score! My new old camera, the Leica M6 Classic.

Hello once again! I’m still out traveling and currently in Surprise, AZ at a friends house for a few days. The sun is shining, the temp is warm, and I just so happened to be driving around looking for some shots when I saw a big sign that said CLASSIC CAMERAS. After a quick U-Turn I was in the door!

The store was full of old classic cameras and it appeared there were hundreds of classics from Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Pentax, Contax and yes, Leica.

I spotted a mint M2, a couple of M3’s and various lenses. When I asked if they had an M6 classic in chrome the salesman went to the back and came out with a white box that looked brand new. I opened it up and inside was an unused 10/10 condition chrome M6 classic. The box, manual, paperwork, and even the strap (still in box) all appeared as new/unused.

As soon as I held it I was hooked. The M6 classic is not as tall as the M6 TTL or M7 and it just fel so good in the hand. Small, sleek, thin and it was oozing Leica quality. It is a gorgeous camera and I have been looking for a nice used M6, M7 or MP and I knew that I would not be able to find one as nice as this, at this price. I also like the fact that the M6 is not full or electronics and can work fine without its batteries. The batteries inside the M6 are only there for the meter and it can be used without them if you know your stuff 🙂

After holding and inspecting this M6 I knew I wanted it. I had some extra cash from selling a few items lately and I was able to get a GREAT deal on this camera. Yes, now it is mine and it is loaded with some Portra 160 NC so I am excited to get out and shoot some film! I have the M7 here as well but I have to say I am preferring the M6. It just seems so pure.

I almost bought an M6TTL from Ken Hansen as he told me he had a few new in box (new old stock) from the last 500 produced. Due to the deal on this one I could not pass it up and I actually preferred the M6 classic to the TTL as it is the closest to the MP I have shot with or held.

Anyway, just wanted to share my excitement and say the M6 classic is a gorgeous camera and IMO, it looks and feels better than even a Leica M8 or M9. Of course with film you have the cost and expense of buying film, scanning, etc but in the end I think it is worth it. In the next few days I will be posting some scans from the M6 and M7 as well as my review of the super fun Olympus E-PL1.

I will not be home for another week so my posts may be minimal until then but the site will be updated every day this week and weekend.

I have had some people ask me why I would want an “old M6” when I had an M9? Well, there are MANY reasons to add a nice film camera to your digital kit. My reasons were because film not only has a totally different look, but when you shoot film you also shoot with a different mentality. You forget about chimping, white balance, ISO and sharpness. Basically, no more headaches. I am not saying film will replace digital for me as that will not happen but it is nice  to shoot film every now and then to get away from the digital headaches for a while. For my personal shooting I may just shoot this m6 and 50 cron for a few months and see how it goes. I will be sure to post my experiences and results along the way.

Thanks for looking and if anyone out there has an M6 post a comment and let me know how you like it! BTW, just saw that B&H has a 9 condition M6 classic in stock right now.



  1. RP…the M6 is built extremely well and there are TONS of them today still going strong. I have shot about 10 rolls through mine and LOVE it. I like it better than the M7 and M3 I tried out for a while. What I really wanted was an MP but at the current prices, a used M6 is a great alternative and makes more sense. Also, I doubt many “working” photographers these days shoot an M6. Mine will be used for personal/family shots only.

    Thanks for the comment.


  2. The beginning of the end with Leica’s construction of M cameras. This is when the bean counters (accountants) determined a way to make a superior product inferior. The M4 is the last camera built to Leica standards. Too many plastic parts and inconsistencies in each M6. Clearly most if not all followers of this feed are not working photographers. Enjoy your new toys boys and girls.

  3. As for me, I shoot both digital and film, and my camera of choice when it comes to film is a Olympus OM1. Film has a more personal feeling 🙂

  4. By the way, if anyone is interested in my mint useless F100, feel free to ask ;o) !

  5. Seems that the R7 has been haunting you for a while, Blackrooster ;o) !
    I do own a R7 with a Cron 50mm, which I bought used but in an exceptional mint condition, one year ago. This combo “only” cost me less than 500 Euros with its leather case, which is a real bargain I think. At the moment, I was already focused on a M system, but the low price made me think : “why not give it a try, then resell it ?”. Now, I just have to keep it, even if a M2 came into the arena since then. It’s just a pleasure to hold, and to shoot with it. I don’t have any experience with previous R bodies, which had low reputation, mainly the first R4, but I find that the R7 is extremely well made, with even some smart features. For instance, in aperture priority mode, exposure lock is only possible if you switch to selective metering. Logical ! I use this a lot, and find it very useful as a mix between manual mode and automatic mode. The R7 seems to be built like a tank, doesn’t sound hollow when you knock it, but is not as bulky as a R8/R9.
    The shutter release is also kinda special, as it sounds like damped. It’s not as silent like a M shutter, but it’s yet quite discret, comparing with my Nikon F3, or even an M8.
    The viewfinder is nice and bright though not as slick as in a modern autofocus camera, but I find manual focusing is easier with the grainy screen.
    The R7 body size and weight are also close to the M. My M2 is a little wider than my R7, but the R7 is a little taller than the M2. The Cron 50mm fits well, and the combo is very handy and feels great to shoot. Before the R7, I had Nikons F3 and F100 with Nikkor 50mm f/1.8, so it was my only reference. I have to say that the Cron 50mm performance blew me away, especially wide opened. I still can’t afford a M version of this same Summicron to go with my M2, but I enjoy my R combo so much that I don’t think spending more money on another Summicron which would not focus as close (the R version focus close at 50 cm, and I do like framing details). And BTW, my M2 “wears” a cheaper CZ C-Sonnar 50mm f/1.5 which renders in a different way, but also very nice, so why bother ?
    The R system is out of business now, so I think one can meet real bargains while used M6/MP + lenses can still cost you one arm and two legs.
    I’m mad enough to enjoy sharing prints of my shots with friends and family, so I rarely scan my films. If I have a chance to find a scanner, I’ll post some pictures.

    Have fun, all of you !

  6. Wow, it’s amazing how rich this thread has become and how long it’s continuing…film!

    Here’s a thought. I’m very close with a few people at Leica, namely Steffen K & Stefan D, the latter of whom being the head of the division concerning all things ‘M’. He’s my age (47) and has been at the company since he was 15, basically what he doesn’t know about the ‘M’ isn’t really worth talking about.

    When shooting digital, both of them obviously shoot the M9 however, when shooting film they both shoot the R7 which is pretty much the same size as an ‘M’, with certain lenses surpassing that of their ‘M’ counterparts, specifically the 90 Summicron ( anyone who truly knows Leica glass will agree that it’s not even open for debate).

    As much as I love my MP Ti, I must say that when shooting film on an manual focus level, I err towards the R7. It can be bought for way cheaper than an M…. if you can find one. Does anyone here own one or have they used one in the past?

    Your thoughts please.


  7. oooh…even the box of the analog Leica’s are much more beautiful than the box of the M8 I have…Your last decision and your comparison review between M9 and M6, wants me use my M6. Recently I made a decision after reading one of your reviews…;-)

  8. All this talk of film has inspired me, so I called my dad and asked him to dust off his old Nikon and Olympus film cameras, which probably haven’t seen the light of day in 20 years. He was pleasantly surprised by my request. Fun times to come.

  9. Hi Steve

    I found your site a couple of months ago and now I try to visit every day. I have been a Leica user for over 10 years starting with an M3 and I now have 4; my original M3, another M3, the M6 and an M7. I use the M6 and M7 almost interchangeably but there is certainly something about the earlier cameras. I think you will find the more you use the M6 classic that there is something different about it even compared to the M7 and MP. With time you will find that this difference is in the shutter release, it just feels better and smoother.

    Also, if you find that you want to use your M6 on a tripod more than occasionally I suggest that you consider getting the Leica power advance. Since this has a tripod socket in the center of the base. It is also handy for those times when you want to do street photography and be ready for the next decisive moment. I have used the Leica grip accessory and it does not fit as snugly as it should to be an improvement over the tripod socket in the standard base.


  10. Just this last month I purchased an M6 because the cost of an M9 seemed beyond what I’d ever be able to afford. I’ve been shooting velvia 50. The colors I am able to obtain with a well exposed velvia 50 frame exceed anything I have ever obtained from a digital file. I think the comparison is between a complex three dimensional representation and a flat one. After forty years of Nikon SLRs – Nikkormat, F2, and FM, I am really enjoying being able to shoot a Leica at long last. Let’s be honest, the hassle of developing film, scanning it, etc. far exceeds the minimal effort involved in firing off hundreds of digital files. But, OMG, the colors! I just love the colors. And most importantly, I am having a blast rediscovering my long lost love for film cameras, and the way they smell, and handle, and feel. Nothing digital ever comes close to the classic perfection of a compact FM or M6. One is a computer with a lens on it, and the other is a camera. Part of the excitement and satisfaction of shooting film is the association with the mystique of the masters of yesterday.

  11. sorry i forgot, my m4-p is a chrome one, there were only 400 or 500 produceed.

  12. for the last 22 years, my m4-p was the only camera i’ve used, with a cron 35.
    i’m even considering a replica prototype 2
    i still develop my films but as for printing well i got my film scanned abd use my mac. maybe i’m getting lazy… i was looking for a used m8 and a 28 elmarit to replicate my kit in the digital world but with all your comments about film and handling and shutter sound…….. well im not so sure anymore.

    as for the prototype 2 replica i should say i’m also considering a fix gear bicycle so it must be a kind of mood i developped lately.[img][/img]

  13. @Stephen..weird? Don’t think so. That’s what makes it special. We’re all spoiled by instant gratification and shooting digital we all end up taking and wasting too many shots. Patience is a bit of a lost art in the world of photography.

  14. I like it that I don’t see my pictures until they are developed. Is that weird?

  15. I agree with Moritz. I love the film Leica Ms in theory. I never owned one, but it was always a dream. I don’t develop my own film so it would be a hassle and expensive for me as well to get this camera. It wouldn’t be used as much as digital. Let’s face it. I’m lazy that way. Oh, and broke. I envy those that can develop and scan the negatives, to take the time to do it. I think film looks awesome. Maybe someday I’ll tackle the whole developing, chemicals, and scanning thing, but for right now, it’s digital for me. My only concern with digital is a possible loss of files. I lost a hard drive before. Luckily I had it back up, but it was scary. Plus, ten years from now, will my files open in the latest greatest software? I wonder. Meanwhile, my film slides and negatives are safely placed in their little sleeves in notebooks. Still, I love both mediums. Digital is easier for me, not necessarily better. I love the instant results too.

    All this Leica talk is making my head spin. Too much stimuli!

  16. Unbelievable how many guys (and Elaine of course as well) are expressing their admiration for the the old Leica M film “trash”. Taking pictures now since more than 40 years I have been linked to and lost in Leica’s and Leica lenses. And yes, I have also – after some hesitation – started a few years ago with a M8, and have sold everything last year in summer, just a few weeks before the M9 has been announced. Well done, isnt it? What did I do? I have started to sell all the Canon Eos gear – a real lot – ordered an M9, received it on December 22 and I am satisfied. I have been with M9 and three lenses end of February in Berlin, participating at Thorsten Overgaards photo seminars, also Felix Kunze participated, a group of seven altogether, all using (different) Leica’s. Great input, highly recommendable, I have to admit. We have had a lot of fun, more than 1.000 pictures taken during day and night, and as I said, after some thousand pictures taken with the M9 I am satisfied. But personally really happy I am with the Leica M6 and also with the two M7, which I keep in “secret” for the happy moments with FP4 Plus and Velvia.

    Good choice, Steve, keep it, it’s worth it, even when the future of picture taking doubtlessly lays in the territory of “Digital county”.

    Unfortunately film will remain only a a niche in the market. Leica’s sales in USA with the two still available film cameras M7 and MP dropped below 5 % of sales in 2009, as the president of Leica USA recently stated in an interview. How long will they be able to keep them produced?

    It’s time, to keep the Leica beauties and goodies, no doubt.

  17. Don’t know. Messed around with film way too long and although I love those cameras I really can’t get myself to dealing with the hassle of film again. Having it developed – headache, scanning – headache, archiving (and finding the one negative or slide again) – major headache, space requirements – headache. Just don’t want to deal with those migraines anymore. How do you guys do that??! If I want the film experience I use my R-D1, would love it to be full frame, but it is as good as gets for now. Anyways – have fun with it Steve!

  18. Steve – Congrats on your awesome find. Every time I visit this site, I end up leaving wanting something new… Or something old in this case. Enjoy your M6~

  19. @blackrooster… Good points and for the masses film is too much science to do it right. But for Leica digital Ms, there are no good reason for them to bring in Color casts and by far the worst AWB in the industry. Sadly I think that leica’s relevance has decreased in the digital era. But thé glass, OMG the glass. That is why I bought an M8.2 and love it . I just don’t show the pics before I Pp thm

  20. Mr. Blackrooster,

    My comment of coming to your senses was directed to S.H. for hopefully getting back to his roots, and having fun again. Far to often we get lost in all the marketing hype and B.S. which surrounds the digital domain and digital lifestyle. I too have been caught up in the digital domain so to speak, and try as I might, consistently revert back to Film for the fun factor and the creative juices I once had when working in the industry. I find I’m far better and more creative when shooting film and I like the end result better than when I shoot digital. I would rather spend my extra time which is hard to come by today, rather then sitting in front of my computer trying to do to my digital file like I would have orginally had, if I shot it with film.
    I have spent 35 years in this business as a field Photo Engineer for both GAF and Fuji. I have seen it all from every major pro studio from coast to coast and to this day when it really matters it still goes on Film. I too have a number of both Digital and Film camera’s, Nikon D-700, Nikon D-90, 2-M-7’s and 1-M-4 and many lenses. I also have the use of oil mounting on Linotype and Hell DC-350 drum scanners so if there are those once in a life time shots that I need to record there is no finer system on the planet that compares. So respectfully in closing as they say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison and yes maybe one day Digital will replace film, but I don’t think it will be be in my lifetime.


  21. Hi Gary,
    regarding your comment on “coming to your senses regarding the M6/7”, I think a point is being missed..just a little bit. The digital M is not meant to replace the look of film which in my opinion is mainly false romance. As far as B/w goes, film is a question of preference and for the most part a well exposed digital file will look better to the eyes of a majority. Colour, lets not even get into that, low ISO’s, maybe but anything over ISO 400 and there just isn’t any competition. People tend to suffer from Amnesia when it comes to colour film…basically it sucks outside of base ISO’s.

    The only reason a digital M exists is because the medium of film itself is dwindling. Leica never meant to build a digital M to “match or replace” the film M.

    I shoot both with an extensive collection of film M’s but I when I shoot film it is for different reasons such as ‘not seeing the image straight away’ and ‘staying in the picture…being more patient, not wanting to spend time in front of my computer etc’. If I go through a film M phase it is never anything to do with the so-called ‘look of film’ or for lack of quality in my digital cameras.



  22. Steve,

    So nice to see you come to your senses regarding the M6 and M7. I’m not discounting the M9, it is the future for Leica, but simply put Steve, it will never, ever match, or replace the look of film, never. Now you need to get a good supply of Ilford, Kodak, Fuji and some of the special Films from Rollei and Spur and start having real fun again. Keep up the good work………………………..


  23. Hi guys,

    has anyone ever tried a classic, black R7 and a 90 Summicron? As a combo it’s quite a bit harder tom find than an M6 but is every bit as compact however the added flexibility is sublime. Any thoughts?


  24. Steve,
    Congrats! I have the same M6 that I got of ebay and I love! I would recommend that you replace the finder with an MP finder since the standard M6 finder flares alot. I can recommend sherry Krauter of Golden Touch in NY( I agree with others that Velvia 50 is beautiful, but if you need a little more low light flexibility that I like Fuji Provia 400X. I yield beautiful negative and pushes to 800 very easily. Also try a roll or two of Ilford HP5 for B&W (in my opinion in pushes and pulls better that TriX). Enjoy!

  25. Great Camera Steve! Congratulations! The images printed on Baryta paper have always a particular “smell”. Hopin you enjoy with your new toys!

  26. Congrats Steve!
    I to have enjoyed M6 classic from eBay “buy as-is” seller. A through inspection via Leica specialist shop in my hometown in Korea basically told me it was spanking new, I finally saw a light of satisfaction and settlement with this one.
    Wonderful camera I say, but you’ve already know that for yourself 🙂

  27. Steve
    Didn’t you say that the size of the M9 is perfect and shouldn’t be smaller? 😉 I had a M6 classic for a long time and I love the smaller size. It just feels great in my hands. I wish the digital versions would get to that depth and height but that might never happen because sensor and screen add to the overall depth. In addition I really like the smaller speed dial with less numbers on it. It just simplifies everything.

    Have fun with that camera. Usually has classic M6s for sale.

    PS Got my M9 yesterday and I am very excited about it.

  28. [img][/img]

  29. This is great news Steve. Really looking forward to seeing your shots with it. I am off to Cyprus for the Easter weekend and taking my M7, 2 rolls of tri-x, 2 rolls of velvia 50 and 1 roll of Kodak Elitechrome Extra Colour (E-6)…happy days 🙂

    a taster…

  30. … oh, I´ve forgotten to give this little hint which one of the Leica mechanic told me about the M6: if the batteries grow weaker the meter can give you wrong informations, the exposure will be to short, about one f-stop. But, as we know Steve, he wouldn´t need any batteries 🙂

  31. 🙂 I´ve got one and I will never sell it … I´ve seen too much through this camera, my first M, my first Leica-Love 🙂

  32. oh why not, i’ll show my classic M6 as well. black dot <3


  33. Oh wow, great catch Steve! I agree, the M6 classic is just wonderful.. I love mine and even though I’m lusting for an M9 I’m not sure if I could ever part with my M6. Hope you will keep this one for a long time 🙂

  34. QUOTE: ” I had some extra cash from selling a few items lately and I was able to get a GREAT deal on this camera.” UNQUOTE

    Were there no small deals on women’s clothing, home accessories and/or the like?

  35. They had a mint M2 and you bought the M6?!? 😀

    Seriously though, nice camera Steve and you summed it all up about the M8/9 when you said:-

    “…the M6 classic is a gorgeous camera and IMO, it looks and feels better than even a Leica M8 or M9.”

    It just sits in the hands so much better, you don’t need to even think about using a “ThumbsUp” or a grip unless that is your usual preference. Even Ken Rockwell seems to shoot his M3 over his beloved M9 these day’s, say’s and proves a lot that a 50+ year old camera like these can still have that pull and frankly produce better results straight out of the camera without any editing/sharpening when compared to the latest M9 …as good as it so obviously is.

  36. Steve,
    I’m glad for you.
    I have 5 cameras at home but I’ve been shooting exclusively with my M6 classic + Cron 50 + TRIX for 16 years until now.
    I have my M9 but will never drop my M6 !
    Have fun !

  37. Congratulations Steve, you got a real jem! The M6 classic is my favorite Leica ever, and I am still shooting lots of rolls of film with it! A real classic camera !!

  38. Thanks guys for all of the comments. The M6 is a real gem and I am loving it so far. Dropping off some rolls tomorrow for processing and can’t wait to see some results. I’ll post some soon!

  39. Way to go Steve.

    As you know I’m huge on film and film cameras in general. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a very rare Titan MP. I think I can go on record as saying that it is perhaps my favorite camera of all time for the same reasons you mention when speaking about your new M6….it just feels right and is therefore perfection.


  40. I purchased an M6 Classic in 1989.

    Since then, I’ve had dozens and dozens and dozens of cameras, film and digital. Use has been primarily for mountaineering, trekking, and other outdoor adventures.

    I have retained three film cameras: my original M6, a Nikon FM3a, and a Contax T3. I’ve also owned an M7, some Nikon FE’s, and Canon EOS’s. My cameras hang exposed on a thin strap while I climb and hike, with no case. They get banged up, they get rained on, they get snowed on, they get frosty when it’s cold. I shoot them all in foul conditions and am too weight conscious to spend the money on “weather sealed cameras”, which might be a ruse if the camera is built well enough and doesn’t depend on electronics. My M6 and FM3a are the only cameras I’ve ever owned that have been drenched in rain and snow and still produce spectacular photos. Other than an M3, they are probably the only two manual focus cameras I’ve owned with the ability to focus with enough precision to produce gallery prints having shallow DOF.

    I have cycled through digital cameras faster than eBay can close the transactions. I’ve grown to loathe digital, and I even became intolerant of color castings on my M8 and M9 because they require too much fooling around in PP in order to give them … well, that look. The OOC RAWs and JPGs just don’t have it. I can’t quite put a finger on it. Technical image quality is superb but when it looks like everything else, then what?

    Today, I shoot digitally for some professional activities (journalism) but film for pleasure, art, galleries, and for anything where I want superb images from one of my outdoor adventures. I use the Contax T3 and Sigma DP2 for family and street snaps, and waffle a bit between the Nikon FM3a (and the Nikkor 28/2.8 lens) and the Leica M6 (with a Zeiss 28/2.8 lens) for landscapes with either B&W pan films or Velvia 50.

    But the M6 Classic – still my favorite to use after 22 years of sampling all that the corporate pimps (Leica included now, with the M8 and M9) have promised for us.

    • Hi Ryan. I also have a Nikon FM3a and it’s one of my favourite cameras. I would love a Leica M6 classic to add to my collection. I currently use a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 AFD on my FM3A but would like to upgrade to some Zeiss glass. Was thinking either a 35/f2 or 50/f1.4. But then again, maybe I should rather spend my money on M mount lenses with an M6 classic!

  41. Congratulations, Steve! Classic Cameras is my local Leica dealer here in Phoenix! In the past few years I’ve purchased an M7 and an M8, a 35/2 summicron and 50/2 summicron, plus an R4 just for fun from them. They are great to work with. Welcome to the valley!

  42. I’m really happy you found it! I’m shocked (living in phx) that you managed to just stumble upon that place in surprise.. I may have to drive up there! Good job. I’m about to realize how much I suck at photography now that you are in Arizona :/

  43. Scrolling down the page reveals the rest of the story. The M4-2 (1978-1980) was made in Canada as were some of the M4-Ps (1981-1987). The classic M4 (1967-1975) was German.

    The best way I can describe my M4 is that my daughter can have it if she can pry it out of my cold, dead hands.


  44. Uhhh Bruce,

    I believe all of the M4s were made in Germany. At least mine was. As are all of my Leica lenses. While the Canadian lenses are considered excellent, I like German precision. As for the cameras, I understand that the Canadian factory converted a few thousand existing M2s to M2Rs by adding the M4 film loading. I’m not sure if the Canadian plant made any later versions of the M4. But the classic M4 is definitely German.

    See the top plate photo here:


  45. I understand completely! I’ve been dragging around my old chrome M4 since it was new back in ’69. I don’t hardly use it much since I got my M8 but every now and then I run a roll of film through it just to hear the snick of the shutter. Its magical!


  46. i have an m6 classic. i specifically wanted an m6 classic because at the time, i wanted an mp but couldn’t afford one. but i the shutter dial rotate the proper direction, i didn’t want all the electronics in the m7. it’s the closest to the mp you can get other than looking for an m3 and m2. the m4 wasn’t made in germany so i wasn’t interested. in the end the m6 was the only one that met the criteria. it’s a true made in germany fully manual camera.

    i have a few film nikons which will likely never get used again. why shoot nikons when you got a leica? i shoot the m6 more than i shoot my nikon d90. i enjoy scanning and processing as well.

  47. oh, how I wish I could afford one! a classic black M6 with a 50mm ‘cron might be the perfect setup! enjoy your new old camera and I will be waiting for some nice photos taken with it!

  48. In the sake of fun with film cameras, I wanted to share a “portrait” of my Leica MP” in chrome. This is my last and final film camera….period.

  49. Gah, I’ve got so much envy! I’d love to know more about your thoughts on the film Ms, their differences and why you chose the M6.

  50. Hi there !
    Steve, seems that you made a great deal. I’m also very curious about the price you got for this baby.
    I have the same opinion as you about shooting both film and digital. In the late months, I was also looking for a used super condition M6. But prices are still high here in France (around 1000 Euros). I managed to find one M2 in very fair condition for 400 Euros, and I fell in love with it. So pure, so simple, so discret, so well-made. I feel that even combining the low price of my used M2 with buying and processing film is still a great deal. I would not say the same for a M9 + iMac 27 ;-))) !

  51. Real photography is on film.
    The digital age is so boring.

    here is some pict i did with holga/pola etc. I never had the same feeling with a digital camera/file

    ( is a french photo forum i’ve created few years ago for guys like me who shoot analog+crappy camera, pay you a visit, it worth the clik, some stunning photographer there 😉 )

    I’ve realised after one year without shooting film that digital suck, no meaning, no romance, no sex appeal, just boring. Digital is good for the business, not for my soul, not for my brain, not for my souvenir.
    I’m sure you’ll fall in love with the M6+portra 160NC Steve 🙂

  52. AWESOME, STEVE, and congrats. Most of the people that I have spoken with have told me that the current MP (which I have and cherish, but need to shoot more) is essentially an update of the M6 classic. You got an AMAZING camera. It really looks brand new, and the chrome version is a beauty, and mechanical shutter with battery powered meter to boot. Congrats on that. That store looks cool. I am envious. Thiat will be a great film companion to your M9. One in black, 1 in chrome…

    On a separate note, I sold my 28 summicron, and was thus able to fund an X1, which is coming my way (and will be my M9’s companion), while the GRDIII remains the pocket camera….I am psyched…

    And for any of you guys reading this, I have a line on a new Leica M9, for those still waiting….just send me a personal message…

    • I looked at your pictures in your site and I must say that your images of the human condition have affected me profoundly and emotionally. The cruelty of humans against one another, as depicted in your images, is unfathomable. Thanks for sharing.

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