Friday Links! April 16th 2010.

Yes, I am on the road once again and sitting in a hotel room writing this page! Been doing a ton of traveling recently it seems but it’s always good to hit the road with a camera or two as you never know what you will see. Anyway, while sitting in this hotel room I decided to put up some cool links! I have a ton of them today 🙂


How cool is this?? I sort of saw this one coming but did not think it would be so soon. A m4/3 mount HD camcorder. Looks pretty sweet.

The master of the “decisive moment”

Pretty interesting…10 samples of photo manipulations from the press. Check out the before and after shots 🙂

Over at PetaPixel you can read about the new line of Cine lenses from Carl Zeiss. Video guys, this one is for you!

A GREAT video/slideshow from Felix Kunz on his recent trip to Haiti. Check it out, Felix is a great guy and great photographer.

Some GORGEOUS wedding shots with BEAUTIFUL color and guess what? They were shot on film with Fuji Pro 400H and a Leica M6 TTl. I LOVE  all of them. Bravo to Steve Ting! Love his style and the fact that he shot it with an M6 and film!

This is late news, but one of my all time fave concert photographers passed away about 3 weeks ago. Jim Marshall, RIP.

B&H Photo has a mint SILVER 24 Elmarit 2.8 lens for a great price of $2499. It’s used but is rated a “9” and comes with case and hood.

Now this is interesting 🙂 How to hand color a B&W photo. I don’t think I would ever need to do this, but maybe someone out there does!

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  1. Love the wedding photographer you posted, colours are beatufiul and i love all of his composition, truly great stuff.

  2. Thanks, Steve, once more for some interesting links. I like the wedding shots a lot…. very nice colour and style of photography….

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