Super Leica Used Deals…but act fast!

Just found these used deals on some Leica gear.

NEW DEAL 6/30 – Leica 28 Elmarit ASPH – 6-bit coded – in box with case, hood. Like new 9+ – $1595

These all sold yesterday…wow.

LEICA 35 Summicron – Used but in a “9” condition – $1299 – This will NOT last long!

Leica 50 Summilux PRE-ASPH – 9 condition – $1449!

Leica CM Zoom – These are very hard to come by and this one is mint in box for only $799!


  1. Thanks very much. Very helpful. I really like the 28 focal length as it means I can use my M7 without the external finder. I actually have the VC 28 Ultron 2.0 and it is a great lens. I bought it to see if I liked the focal length before investing the money in the Leica equivalent. I have not tried a 35mm on my M7 so hence my question just to see what the general feeling is. Here is a photo with the 28 Ultron on good old Tri-X. Very happy with the sharpness and the distortion is minimal (to my eye anyway). 3D look anyone? 😉


  2. while I dont shoot leica I found carrying primes within 10 – 30 MM of each other to be pointless. I tried carrying a 85 and 50 and found I would just put one on and never bother for the other. Idealy youd want a wide and tele prime but with a 50 your right in the middle, id go as wide as I could and leica makes a lot of wide lenses.

  3. I agree about the 28 Elmarit. When I am shooting with my 50mm Elmar, the 28 Elmarit is always in my bag. When I have the 35mm on my camera I rarely feel the need to change lenses (maybe sometimes will use the 21mm Skopar if I really need to go wide).

    • Great minds think alike! I like the 35 – 21 combo too! With the 21 Skopar + a 35 (in my case a CV 35/1.4), that’s one lightweight kit! I tack on a 75/2.5, and pretty much got everything covered.

  4. @Stephen – I feel the same way as Kalye. I use my 35 much more than the 50. But if I was really in love with 50, I’d probably stay away from the 35 and go for something wider like a 28 or even 21 or 24. The CV 28/1.9 is reportedly better than the CV 28/2, but not in production anymore. The 28 Elmarit is nice and small. Let us know what you get!

  5. Looks like the 35/2 went quickly. Just last week, B&H had a 35/1.4 asph version 1 for $2300 in 8+ condition. I didn’t think twice and bought it 🙂 The hood that came with it had a crack at the vented area, but nothing a little super glue didn’t fix. The 35/1.4 is amazing wide open, now I know what people are talking about when they say there’s ‘magic’. I’m all happy now 🙂

    @Stephen B, a 35mm or 28mm would be nice. Although, I found when I got a 35mm I didn’t use the 50mm that much anymore, at least for my shooting style. If you have cash to spare, a 35/1.4 is nice to have, especially in low light. That extra stop is so worth it. If f2 is good enough for you, then a 35/2 Summicron is an excellent choice or a VC Ultron 28/2, which is a lot cheaper.

  6. Guys (and gals)…

    if you had to have 2 M lenses and one has to be the 50mm summilux asph (cos I have that and it will have to be taken out of my cold dead hands 😉 what would the other one be? Just interested as I might be in the market for an additional lens for my M7 (I only have the 50 at the moment).

    I am thinking 28 elmarit as then I don’t have to use an external finder but I hear so much about the 35 cron too grrrr. What do you think?

    • 28 Elmarit. If sticking with a 50, a 28 makes most sense. If you get a 35 you will find that 35 and 50 are pretty close. When I have a 35 without a 50, I use it all the time and it becomes my fave focal length. When I have a 50, i never use the 35. If I had a 28, it would get more use with a 50. A 28, 50 and 90 is a good setup, or a 35/90.

  7. the 50 and CM are already gone, im guessing the 35 will drop out this night as well. BH get a sweet deal with all the promotion, they have great prices but if people dont see them it wont matter.

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