Four from the Leica X1…

Just a slow Sunday so thought I would post SOMETHING…

Did you guys know that I love my little Leica X1? Such a gorgeous camera. Yes it is slow. Yes it does not Zoom. But man, it has that Leica soul and other compact-ish cameras like the Sony NEX, Olympus PEN series, and others just do not have it 🙂 Here are four recent ones from the X1..don’t forget to check my daily “Leica X1 Daily Diary” I started a few weeks back. It’s in full force now so check it daily! Also, if you have not seen it, my X1 review can be seen here.

If anyone is looking for an X1 (I know many still are) B&H is out of stock, but I think Ken Hansen may have one or two, and if not, he can get them fairly quick. If you contact him, tell him I sent you. I get nothing from Ken for mentioning him, he’s just a great guy, great Leica dealer and someone who has helped me out recently in a personal situation, so I like to help him out (and you guys) when I can 🙂 Thanks Ken.

Here are four recent images form the X1 that I liked but never posted, well, at least I do not think I did. 🙂 These have all had some PP, most with Silver Efex Pro, my fave B&W conversion plug in.

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  1. Great stuff! If anyone gets LFI International then look at the 04/2010 issue and the X1 in Barcelona. Wonderful photos with rich colors.

  2. Thanks Steve for all your thoughtful postings. Yep, I can’t afford an M9 either, but I did get the X1 (from Ken Hansen). Love the IQ, but bit frustrated with the manual focus which I try to set up for street shots. I’m new at street shooting and going back to a rangefinder after 4 decades with an SLR. Any tips on how best to approach focussing X1 for moving street subjects–manual or auto?

  3. Steve, I really like your approaches (yes, there is a but), but this time I think your NEX b/w shots look much more nicer than those of the X1. I think you give the M9 System the right credits, but also I think those hails for the x1 are not justified. Also the X1 ist just big enough they could have tuned the electronics in there, to make ist faster in processiong than a DPx.

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