• Nepal?? Cool! You have to promise to load up some shots – or provide us with a link to some when you’re back…….

      • Adam, i’m heading there on the 27th working on a project i have been thinking about for quite a long time. I am extremely excited about the whole thing.
        I’ll be shooting everything on Kodachrome film (about 150 rolls) – i will definitely post the shots – expect something in December/January.

    • Thank you Elaine!

      I can’t wait……

      Quick question for Steve or Ashwin or whomever –

      With the 21 or 24mm lenses, do the brightlines automatically appear for them?

      • Hi Adam,

        You wish 🙂 The finder is already crowded enough. You’ll need the “Frankenfinder”, which is big, ugly and expensive. For the 21, you’ll be better off getting the older Leitz 21 which is small and pretty but also expensive. Either way, it won’t be cheap.



        • Hahaha….I thought as much. Those frankenfinders are awful. I’m a sucker for W I D E lenses though……on the D3 12.1MP was never quite enough. The images just looked…..I dunno, unsharp. Like the sensor couldn’t resolve what it was seeing.

          But I’ve seen some images shot by Ashwin with the Tri-elmar/M9 and they are awesome.

          But isn’t there some lever which allows you to use something like a 21mm without the frankenfinder?

  1. Biggest issue now will be lens stock – especially the 35mm 1.4, which at US5,000 you’d think would be more available! It’s great to see that they’ve caught up with the bodies though.

    Kudos to a great company.

    I get my black M9 shortly (finally, after an initial false start)……woo-hooo!

    • How long did it take you to pick the colour? the more expensive something is the longer it takes me, always. A M9 might have taken me months to decide.

      • Hahahaha…..Hi Eric….

        No kidding! I originally wanted the grey, but after a bit of research it turns out that the blacks have better resale value. AND the black is a lot more “stealth”. It’s kind of like amps and how they flick between black and silver in terms of popularity, with the black always remaining in favour for longer.

        I’m glad I went the black in the end. The lenses look better in black [anyway] I think.

        Short answer – 6 months!

  2. For your French readers, the M9 is in stock in the following stores:
    – Leica Montmartre (Paris)
    – Nicolas Muro (Saintes)
    – Objectif Austerlitz (Strasbourg)

    I bought one myself today !

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