1. What makes this one interesting, is that you can fit M-lenses on it, using a bayonet adaptor.

    Too bad they they couldn’t fit a real APS-C size sensor in there… That would make up for Rabi’s complaints…

  2. It has no 2nd curtain sync option, not even flash exp. correction. No DOF and AE lock button at all.
    I think this camera is nothing more but an interchangeable lens compact for beginners.

  3. I understand that some people prefer mechanical buttons over touch-screen buttons.

    Personally, given that the GF2 is designed primarily to take photos from the rear screen (the viewfinder is an option, not included), mechanical or touch-screen doesn’t really matter since I’ll be looking at the screen anyway.
    However, I would be very happy to know more about the menu tree and the customizable options for the touch-screen buttons before making my mind on these brand-new ergonomics — and incidentally, before concluding that a lot of menu digging is mandatory to change basic settings.
    There is still a turn’n’click wheel, so changing aperture in A-mode or shutter speed in S-mode should be as easy as before. And I am very curious to see how the wheel and the touch-screen interact with each other… A lot of new ergonomics possibilities to explore here; wait and see if the engineers did their job right!

  4. Well I will have to agree with Jim, I am dissapointed too. I do not know about you guys yet I prefer buttons and knobs when taking pictures instead of digging through tons of Menus. It looks nice and may have improvements yet I still would prefer that Dial to change Aperture or Shutter priority.

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