Daily Inspiration #165 by Mark Griffin

Hi Steve,

I love your site and finally managed to get my M9 about 2 weeks ago. Last night Paul Weller (from The Jam and Style Council fame)played here in Perth, Western Australia so I took the camera along as well as my 75mm Lux – there were no professional cameras allowed (apparently anything with a removable lens was to be considered Pro!) so I had to be reasonably discreet which was a bit tricky being right at the front with security to the left and right. Anyway I managed to get off a few shots that I quite liked and thought I would share them here.

They are all pretty much straight from the camera into LR3 and then I have added Sliver Efex Pro to each.
I would have liked to try out my 28mm Cron but decided to leave it at home which was probably just as well as changing lenses in the crowd may have got me ejected from the gig… It was a great show and was fun to get some shots in with the M9. Would have been great to have had the same sort of access you had to Seal and followed them on their Australian tour…
Cheers, Mark


  1. Really crisp photos . Typically M9 .

    I , too , have tried concert photos but no where near Steve’s coverage . Your work too, indeed , is inspiring .

    This photo is of a concert of an Indian fusion band – Indian Ocean . Btw they give out their music free for downloads . Amazing stuff especially the song – Kandisa . http://www.indianoceanmusic.com/


  2. Well, I like the M9 a lot. I don’t like the quality issues with some of them, but hopefully Leica will fix those. I want a M9 so bad, but it is expensive, and I think I’d get nervous with that around my neck too. BUT, the insurance idea is a good one. These came out nice. I love the first and second one best. B&W is my fave anyway.

  3. Hmm expensive but not excessively overpriced. I think it’s worthy if you use it. To me, I still love the film m6 and one day if film processing becomes too impractical I will seriously consider the m digital at this price range

  4. The M9 is just another tool at the end of the day.

    It fits some people needs and not others, yes it is expensive but it’s $500 less than a Nikon D3x, the Leica lenses are also pricey but you can pick up very reasonable second hand lenses or use something from the likes of Zeiss.

    Sure some people are purely collectors who never take their Leicas out of the packaging and that’s fine with me – for me it’s just another tool in the box and one my back thanks me for when I’m not lugging all my Canon gear about…

  5. “finally managed to get my M9”

    Hope you could afford it straight away. If not, I guess the M9 was not for you. Lets face it: This is a great camera, excessively overpriced though as a luxury item. Where it shines is with fast Leica glass that costs as much or more as the camera body itself.

    I know I dont want one. I dont want to carry 10.000$ + around my neck. This thing would certainly lead me to worry more about itself than about pictures.

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