1. Well to me the camera’s weight in the hand is a very positive thing.
    A simple indication that there’s some serious glass inside; that there’s a true metal frame hold it all together. When I carried an M6 there was that moment again and again when I’d pick it up from a table and feel its heft like a small brick in my hand and knew I was heading out the door with a significant and serious instrument.
    I myself would have preferred to have seen the lens as 28mm fixed but hey… I’m adaptable. I’ve got shoes.
    If I have any concerns at all it’s in the affect of a physical shock to the viewfinder mechanism. But then again, slamming any camera into the edge of a table or dropping it to concrete would be of concern.
    One demand? Make mine black!

  2. I still can’t find any info on the WEIGHT! Nothing in the specs in the website. Googled all the ‘reviews’ – under weight they all say TBC. What’s the big secret? One reviewer seemed to have actually handled the camera (prototype) and said it was surprisingly heavy. Why didn’t he weigh the blooming thing then and tell us what it weighs!

    Surprisingly heavy could be anything – from 400g through to DSLR weights or M9 weight. I suspect the weight, if on the specs, might put a few people off (if they compare the weight numbers with other cameras) and that that’s why it’s being witheld. I suspect it may be a bit too heavy for me – but I would really like to know!

  3. I will stop reading this blog. It will cost me a fortune i’m very tired buying and selling cameras !! i want a Leica m9, and a fuji x100 and a lumix gf2 with the 14mm pancake. and i’m still in love with my D700, Mamiya 7 and my loved Pentax Mx and the best finder ever !

    Just o much !! i also keep in stock some of y old fil cameras ! what the hell i’m doing i spent more time in the computer than taking pictures !!!

    Greg Donikian

  4. I don’t understand the excitement for this camera. They haven’t shown any shots from it. It is fixed lens (some may only use one lens, but why not have a choice).

    To me it just seems like a camera for people who want to be perceived as analog camera users, but don’t dare to actually use film.

    Don’t get me wrong, more cameras to choose from is always a good thing–but I genuinely don’t understand why some are so excited about this when there are many other more attractive options (Micro-Four Thirds.)

    • I use a Koinica Hexar AF film body for street photography as well as a Panasonic GF1. I love the GF1 but for street, having to look through the LCD is a pain. I always wanted a digital body with the same form factor as my Hexar + a viewfinder and that retails for less than an M9. So to answer your question, this is why I’m excited about the x100…

    • I love my EP2 but I think the IQ of the X100 will be stellar…. At least I’m hoping it will that is. If it lives up to the hype then yes…. the sexiness of the analog rangefinder look will probably rope me in.. I don’t really see anything wrong with that either.
      APS sensor….Most likely will blow away my EP2.
      Fast F2 general use lens
      Cool fun viewfinder
      ND filter
      Would I rather be able to change lenses? Of course but like they said .. the sensor is mated perfectly to the lens and helps make it have a smaller profile.

  5. 35 mm is sweet for me. Will add it to my M7 with my 50. Just want to see how this hybrid finder works. If it works as well as I hope it will, it will find a spot in my bag for sure.

  6. I love that camera, but I’m still not sold on the fixed 35mm lens. I do too many head and shoulders pics and 35mm’s is a bit wide for my liking. Man I hope they come out with a 50mm version. I’d be happy carrying 2 bodies; one with a 28mm f/2 lens and the other with a 50mm f/2.

  7. I’m not going to run out and buy it but once the real reports start rolling in I could see me getting it.
    The wait is killing me. Very smart of these companies to make people wait for these things. A lot of people are holding off on other purchases waiting to see how it pans out.

  8. Man, i am still not sure… this camera looks so amazing, has nearly all the features i want in a camera but… fixed lens. The one thing that bothers me…

  9. Nice looking big-sensor compact digicam with practical controls and a single-focal-length fast lens… Just curious about IQ and AF and ISO 800-1600 performance…

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