Seal Rocking In Recife, Brazil…tour report

The South American Seal tour is winding down with only two shows left in Mexico City, Mexico. To some extent this is exciting to me. Shooting the last two shows of this short tour should provide some amazing images. The energy and excitement should be there 100%. The band feels it and I am sure Seal feels it as well. Also, with the anticipation of everyone going back home to their families and friends as well as the comfort of their own home for a little while adds to the excitement.

As you are reading this I am on a 8 hour flight heading to Mexico City, Mexico. I wrote this last night and scheduled it to post today. I knew I would have a long day of travel as we fly in to Miami, FL first and then from there we go on to Mexico City. After the drive to the hotel we are looking at a 13 hour travel day. I’ll try to sleep on the plane as much as I can so it goes by quickly.

Last nights show Recife was a fantastic show, though for me, as a photographer, the venue was a bit odd. Was very hard for me to get in position to shoot and with only a 28, 35 and 50 available to me last night getting tight close shots was tough.

But even with that I persevered and tried a few things differently…

Here are the shots from Recife Brazil! AMAZING AMAZING passionate crowd last night! EVERY image except the 1st were shot with the M9 and Noctilux. This lens continues to blow me away with what it can do in almost any light situation. The 1st was shot with the 35 Summicron ASPH. Enjoy!

BTW, all of the tour shots can also be seen at Also, if you are in Mexico City, MX come to the show! It’s a great time and worth the price of admission. If you are there and see me, say HEY! Last night in Recife I met two people who are readers of this blog. Very cool!


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  1. Great photos Steve! It seems you’re having a great time being on tour with Seal, must be awesome! It would be great to be in one of the shows here in Mexico to enjoy Seal’s music, and say hi to you just because your blog rocks and you’re such a cool guy as far as i can see!
    btw my fave shots are the guitarist’s silhouette, the bass player in B&W and the audience shot with the circular blur… great photos!

  2. Steve, this set is very interesting. It’s different. You do manage to keep it very diverse, which is very difficult in this type of genre.

    My favourite images from this set are: the first one, ‘the kicking Seal’, ‘the silhouette’ and the b/w image where OOF Seal is reaching to touch someone’s hand.


    • Greg:

      I also love “the Kicking Seal” shot, to me it really expresses a “joie de vivre”!

      P.S. Greg, I am really enjoying your work on your Flickr page

  3. Steve & ~6 should make a coffee table book with the best of their shots from the 2011 South America tour, including shows, behind the stage scenes, street shots etc. I’d take one.

  4. great pictures ! I love the one with this “circular” movement
    Just a quick question about your B&W pics. Are you using a special filter or script for them or only the “Black and White” layer in photoshop ?
    Thanks !

  5. An outstanding series with the b&w shot of the guitar player and the second to last one being my favorites. The guitar player shot might even be a “classic” in the sense of the recent discussion.

  6. Hi Steve,

    I told you when the tour started that I was looking forward to your images. Well, even though I haven’t commented up until now, I’ve enjoyed every set.

    But, I was COMPELLED to write today — these are the BEST photos you’ve taken. Period.

    Well done,


    • Wow Peter…thanks for the compliment and comment. I thought these were my worst images yet but it took some time for them to grow on me. Two more shows, but I will condense them in to one post 🙂

  7. Hey Steve, another cracking set of photos (how English does that sound?!). My favourite is actually not of Seal in this set but of the guitarist silhouetted by the spot with the red background, amazing patience and timing to get that. I’m also impressed that you really do focus on the other band members as well, it’s too easy to get sucked in to the front guy and miss out everyone else that makes it such a good show. I’m sure this is one of the reasons Seal asked you to come on the tour, that and your ability to make everyone look amazing in a picture.

  8. Good stuff steve!
    Sometimes I feel this blog is on a bit of a Seal overdose.. haha
    Really great photo’s anyhow 🙂

  9. Steve:

    Great stuff! I’m curious, at the end of the night, how many photos do you typically have on your memory cards during this project?


    P.S. After reading Seals praise for the Pentax K5 in another post, I read your review on that camera and it has peaked my interest. Will definitely look at it when I get back to New York next month. Have fun and be careful in Mexico.

    • Hey Levent! Yea, the K5 is amazing..great all the way around and a top pick of mine. At the end of the show I have about 175 shots or so. I do not go too crazy…

  10. Ps. About the X1 update: Hey!! I just installed the new firmware, and i can say that the manual focus is now GREAT!! Its much faster and precise… I think that with a lit bit of practice, i will forget about the autofocus…

  11. So sad i didnt go… =/

    But i bought the album in my itunes store account yesterday, and its great!
    Specially two songs im almost addicted: Secret and weight of my mistakes!!
    As always, great shots, Steve!
    You succeed and were not repetitive on your photographs!

  12. OUtstanding work, Steve. I love your use of In AND Out of focus elements here, to great a real sense of image depth…

  13. WOW! That shot of Seal bending down, with the red and white lights almost emanating from his hand – just stellar. Also the one with the guitarist in shadow while the background in an amazing tableau of light – simply amazing.

    All around great shots!

    Seal – as always I can almost hear the music from these images! Your lighting crew deserves some kudos too they have such rich light!!

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