Daily Inspiration #206 by Nick Redman

Hi Steve,

Excellent site – been following along for a good while now – first stop for all my Leica info! Thank you so much for your great & honest reviews – helped me to build up a collection of Leica glass I’m really happy with. Time to submit some pics to you I think. I was inspired by your first Seal tour pics, to try my  old f/1 Nocti out at a couple of gigs. Loving it ! It’s challenging to use, but that only serves to make it more rewarding when you nail a good image. Sometimes, they’re not technically perfect but capture good movement or emotion. Anyway, here my pics of some local bands I’ve taken.

Cheers, Nick.

Nick Redman





  1. Hey all. Just checked in and saw this post. Thanks for all the kind words 🙂 Still loving my nocti. I’d love to get in to a bigger, (read well lit) venue with it some time soon. These smaller venues often have difficult lighting, I find – with hot spots on the faces of the performers.

    Thanks for putting the pics up Steve. Cheers, Nick.

  2. Great shots Nick. The first one is my favorite, since it features one of my company’s iconic microphones, the 55 from Shure! Great captures all around. Thanks for sharing.

    • It just wouldn’t have looked the same with an SM58 would it 😉 That’s one of my favourite pics thanks to that Mic and the Performer. (Florence Joelle’s Kiss Of Fire).

      • The classic mic makes the picture that much more classic looking. As does the tones you used. Very well done. Do you know if that was a 55SH or our newer Super 55 (same mic – different internals)?

        • No sorry – don’t know the exact model. Suited the band’s style and image though. It’s a dynamic right ? Cardioid ?

          • The 55SH is a dynamic cardioid microphone. This mic has been around a long time. The new and improved version, the Super 55 is a dynamic super-cardioid that sounds more like one of our fantastic sounding Beta microphones.

  3. Nice pictures! Though a step to the side would have taken the mics out of their faces. The feeling and mood is transported anyway.

    • I always try and avoid ‘mic-face’ where possible, but sometimes, if you catch a good look I don’t mind a little ‘intrusion’. As long as it’s not a full on mic-munch. 😉

  4. Nick, very nice images. I like the third image a lot. I like the way you have captured his concentration and control of the guitar, yet have enough motion in his hand to convey that he really is playing a song.


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