1. I just received my BRAND-NEW M9-P (Black) from Robert White in England a few minutes ago…. $7,290 shipped, with no customs duty!! Huge savings over buying it here in the US. I have to say, I got real lucky last Thursday (Dec 1) when I found one in stock with Robert White – they had received 3 units from Leica that morning and had only one left when I happened to call them! I’m going to keep it for a year before the M10 comes out.

  2. Hoping for live view, chrome, better LCD is a must. Not sure if I’ll be able to afford the $9,000 price tag though.

  3. As much as I’ve wanted an M9 over the years I’m not purchasing anything until the M10 comes out, and only then if there is a 2 stop (or more) improvement in the noise.

    If you think I’m expecting too much, then think about it this way… Each generation of camera, even Leica M is expected to improve 1 stop in the ISO department because of advancements in technology. In addition to that the next sensor will almost certainly be CMOS, and CMOS has the advantage when it comes to low light, so I would expect at least another full stop of ISO improvement over the M9’s CCD.

    In addition with Fujifilm x100, Leica needs to be more competitive. It would be a mistake to assume they will continue to profit on the same course they are on with simply increasing prices on existing lenses and release more expensive special editions of the same camera over and over.

  4. very interested to see what they do with the M-10. Hope very much they keep things simple. Better high iso, sapphire glass (standard), no SD card issues, lightening processing and super high definition LCD and they will have many happy M buyers lining up. Funny, all these changes I mentioned are so easy to do (and really should have been done 2 years ago…).

  5. I agree with the comments above. I will add that that the M9 P should have the camera Leica made when the M9 was introduced. Chrome comes standard with the M7 and MP why should the M9P be any different? The price should not go over 7k. If the chrome is so sought after, would it not make more sense if Leica offered that as the standard finish and if you wanted paint, that would be special order. That’s what they did in the past, why is the M9 so different? The new Fuji X series will probably offer real chrome at not additional cost. Leica would sell more cameras if they threw in more quality at a standard price instead of gouging customers for little add on stuff. If the chrome M9 P was the only model in stock at 7k and in large numbers, Leica would actually sell more cameras. Their strategy makes no sense!

    • Agreed man. The M9 with paint is silly. I would have bought this Chrome P if I had known.. I just got an M9 this week. Oh well… guess it won’t matter too much after the M10 comes out. It better be real chrome.

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