It’s Official – The word from Sony is NEX-7 starts to ship THIS MONTH.

Official! Sony NEX-7 Shipments starting later this month!

“Sony USA is happy to announce that limited quantities of the new NEX-7 camera will begin shipping to pre-order customers this month. Overall production capacity remains restrained as a result of the recent floods in Thailand, but we’ve made significant progress recovering our manufacturing capabilities and supply chain. We’re continuing to aggressively pursue all efforts to restore full production capability of the NEX-7 and other affected models.”


  1. Tengo ya una nex 5 k en usa y estoy muy conforme y quisiera saber que me sugieren para pasarme a la nex 7, vale el cambio. Que hay del problema de la optica, el efecto barril que tiene mi camara de vuelta esta en la nex 7. Saludos desde Paraguay

  2. The NEX5P and NEX 8 will be announced in Summer 2012 and will be in stores by September of the same year;). So don’t get too excited about the 7, as the NEX(T) is coming very soon.

  3. Well I guess its about time, but I wish Sony will be more serious about their lenses set up.. There are more than enough sony nex bodies already..

  4. Steve, We want an other full review of real Nex 7 and low light high iso comparison with Nex 5n and Nikon d3s. Also tell us with your great experience with small cameras and your love for small cameras how to get the best of or effectively use Nex 5n and Nex 7 to get the best pictures in different situations. And where the sweet spots for different e mount lenses are.Keep the great work going.Thanks for sharing all the knowledge and making a difference in the world of photography and help it grow.

  5. It’s a bit off topic, but when can we hope for the review o fthe 50mm NEX lens? Ireally need that review to decide what to buy for christmas. 🙂

    Thanks For your work!

  6. This is certainly good news. But wanting a compact camera as a secondary camera to my dSLR, should I go for:

    – NEX-7, or
    – Fuji X100

    Tough decision

    • If it’s for a backup, I would go for the X100: you won’t get lens-buying addiction and you can more easily keep it on you than the NEX with any lens but the 16mm.

    • Oh man, that is such a loaded question. For me it all comes down to your shooting style and if you can live with one focal length (as well as some of the quirks of the Fuji). The X100 lens is superb, simultaneously sharp and smooth and the OVF is a delight, but the new NEX cameras give richer files (IMHO), feel more responsive and are more flexible in terms of lens selection. The NEX EVF is also far superior to the X100’s.

      But then again, to match the X100 quality at 35mm you will have to spend twice as much on the NEX 7 with the Zeiss 24mm and the X100 package is more compact.

      Good luck with your decision – both are fantastic cameras.

      • Matthieu and Chad:

        Thanks for the advices – you both have very good arguments. I tried the X100 at B&H, and I think I can live with the inferior OVF/EVF. I know I will get the lens acquiring syndrome if I buy the NEX. I’d rather spend it on Nikon lenses for my dSLR instead. What I want is a small compact APS-C size camera that is easy to take anywhere anytime. And am also eager to try one focal length.

        Current likelihood of buying the X100 vs the NEX-7: 95%

    • If you buy a NEX-7 you can probably use most of your DSLR lenses with an adapter. If you don’t mind manual focus, this is a big plus.

    • I couldn’t decide between buying the Zeiss 24mm 1.8 lens for the NEX or the X100 (both about the same price!) In the end I opted to buy the X100 as it had just been reduced, making it cheaper than the lens, I’ve always lusted after one, and I’m glad I did! It’s a fabulous camera, but it needs work – it isn’t a happy snapper if you know what I mean – it has focusing issues than can be really frustrating, not helped by perhaps the worst manual focusing system in the world! The NEX focuses in almost exactly the same time on AF, it isn’t exactly a fast AF system, but it hits focus 99% of the time, where the X100 can get completely lost (especially with faces for some reason). I have found ways to compensate the poor AF issues, so although it can be an annoyance, it isn’t a deal-breaker for me.

      I have a 5N already, I’m not sure I’d give it up over the X100 if I was forced to choose one camera – it is just easier to use and MF is a dream on it. I’m going to replace the 5N with the 7 when my pre-order comes through – no point in keeping both when I have the X100 as well. If it was me and I was choosing just one as a dSLR backup, it would be a NEX 5N or a 7.

      • Thanks for the insights. I think I can live with the not-so-good AF performance.

        So I actually went to a shop yesterday and ordered one. It may arrive before Christmas – the seller wasn’t so sure. None of the 3 shops in town had an X100 in stock.

        Again, this will mostly be used as a backup for my dSLR, although I hope it will become a camera that I will enjoy and use a lot. I like the idea of a fixed focal length for two reasons: Develop my skills in photography, and also not having the opportunity to keep buying lenses.

  7. Calvin – I was wondering that too! I’ve had one on order since day one here in the UK. I heard 27th Jan for the UK, but that could be simple speculation.

    • Matt,

      I’ve had my order in with Sony Europe since late October. They actually contacted me to tell me there was a delay and asked if I wanted to maintain my order, which I did. They then offered me a 15% discount for doing so. Not bad.

      On another note, the 24/1.8 that I ordered on the same day arrived on Tuesday. Their web site says that the 50/1.8 is only due in mid February 🙁

      • 15% discount sounds good! I ordered my through my preferred online dealer (WEX) so no such luck in getting a discount! I know I’m within the first 10 of their pre-orders list tho, so hoping to get one in the first batch!

        I ruled out the 24mm Zeiss as I decided I just couldn’t justify the price for a NEX lens, but it certainly looks like it’s going to be a great lens!

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