My Favorite Photos with my Sony A6300 and A7 by Dave Fason


My Favorite Photos with my Sony A6300 and A7

by Dave Fason

My whole life I have always loved photography. The only issue is I never thought I could do it! Lurking forums, blogs and websites like Steve’s I kept up with the times but never pulled the trigger. Once I started my own business I needed to purchase a camera and a good friend pointed me to the Sony line. I purchased a used Sony NEX-5N, Sigma 30mm and Nikon 50mm with adaptor to learn manual shooting. Using the Sigma for most of my product and then using the Nikon 50mm for personal use to get used to shutter speeds, ISO, exposure, focusing, etc. This was such a great way to learn what works and what does not. Thousands of dud photos but I figured out what not to do.

Fast forward a year and cameras are like cell phones. New hardware, new firmware and advancements each year. With the advancements in cameras it often makes it hard not becoming a gear head. A good friend who is a professional photographer kept me grounded and I picked up a Sony A7 and the Zeiss 35 2.8. It was love at first sight! The camera did everything I wanted a more and really excelled my photography. I grabbed a used 75mm Voigtlander to use for manual shooting and still to this day is one of my favorites lens.

Give it a couple of years and I wanted a smaller APC-S or Micro 4/3 for everyday carry. I decided to stay with the Sony family only due to having gear for it. I picked up a used A6300 and 16-70 Zeiss lens and am simply blown away with what I can now do. I could not create the exact same DOF as my A7 but still impressive.

I am novice but absolutely love photography. I think so many people get discouraged seeing incredible photos online, Instagram or Tumblr and say ” I can’t do that! “. I say you can and get out there and try! I hope this post inspires others like myself. I know I was because of this website!

Current gear :
Sony A7
Sony A6300
Zeiss 16-70mm
Zeiss 35mm FE
Sony 28mm FE
Voigtlander 75mm 1.8 w/ Close Focus Adaptor

Some of my favorite photos

















    • Thanks! Post was done in LR. I normally adjust to what I think represents what I saw or what I am going for. I also use VSCO for a few photos like the artist carving. My settings are going to be different for each photo. Again I learned to shoot in manual mode so it really depends on what look I am going for.

  1. I noticed to nervous bokeh in many of your images. The lens you own that seems to have the best bokeh is the one used to capture the laughing old man. which lens is it?

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