Olympus OM-D to be launched February 8th!

Olympus to launch the amazing OM-D on February 8th, less than a month away!

YES!! Ive been following the rumors from the get go and now it seems it is pretty official that Olympus will release the OM-D (OM Digital) on Feb 8th 2012 with cameras shipping in March. No obvisouly the image above is NOT an OM-D but it is an old OM I used to own and that camera was lovely. The OM-D will be the “PRO PEN” that has been talked about for the last year. Finally Olympus gets serious and rightfully so. After the pressure started by the Fuji X100, then the Sony NEX-7 followed by the recently announced Fuji X-PRO 1, Olympus is showing that they are not backing down.

Out of all of the announcements, even the Fuji X-PRO 1, I am most excited about the OM-D. Why? Well for starters, it will have OM styling with a built in high res 1.44 million dots EVF. Yes, BUILT IN. It will also be WEATHER SEALED which is the 1st of its kind for micro 4/3.  No other mirrorless has gone that far yet, so Olympus is paving the way like they did with their original and beautiful E-1 back in the day.

The new weather sealed 12-50mm from Olympus

The OM-D will also have all new in body image stabilization, magnesium body, a new 16MP sensor capable of high ISO up to 25,600 and will be available in black or classic silver. THIS WILL BE the best Micro 4/3 camera ever and the 1st lens, the 12-50 weather sealed (dust and splash proof) zoom which will be the kit lens is already popping up at B&H Photo in Black and Silver.

DAMN, these are exciting times for digital photographers. The Fuji X-Pro 1 and now the Olympus OM-D? Not sure I can take much more, lol. I will be jumping on this NO QUESTION. I am hearing an $1100 price for the body only in the USA. Im guessing $1500 for the kit. To me, this will be well worth the cost for a high end Olympus M4/3 body styled after one of the most iconic 35mm cameras ever. New sensor, weather sealed, and the ability to shoot with the Olympus 12mm f/2 25 1.4 and 45 1.8. Three lenses that are masterpieces in the M/43 world as far as I am concerned. BTW, the 12mm is now down to $700 from $800 and my guess is that once this body is available there will be a shortage of lenses.

Get ready…this will be an exciting next 2-3 months! Olympus, send me one for review..PLEASE!

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  1. Great! The ol’ OM-1 was a comparatively small camera back in the day. Still is a small camera compared to some of the dSLRs. However, it isn’t small camera compared to the Oly Pens. And it doesn’t have a mirror, but will still have a big hump. Unlike the new Pens with the wonderful articulating viewfinder, the OM-D will have an fixed EVF which gets no points from me. I guess Olympus is out of new ideas, and is going back to the 70s to milk that all they can for the aging group who are nostalgic for those cameras.

    I had an urge to go back to film a few years ago,and grabbed my OM-1 and loaded a roll of velvia. Then, halfway through the roll, decided I wanted to do B&W, so pulled out that roll. wasting half. Then I noticed how the ol’ boxy OM did not really fit my hand the way I remembered unless I had the Winder 1 on it. Never finished the Tri-x either. Got bored. Remembered why I gave up film and realized how dated the OM-1 is now. Nice time to reintroduce it.

    At least it is weather-proofed. I suppose that is worth something. Not $1100 plus, but worth something. Even the original film OMs weren’t weather proofed.

  2. Latest photoshop
    3 top dials as mentioned in the FT5 (80-95% accurate) rumours
    Curved grip as shown in latest FT5 leaked photo showing a portion of OMD.


    Man if it looks anything as these its goona be wooow.
    Technology inside shaping up to match the looks :
    (cdafpdaf, evfovf, new sensor with increased DR & iso, 5 axis IS, weather sealing).

  3. these times are really exciting again…like many others I never really enjoyed the “bigcameraheavybackpack10lenses” system, even for serious assignments… bring back the joy!

  4. http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=ja&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fegami.blog.so-net.ne.jp%2F2011-11-09

    Olympus patent for PDAF using reflected light from the sensor
    (grapevine says fastest AF & 3D tracking combining CDAF & PDAF)
    Note the optical path to the VF

    Oly PDAF & EVF

    Oly PDAF & OVF

    Hence the need for the hump pyramid, the marketing of One Major system and the emphasis on One …
    merging E series dslr & Pen in One.

    “Olympus – new enthusiast centred product
    Focus 2012 will be the first UK viewing of Olympus’ hot new high-end product …. One Major camera’s much anticipated first public view in the UK. We can’t tell you what but there is a clue beginning with One.”

  5. Word on the street is it will weigh 425 grams. That’s almost half as heavy as my GX1. So, my envious monkey brain will rationalize my GX1 purchase either by:

    a. The GX1 is better for me because it’s smaller and lighter and I can carry it all the time everywhere. I don’t need to own the OM-D. Screw the OM-D!

    or b. I’m glad I spent all my money on both the GX1 AND the OM-D, because even though I have the Olympus for outings, special occasions, and days when I’m just shooting and not commuting or anything, it also makes sense for me to have the lighter GX1 for every day use, and besides, it’s always good to have multiple bodies for multiple lenses, right?

    Unless 425 grams was with the kit lens, which would make sense since it’s only 5mm wider….wait, does that make a difference?

    Seriously, it looks really cool, and I might wind up with buyers remorse, but if it’s only weather sealing, style, and a built in EVF, that’s not a huge deal. The sensor will probably be better, but at the same size and megapixels, it can’t be that much better then the new G sensors. If it’s really that much more impressive, heavier, and has a flip screen (which seems unlikely) then maybe I will go crazy own both. I had a GF1 and GH1 and they were different enough to make sense having the both of them. If it’s has that much more goodness at the same size and weight, well, then I might consider biting the bullet and selling my Panasonic at a loss. We’ll just have to see….

    Think I’ll pass on that awesome looking zoom. I’m all about the primes now!

  6. Steve, quick question. I’m currently considering the Nikon V1. I also own an Olympus E-PM1. I like Olympus because of the rich colors, the sharpness of the pictures and just the overall handling. I notice you also like the V1/J1 and E-P3 very much. With what I described, would the V1 vibe with my style? I don’t care about sensor size or any of the technical aspects. I’m more concerned that the camera gives my photos a certain look and feel. Thanks for any response!

    • Hard to say what you will prefer. WHich photos do you like the look of more>? The ones coming from the V1 or the E-P3? The E-P3 has the better lenses available, no question.

  7. I’m sorry, but what about this makes it “amazing”? It just seems to be a weather-sealed Pen with a EVF. I would say that the Sony NEX-7 best this rumored OM-D spec in just about every way.

    I’ve owned both an OM-1 and an OM-2 in the past and loved them. But this is just something that doesn’t live up to the OM name. If Olympus gave us a full frame (24x36mm sensor) OM mirrorless and built a system around it to match the original OM, THEN we would have something to talk about. This rumored OM-D spec is just “meh”.

    • You don’t need to be sorry cause you are right. Most people except for you and I have forgotten that Olympus had already made an OM digital…it was called the E450,[ E400 series.] What Olympus has done will no doubt piss their ep3 users off, now that the slr shaped om-d has a built in EVF. Panasonic did the same with the GF2 and 3 before they had to crawl back with their tails behind their legs and make the GX1, Samsung has repeated this when they made the nx200.

      I work in a store that sells cameras, and the biggest problem that CSC makers face is price point. A CSC with EVF that costs over 600 will have a big mountain to climb as most customers will hesitate to spend that amount when they can get a dlsr with an optical VF at the same if not cheaper price. CSC cameras will replace the DSLR someday ONLY when the cost of making a super high quality EVF costs no more than an OVF. Until then, the CSC camera market will always at best, play second fiddle to their DSLR masters.

  8. Olympus was already winning the looks and usability match up with Panasonic. This new camera should pry a few more folks away from their G1X’s and G3’s because of its built in EVF. It’ll still be a m4/3’s sensor though, so if you weren’t a convert to that technology before this, I doubt this high end camera will do the trick. It’s still going to have dynamic range and low light disadvantages compared to Sony, Fuji, Ricoh, Leica, and now Canon offerings, so folks for whom that’s the number one consideration are not going to be won over. While weather sealing may be big for some, I suspect those some are relatively few compared to the market at large. Mostly this camera will take market share from Panasonic and from Olympus’s own EP-3.

  9. B&H and Amazon will not take pre-orders yet as not on their website. Sure would like to be first in line,
    but would settle for second or third. Can you let us know when you hear they are taking pre orders?
    Thanks, can’t wait for the latest toy.

  10. Having just purchased a GX1, which I’m in love with, a very childish part of me hopes this camera won’t be all that great! It probably will be, and I’ll lament not owning one, but such are the dangers of this new high-turnover digital world!

  11. So basically it’s an ep3 with a so so EVF, weather sealing , the shape of the old om slr and has the same m43 mount with the same size sensor. Jesus, I’m so excited I cant get off my couch. [ in case you didn’t notice I was being sarcastic]

  12. Someone posted EP3 OM photoshop


    Its missing the 3 top dials (grapevine says OMD has)
    Flash maybe top of pyramid with a lever switch to make it spring open.

  13. You always claimed that you did not like the GH1/GH2 because of their DSLR form factor. What is the big fuss with this OM-1 look alike camera then? As usual for Olympus, it will probably use an old Panasonic sensor (the 16MP G3/Gh2/GX1) that will quite possibly be one notch under the near coming GH3.

      • Style and form might be vaguely different, you are right…function? As far as I know a digital camera is made to take pictures (and then a few peripheral things that are at the end more or less equal). My real opinion (censor me if you want) is that you are trying to create a buzz so that people click your link to buy the new camera…what happened to your G2?

          • Lately, I have been taking pictures with 3 years old cameras (an eternity in the digital age) and enjoying it.

          • My favourite digital cameras are about ten or more year old Canon 1D, Fuji S2 pro, Nikon D1H, Olympus E1, Pentax *ist, Sigma SD9.

            There is no camera since 2005 (no M8,M9) that can compare to their look.

  14. This sounds really nice, but i tend to be a one or two camera person. I don’t know if i’m willing to invest in a m4/3 and sacrifice dof and possibly overall IQ. Cant wait to see some product shots and of course image samples! Its great to see companies making nice looking cameras again!

  15. I read the title and got very excited. Still am. I did think though that maybe Oly had brought out am OM camera with an OM mount, with new OM lenses or maybe reconditioned originals, sort of high end lomo refurbs. Still it looks good. Something about this hits me more than the fuji. Memories of my old OM with 55 1.2 long since dead with fungus.

  16. A full frame compact dslr, weighing 15-20% less than a D700 with the accompanying reduction in bulk, with compatibility a la Nikon for older lenses. Now that would be something. Every major camera maker should have one; Olympus, Nikon, Canon.

    I am actually pretty sure lots of posters here would be over the moon with a camera like that.

    • Oh, and no cracked displays please, or hairline cracks in the sensor, or strangely coloured banding in the images, or DOA’s, or atrocious high ISO performance.

      Good quality and reliability is what you pay for. The abovementioned manufacturers seem o achieve that.

  17. I think the strategy to stay with the 4/3 sensor is the right move, this format has longevity built in and will only get better with improvements along the product development path. I do not want to see a full frame sensor on these cameras, I purchased the 4/3 system for it’s smaller size and portability. I only wish other companies adopted this format so we as the consumer will have many more lens and camera options. Can you imagine if NIKON adopted the 4/3 format instead of the J1 and V1 cameras? Yes I know the results from these cameras are top notch but why buy into a closed loop format when the 4/3 wins on all other levels? I fully expect to purchase the new OLYMPUS without any hesitation, I can’t wait.

    • What is portability? It sounds good, but in fact this does not apply to the PEN camera’s too. Also a E-P3 kit, you cannot take with you in your pocket. Only with a pancake, maybe it fits (not in my jacket!). So, what is the difference with a NEX-7. OK, lenses are somewhat bigger, but you’ve also pancakes here.

      That’s why I prefer a bigger sensor, mainly because of two things, ISO and DOF. For me DOF is one of the most important things, and it’s why I’m still dreaming of a FF camera.

      With small sensor camera, you keep looking to other cameras. I saw what Steve wrote on this site, he just uses the V1 and E-P3 for family work. His former X100 and his M9 he uses for the better work. That’s the real thing and is the best review of camera’s like this OM-D, too. I guess this new OM-D gets the same sensor as the GX1, of which DXO-mark says:

      A significant loss of image quality under low-light conditions
      Noticeably loud shutter “click”
      ISO range is still quite limited, particularly for low ISO

  18. This could be my new camera. I like the X-pro1 and I expect the coming Fuji shall beat this Olympus in image quality, but looking to AF and available lenses I am sure I will prefer this Olympus.

  19. This would have been cool with a bigger sensors. Aside from the weather sealing, what does it offer above the existing ep series? Better off spending much less money on the original on OM, IMHO

  20. I have the Olympus ep3 right now with the kit lens, a 45mm f/1.8 and the 40-150 zoom. Plus I have adapters that allow me to mount Nikon F lenses and the original pen FT lenses. I have a Pen FT, ca 1966, and three lenses for that camera, the 25mm, the 40mm, and the 100mm. Am I excited to see the rumors about the OMD? Are you kidding? I cannot wait to read the details, see the pictures, and yes, pay the money to get this breakthrough camera from Olympus. Bring it – Now!

  21. Ok. I have a question.

    Is there any realistic way to get money out of my E-P2 when I upgrade to the OM-D? And what is the best way? Try to trade in at a retail store? Sell on e-bay? Sell on SteveHuffPhoto.com?

    (And how much money should I expect to get if I let go of old body on old kit lens).

    Anyone who has been through this before and has a tip, I’d appreciate it.

    • You will prob get the most for it locally on a craigslist, then ebay. Most shopping here tend to want stuff cheap.

      As far as expectations, do you really not know how to do your own research? Check ebay, then look at completed sales.

  22. I agree, Victor, the m4/3 system has lots to offer. Excellent lenses – especially the primes that Steve raves about. The sensor is a little small and the high ISO is not yet up to a level I’d like, but as an overall system I really like it. I agree that the Sony NEX lenses are just too big for such tiny cameras. Sure the IQ is probably better, especially as high ISOs but I can’t help thinking you might as well have a small DSLR.

  23. I love the micro 4/3 sensor! It’s not to small and sure I wish it was larger. However, I don’t want a larger sensor if it means larger lenses. I love many of the micro 4/3 lenses just because they are so small and are a perfect fit for the small micro 4/3 bodies. The best APS-C mirrorless, the NEX system, has way to large lenses for the body size in my eyes.

    Here are some great lenses for micro 4/3 (no legacy lenses):
    The Panny: 20mm f/1.4, 14mm f/2.5, 25mm 1.4, 7-14mm f/4, 100-300mm f/4-5.6, 14-140 f/4-5.8 etc.
    The Oly: 17mm f/2.8, 12mm f/2, 45mm f/1.8, 9-18mm f/4-5.6 etc.
    Samyang: 7,5mm fisheye
    Voightlander: Nokton 25mm f/0.95

    So I’m really looking forward to the OM-D/Pro PEN and am psyched that Olympus is strongly supporting the micro 4/3 format.

  24. Hype hype hype. It’s looking good Steve but you really think the ISO will climb for real use to 25600? Look at the ISO 12800 of the latest pens.

    • No way! I expect ISO 1600 to be usable though 🙂 The higher end of the ISO is NEVER usable. The only camera I have ever laid my hands on with jaw dropping high ISO has been the Nikon D3s. If the OM-D can be used at 3200, I will be happy.

  25. I cancelled my NEX-7 pre-order a few days ago on rumours of this camera! Mainly because the NEX system just doesn’t have enough good lenses right now, and also I don’t think the 24Mpx sensor in the NEX-7 is as good as the 5N’s 16Mpx. I’ve got the fabulous 12 and 45mm Oly lenses for M43, which I use for probably 90% of my photography, so a ‘pro’ body would make a perfect combo with these!

    I do wish they keep the Mpx down to 12 though and not 16 – I’d prefer better low light capability than more Mpx, so I’m hoping that spec is wrong, or if not, at least a significantly better IQ from the new sensor. EVF spec rumours seem to vary – one site quoting only 610k pixels – which seems far too low to me to be any good – I think they must have got confused with the rear screen spec.

    Let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint!

  26. I think the price is way to high for a 4/3 camera with too many mega pixels cramped into a small sensor. They should have put a new high quality 10 MP sensor in the camera instead.

    • The format is 4/3 not 3/2. Crop a Canon apsc image to 4/3 and the sensor is virtually the same height. Don’t believe the industry propaganda!

  27. Here we go again, King is dead, long live the king.
    We hear romours, see mock ups, feel guilty for being left behind and pre order, then get nothing but a new promise from another camera manufacturer.

    I think Leica can reply to all this challenge if they may create a a new X1 with EVF and interchangable lenses. Then the lions and the foxes could be distinguished.

    Here is my wish list, a small nikon,V2 with a decent sensor with which I may use my old Nikon lenses from 70ties.

    Second, a replacement for my panasonic LX 5, LX7: 24(2.0)-120(4.0)mm, large sensor, evf, body size same as LX5

    Anyone hearing me out there???

  28. Mmmmm silver nose 50/1.4 lush bokeh

    Weather sealed : well that resolves putting a plastic bag over ep.
    Exp comp & Iso dial in one yes please.
    Metering switch oh yeah.
    Top lcd panel coolio.

      • Oh man


        Combine the two now thats what Im talking about.

        (Just a little tweak : expcomp dial below iso dial, adding metering switch & aperture dial).

        • I would have taken an FA as a resting place for the OM-1n; a much nicer and sturdier camera than the FG… 🙂

          • An FA is a bit more serious than an FG, and was far ahead of its time, at the time… Matrix metering anyone?

          • Michiel

            my comment “Form over function FG>FA”

            Form FG
            Function FA

            These days too many cameras have Form >Function.

            m4/3 are Form
            Functionally m4/3 are catching up with :
            lovely primes,
            fast CDAF (which though doesn’t have the tracking of PDAF is infact more accurate).

            m4/3 just needs to catch up with :
            hybrid CFAD PDAF
            sensor (Panasonic have a patent for organic sensor which in theory would blow away current FF sensor for high iso & detail).

            Tine will tell.

        • Grapevine says
          “Five-axis image stabilizer in body.
          FAST AF and 3D tracking
          610.000 dots 3 inch OLED swivel screen”

          Photojournalism, Reportage, Street mmmmm

  29. Steve, if this is a micro 4/3rds camera, then it must not have a full framed APS- CMOS sensor. The sensor is smaller. In addition, by thowing 16MP on this smaller sensor, let alone, add ISO past 25,000, it seems to me a recipe for disaster, or at the very least, very high noise on photos past ISO 1600. Please, correct me if I am wrong. I am confused here.

  30. Omg I am saving up for Leica m8 but i don’t think I will be buying that. I will buy this camera on first day I will preorder with amazon as it will go up for it

  31. Your crystal ball reveals! I was thinking the 20 and the 45. Olympus seems to take great care to improve their cameras with each iteration. Really looking forward to this one. And, your review of it. Thanks for all the work you put into helping us track the best.

  32. While I understand everyone’s excitement at companies actually making cameras that look like cameras, I’ll stick with my 40-yo Olympus OM-1 that takes better pics than an overhyped and overpriced camera we haven’t even seen yet.

    • Wow, very educated comment there.

      “I’ll stick with my 40-yo Olympus OM-1 that takes better pics than an overhyped and overpriced camera we haven’t even seen yet”

      So.. you know it takes better photos and know the OM-D is over hyped and overpriced already?

      You’re amazing.

      • Yes, yes I am. And yes I do know that a full frame 35mm camera film camera takes better pictures for my purposes than a micro 4/3 camera.

        And yes, it’s over-hyped just like every new camera that pops up on each month. Too many are more concerned about new gear than actually taking pictures. And that’s just the way the camera companies like it. Enjoy this camera until the new one pops up next month!

    • This isn’t a rangefinder and Canon and Nikon have put FF sensors in DSLR bodies (which the original OM was). Shame Oly didn’t do the same, but then they would lose access to all the m4/3 lenses they are investing heavily in.

      I don’t think Oly is financially healthy enough to launch a FF system with new lenses.

      • Yes Canon and Nikon have put 24×36 sensors in a body but those bodies are nearly double the size of an OM, I don’t think either manufacturer ever had a body as small as an OM, which was the reason Olympus chose to build a Digital from scratch. As regards the FF tag you use along with everone else it is no more than a marketing tag, how do you compare this FF tag with a 6×6 format, which is considerable larger at 60x60mm compared to 24x36mm.

        • Yes, everything from FF and down is really small sensors compared to medium format, but then again 60x60mm is very small compared to large format film (8×10″ etc) which is still used by landscape photographers..

          Anyway, an FF sensor is still about 4 times larger than a micro 4/3’rds sensor which is why FF IQ is so much better than the IQ from 4/3’rds.

  33. I bought an EP3 just before christmas as an upgrade to my ep-1. Love it with the vf2. price with the vf2 was about 1000 including kit lens. So 1000 for the OMD would be a steal. I might have to splurge, depending on how good the high iso really is. I don’t have much of an issue with the current sensor, depite all the criticism on the web. So I don’t regret the purchase.
    btw I my camera took a tumble from its camera case when I thought I was slinging the camera strap over my shoulder, and it fell lens first onto river rock with a sickening crunch. The 12 mm lens sustained quite a ding on the front ring, but both lens and camera were otherwise unscathed as far as I can tell. So I would say the build quality of the EP3 is “good enough”.

  34. One can argue that the Digital Pens are as good as the original PEN half-frame cameras were (the sensor size is certainly comparable). Will the OM-D live up to the IQ of a full frame OM? Doubtful.

    Regardless, this looks to be a great camera for the m4/3 world, I just wish Olympus hadn’t cashed in on the OM line in order to drum up business in the short term.

  35. Careful, Steve, you and your website are in danger of going into meltdown if the excitement continues much further into 2012.

  36. Pro body implies professionals will use it…….

    I don’t see many pros using mft for their paid work.

    Sounds like it could be a great camera.

  37. Again, everyone got exciting for nothing….. Nikon and canon are ready respectivly to launch a fullframe fm-3D and a-d!!!!!

    -99% the same as befor with a 16mm 24*36 but no viewing screen, for What? Wast Time to look, erase, look erase, look erase…. Time, money,battery, thinest …

  38. That rumored price point seems very, very good for some of features they are claiming in the spec. list. Will be very interesting to see samples from this puppy…

  39. This might match up with many of the items on your wish list. Mine too.

    Fast autofocus, good viewfinder, good color balance, good lenses to choose from, and half the size of a 5Dmk2. I would buy one right now if they let me.

  40. Great news. Finally the great mft prime lenses get the camera body they deserve. A pro Olympus body with a 12mm, 25mm, 45mm lens kit is a worthy contender to any system out there, the excellent lenses easily compensate for the smaller sensor.

    • The lenses, and camera are not too small!!!!!!!! 🙂 When we get the sensor breakthru..the system will be awesome!

      • Give my kids a ring when that happens since I wont be here 😉 C’mon, laws of physics dictate that a bigger sensor will ALWAYS have better IQ, DR and high ISO performance. Your life will be much easier if you accept that 🙂

        • The physics dictate that larger pixels will have a higher potential. The size of the pixels has practically nothing to do with the size of the sensor.

          Some APS-C sensors compete with FF sensors, you may be interested to learn.

    • Funny that you mention that. They could’ve taken the original Pen FT design and stuffed a half-frame sensor in there. It would be an SLR with a real optical viewfinder and a sensor that’s a tad larger than APS-C, plus all the solid good looks of the original Pen.

  41. I’ve been a long time Nikon shooter, 4 months ago I invested on the Olympus Pen e-p3 and three fantastic primes. Needless to say it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with this system. Yes I am absolutely excited to hear this news! In fact I own an old OM-10 film SLR, a sturdy and compact design which could translate to a stunning new Digital version. Can’t wait !

  42. It’s another small sensor camera from a company with horrific financial problems. No spec and no sample images. Steve I think you have a dozen cameras on pre-order now !
    I don’t need 12 half baked street cameras in 2012. I am looking for one. My priorities are:

    Mirror-less with APS size sensor.
    Top IQ. The Fuji Xpro1 looks the best but has a Micky-mouse viewer.
    Industry’s best EVF. That is the Sony NEX 7 but it has only one quality lens.
    Industry’s smartest controls. Again the Sony.

    Come on Japan. You are competing yourselves to death and satisfying nobody !

    • Well…most of the specs sound impressive…but if it is just the reworked G3 sensor (i.e. Oly tweaks the jpegs to look warm), then it is not that great. They are rumbling about this sensor having HDR….if that is true..then this camera could be a breakthrough…but no one seems to know where the sensor is coming from….we shall see. (yeah…Steve does have a lot of cameras on order…doesn’t he…LOL). Yes…these are exciting times for photographers!!!!!!
      VERY COOL!!!!

    • I agree, Bengt. I was hoping that Olympus would come out with an APS-C or even an FF sensor by now. I love the design of the cameras, and their lenses, but I can’t stand the current sensor in the Olympus.

    • Bengt, I agree about financial problems (and lack of control in that company too!) but what I want to ask you and alot of others on this forum is…What’s with mirror hate?
      You state that you want your next cameera to be mirroless, why?

  43. If it’s as good as it sounds, I think I may finally have found an AF partner to my M9. (Nothing so far has been quite right – X1 Pro, NEX-7, etc. – but this could be perfect. Here’s hoping.)

  44. [img]http://farm5.staticflickr.com/4139/buddyicons/52316610@N08.jpg?1279666066#52316610@N08[/img]

    Hope the body plus kit price is lower than $1500 though. If the body is indeed around $1000, then Olympus usually charges less to have the lens in a kit. Maybe $1399/$1349?

  45. Excellent, excellent news. I may be upgrading from my E-P3 to this if the sensor is a decent low-noise performer.

  46. Indeed exciting! This Olympus sounds tons better than the Pana GX1 for instance. We’ll see how it compares to the Canon G1 X… IQ-wise. Have you heard any rumors re: Leica X2, M10 & D-Lux 6 or whatever the announced “Leica surprises” could be?

    And one more (perhaps silly) question … Could Nikon come out with an EVIL DX format APS-C sensor based camera? Would that be feasible from a technical perspective? Personally that would be awesome as I could use all my Nikon DX glass. Just a hopeful thought…

    • So definitely the new design wave is moving away from “strictly pocketable P&S” and pointing more and more towards photo enthusiasts with simply “smaller” cameras vis-a-vis DSLRs yet as powerful system cameras with ample array of exchangeable lenses, relinquishing the P&S market segment to the cell phone cameras.

      • You guys are right on. Unfortunately neither Nikon nor Canon has yet seen the light, even though the specification for the next big seller is on every enthusiasts lips.

  47. I have to say, this could get me back to m4/3 in a major way. Fingers crossed for an articulated screen and quieter shutter.

    • Been a couple comments here about Full Frame and of course all the the time on four thirds forums. A couple of things I don’t get with that logic – 1) everyone has been complaining about the high cost of an E-5 and no doubt with complain spending $1500 for this OM D with kit. The cheapest full frame is around $3000 without expensive lenses required. 2 ) Olympus users would be purchasing a third set of lenses to support Full Frame as niether 4/3 or micro 4/3 would be suitable. Now I don’t think that is going to fly. Fact is that mirrorless style more compact and light weight cameras are the way of the future in my view – even for full time pros like myself (if I were in sports shooting it may be a different matter). I am personally really excited to hear of the impending release of the OM digital cameras – even with my investment in 4/3 lenses – although my micro 4/3 lenses and lens adaptors for other brands have also been increasing over the last couple of years.

  48. Oh my! I have been praying for weatersealing in m4/3! That’s one of the few disadvantages of my PEN, I don’t trust it as soon as a bit of rain comes up..

  49. wow if it can have the same form factor as the OM1. ( my kids, 13 and 18 have each a OM1 so they can learn the right way, well maybe the hard way too…). Lets hope they’ll make the adaptor for old zuiko lens mount too.

    • .
      The adaptor has existed since the dawn of m4/3. You can presently use any OM lens (..e.g; an OM shift lens or OM close-up extensions & macro lenses..) on ANY m4/3 camera.

      Scroll 1/3 the way down to the shot of the Odeon cinema on this GX1 review page; http://tinyurl.com/74kc6hm ..that was shot with an OM shift on a Panny m4/3 camera.

    • If you know the u4/3rds system you will be aware that there is an adaptor as you request already available it is the MF-2.

    • .
      ..and, of course, there was the previous adaptor to fit OM lenses to Four Thirds cameras ..and the other adaptor which fits Four Thirds lenses to micro-four-thirds cameras!

      (One of the great things about the original OM lenses was that the OM cameras had a very deep lens-to-film distance – to accommodate the very big, bright mirror – so OM lenses, with a suitable adaptor, can be fitted onto just about any other (shorter back-flange-distance) camera. People say how small Leica lenses are, but the original Olympus OM 100mm f2.8 is almost HALF the size of a Leica 90mm f2.8..! ..and with a nice short twist from 1 metre to infinity: smaller, lighter, easier to handle. High time Mr Maitani was canonised.. (..no, nothing to do with the Canon camera company..)

      • so Olympus is building a Retro-Olympus-like-Sony-SLT-Mini-Sensor-Cam-4-Big-Bucks?

        veeeeeerrryyyy cooolll.

        who neez dat?

        Can’t we just get more Sensor first, please? I want a full-frame camera system below 2K. not mini-sensor above 1.2K.

        • Me!!!!

          The Fuji is not bad, but a MTF with EVF and the wonderful OM design, that’s much more than I had hoped for. Since Nikon launched the D70 I had hoped they would create something like a FM-D with EVF, no mirror and a good sensor, instead we got the 1. Not bad, but not what I had been waiting for. So it’s Olympus now. 25 years ago or something I chose Nikon over Olympus by a very small margin, this time it may be the other way round.

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