Olympus OM-D E-M5 Silver with 12-50 IN STOCK now (Normal Price)


Olympus OM-D E-M5 Silver with 12-50 IN STOCK now (Normal Price)

The much sought after Silver Olympus OM-D E-M5 with 12-50 weather sealed lens is NOW IN STOCK at Amazon at the normal price of $1299. Even if you only want the body you could sell the 12-50 EASILY for $300 which would bring you to $999 for the body only. The OM-D E-M5 is quickly becoming my “pick of the year” and is one damn good camera capable of just about anything you need to do. This is in stock and actually ships from and is sold from Amazon, not a 3rd party. Click the link below to get to it or to order. Should go quick as these are on backorder everywhere else it seems. If you missed my review you can read it HERE. The cool thing about this camera is that there are some amazingly good lenses available for it, better than for any other mirrorless out there right now (well, besides the other Micro 4/3 cameras).




  1. I have the camera and this lens and it rocks! But to be honest I don’t think you could sell the zoom EASILY for $300. Why would you sell the zoom? Because you would rather have those nice fast lenses?
    Yep. You can bet that everyone else is thinking that too so why would they buy the zoom? If they wanted that they would have bought it as a kit too. And I’m laughing about the fascination for the SILVER ONE.
    In photos it looks good but in reality It looks plasticky in silver to me. The black is much nicer in my opinion.I mean it’s not like it has a Leica like chrome finish or anything.
    I will say that the kit lens and the 45mm 1.8 make a great combo that cover most of your needs and the macro performance on the 12 – 50 is quite amazingly good.Good enough that unless close up work is your main subject matter you don’t really need a dedicated macro lens if you have this zoom.
    Why Olympus thinks their customers are ok to pay Leica prices for a plastic lens hood is another matter!

    • Actually I have shot the lens all day (the 12-50) and it is fantastic. It is NOT soft and it is much smaller than it appears to be in photos. I also MUCH prefer the silver OM-D to the black. Have had both side by side and the silver (in person) looks better to my eyes. Of course, that is my opinion as we all have diff tastes. Both do the same thing so it doesn’t matter anyway. These sold out within hours as the SIlver is in higher demand than the black.

      But to my surprise, the 12-50 is a superb lens. With $499? Maybe not but well worth $300-$350 just due to weatherproofing, macro and convenience for many. I’ll have a short review of the lens up soon.


      • Thanks for saying that you like the silver better. I was debating but did notice that the silver carries a $200 premium on amazon over the black.

        Now, I’m debating on which kit lens or to even grab a kit lens and if so, the 12-50 or the 14-42? I’m a newbie to the MFT too by the way. What di you think?

  2. Manual focusing works well with the Oly/pan lenses. I changed the “movie” button to manual focus. When in Manual focus, when you start to turn the focus ring, the screen is magnified making manual focus a breeze. When you tap the shutter button, the full screen returns to the finder. This is different than the focus highlighting, but works very well.

    I set up a different program set for my Leica lenses, setting the camera to manual and the movie button (could be one of the other function buttons) to magnify. This has been working okay, but I find getting the camera to magnify when I tap the button is not consistent. At this point I think it is user error, and I’ll have to find some time to dig into it later.

  3. In your You Tube video of the Olympus you mention the fan like sound on the OM-D. This is no doubt the giro spinning that keeps the IS in order. Thinking of buying this camera but I am a little worried about things that spin wearing out and breaking down. Do you have any views on this issue ?

  4. Steve, exactly how does manual focusing work on the Olympus? I read it doesn’t have the NEX way of doing it. Is it zooming the center of the image only or the entire frame?
    I will mainly ise my Leica M lenses if I were to buy it…

    Thanks for a great site!!

    • D7000 is MUCH larger and the lenses are HUGE in comparison. For this price, Id take the E-M5 no question and sell the zoom. But for DSLR lovers the D7000 would be better. For me it is about size, quality, versatility. The E-m5 and a 20 1.7 is tiny and the quality rivals DSLR’s. No brainer IMO. Also, the features of the E-M5 beat out the D7000 as well. All personal preference as always though.

      • I agree with Steve. I don’t own the OMD but have played with one a few times. It is fantastic but importantly it is a different product to a DSLR like the D7000 – very capable but much smaller. If I had the money i would own a DSLR (perhaps a full frame one rather then a D7000 APS camera) and the OMD. Different tools for different jobs.

      • I wouldn’t say the D7000 lenses are huge. As a prime shooter, 35 1.8 or 50 1.4 Nikkors are not a large lenses at all, and with a D7000 or any APS-C or FF DSLR you’ll get access to a huge selection of great lenses fast primes, or classic f2.8 zooms like the 70-200. For larger lenses, you’ll have proper tripod collars, something you’ll never see in m43. In fact nearly all m43 teles are slow consumer zooms so if your into sport or wildlife, m43 is clearly not a good choice.

        And with APS-C and of course FF, DOF is not compromised the way it is with m43 and smaller formats. This may not matter to some, but for us “bokeh-whores” it is significant.

        LastLy, it’s a bit puzzling to hear grown men talking about “heavy” DSLRs that are 1.5 lb (680 g) and I can’t help wonder if why people don’t seem to notice that the trend toward miniaturization is in many cases hurting usability. Sorry, the E-M5 is OK, but the D7000
        is a better camera, with better IQ and much better AF, particularly tracking.

  5. This is a nice canera but I just bought the Sony Nex7 last month. Also, as Vu Le saying about Cameta Camera, I had a bad experience with them.
    Don’t buy anything from Cameta Camera. I bought the Sony VCLECF1 Fisheye Conversion Lens for my Nex7 from this company last week. I received the item but it was clearly has been opened or maybe it has been used. The lens was missing the sony original wrapping. The lens itself seem to be fine. I didn’t want to return or exchange because it was only $139 and I also needed it for the week. It would be a wast of my time. I contacted their customer service about the issue. The lady that answered my phone was rude and unprofessional. She was giving me an attitude because I told her the item was missing some of it’s contents. To cut the story short, this was one of the way that she talks “hold on, let me go look”, “You can return it if you don’t want it” with an attitude. She was never say please or sorry.

  6. As much as I have wanted this camera, and as much as I want to support your blog, Amazon does not have the FL-300 in stock. (it is available on Amazon through Cameta camera, who does not appear on Olympus’ authorized reseller list) So you can get the camera, but you miss out on the free flash after rebate. They do have the MMF-3 and MMF-2 in stock, but I don’t have any legacy 4/3rds lenses to use with them.

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