New Canon EOS M – Is this their new Mirrorless Camera to be released next week?

The new Canon EOS M

The internet is all abuzz about the new Canon mirrorless “M” yet I can;t figure out why really. Yet ANOTHER offering in the long line of mirrorless cameras flooding the market, and Canon, late to the game has finally decided to release their camera, probably because they realized that this segment of camera is REALLY taking off and DSLR’s are selling less and less these days. From the looks of it the new “M’ is small, has no EVF or VF, and has an unsexy design. Yea, it is what is on the inside that matters but I like both – sexy WITH hot performance. Cameras like the Fuji X100, Nikon V1, Sony RX100, Olympus OM-D all have it.

No one knows what this cameras specs will be but it seems to have a 22mm f/2 lens attached in the “leaked” photo, which is a good thing and sure as hell beats Nikon’s 1 series lens offerings already with a fast prime. But what will the sensor size be? APS-C would bring this lens into the 35mm territory which would be killer to have a small high quality camera with a 35 f/2 attached. As of today, July 20th it is all a mystery. One thing is for sure, the sensor will be larger than the Nikon 1 series sensor as I highly doubt they would include a 22mm lens that would then equal almost a 70mm equivalent.

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With Canon I expect high ISO performance with the best of them, the Canon signature colors and most likely and hopefully SPEED. With the new Sony RX100 Kicking some serious ass (my preview of the RX100 and side by side with V1 by Monday) it’s gonna take more than the name Canon to make this one a huge success. I see on the top of the camera it says “EOS M” – is this their way of competing with Leica? Lol.

Looking forward to what is to come from this little guy! If anyone has any info on it leave it in the comments or e-mail me! But I am not getting excited as I have no idea what it is or what it can do. Even if it is stellar, there is still so many other cameras  to choose from that may have more of that special secret “MoJo”. The one may just be for the Canon fans out there. Not sure yet but time will tell!


  1. Canon is a follower here and not a leader. Not even an EVF, but a beginning at least.
    “The one may just be for the Canon fans out there”
    Yes, a good and regular product for sure, the end of any Conurus adapter…
    Still waiting for my FF mirrorless ; )

    • Well, for a “non leader” Canon is doing pretty damn well in the camera business.

    • A CSC camera without a EVF? Olympus- still doing it.( epm,epl3, ep3). Panasonic- Still doing it( gf5, gx1) Nikon-still doing it (J1)Samsung still doing it (nx200,210) Sony still doing it( nex f3, 5n). So Canon isn;t doing something the others havent done themselves…years after they introduced their CSC cameras.

      • Yes. Not at that price tag. And the best line is V1/Nikon, OMD/Olympus, Nex7/Sony, GH?/Panasonic, Fuji Pro. Canon is a follower here and now. Have a nice day Evjenij.

  2. Looks… Boring!
    And very disappointing!
    I’m a Canon user almost since ever, and i was hoping that Canon launch a Range-finder camera but this is a Nex without a tilty screen. By the way i have a Nex 3.

  3. According to this camera will have a 18MP APS-C Sensor. it is confirmed.

    – 18 million pixels APS-C CMOS sensor
    – Digic 5 image processing engine
    – Hybrid CMOS AF (phase-contrast AF)
    – Video Servo AF, Servo AF, AF touch
    – ISO100-12800 (25.600 extension)
    – shutter speed is 1/4000, bulb, flash sync is 1/200 sec to 30 seconds
    – Second continuous shooting speed is 4.3 frames /
    – 1.04 million dot LCD monitor 3.0-type wide, touch panel
    – The media SD / SDHC / SDXC (corresponding UHS-I)
    – Video is 1920×1080 30p/25p/24p, 1280×720 60p/50p, 640×480 30p/25p
    – video compression MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, audio Linear PCM, MOV format
    – EF lens mount adapter EF-EOS M
    – Hand-held Twilight mode
    – HDR mode to synthesize three different exposure
    – Multi-shot noise reduction function to reduce the noise by combining the four images
    – Creative filters
    – The size is x 66.5mm (width) 108.6mm (height) x 32.3mm (depth)
    – The weight (body only) 262g, (including battery and memory card) 298g
    – Kit lens EF-M22mm STM, EF-M18-55mm IS STM
    – Comes with a mount adapter and EF-EOS M 90EX Speedlite kit of some

  4. The most important thing about a camera is the image quality it produces. IMO the second most important thing is that it is inspiring and fun to use. This Canon might produce stunning images in a small form factor but it is about as inspiring as a Toyota Prius. In a word….boring.

    • They have inspiring cameras and cars and stuff all over Japan and Europe. The problem is North America. Most North Americans are what people call “conservative.” They want their cameras and cars one way, one color , one shape.Thats why you hardly ever see a vehicle look anything but a car, a van, a truck. You bring over something cute or neat or snazzy or different and people on sites like this will shat over it before they even ship it over. There is a big camera culture in Japan..not so much here. Here, it’s a camera for work or it’s a ps camera for the family.It’s the same for cars. Go to Japan some time, you will see alot of neat and cool stuff that will NEVER get over here because ppl here don’t like something new or different ( for the most part) LOL. I’m not saying everyone is N. America is like that but there is a big part of that mentality that’s probably cultural and human ignorance.

  5. It seems the camera I want is always the ‘next one’, this is boring, but I am sure will have some decent specs up it’s sleeve. Like a previous poster I am totally strapped for cash in 2012 so just an observer, but are the major camera manufacturers ever going to make some more goodies for us? I mean long, long ago Panasonic started to make stuff for us enthusiasts photographers, then they went off course chasing the consumer market and never really came back (well the GX1 is a return a bit to form).

    Perhaps the new Olympus m4/3 PEN will light a few fires – I mean, if Steve can only get excited by the diminutive Nikon V1 these days something is surely missing in the 2012 batch of camera releases!? I think he is like me, desperately looking for something to ‘love’ – not buy with his head or is wallet, but his heart. I want the obvious, EVF, FAST lens, portable (forget the tiny toy cameras, give us a meaningful lump to hold and then you might find somewhere for the damn EVF!) good looking (the Sony’s look like electrical components!) and with some s-o-u-l – I want a PEN or slightly larger sized (Fuji X100?) rangefinder style interchangeable lens camera for enthusiasts – and it’s STILL not here! Come on Olympus, stick the EM-5 in a PEN body and jobs done! Well – if it manages that dreamy film like quality? Oh forget it – I just want too much! :0)

  6. I am fascinated by all the negative comments about this camera. It looks as though it is an APS-C camera, it has a 35mm equivalent f2 lens and looks in appearance much like a NEX or a Panasonic m4/3. And yet you are wingeing on and on. It will also I assume take Canon EF lenses or EF-S lenses with an adapter which for many with Canon DSLRs is a big plus. What’s the problem? Or is it just because it is a Canon so therefore not “cool”? Of course the main thing is whether it will have an EVF. Looks as though it might be a detacheable one.

    • There are negative comments because most people on this site want a camera maker like Canon to make basically the equivalent of an Af Leica m10 . That’s obviously is not gonna happen cause Canon has abandoned the rangefinder market many moons ago. Canon knows the market, they are in it to make alot of money, not prestige. Most ppl who go on this site would like Canon or any other company to make them the perfect camera…that’s also full frame… that is also..not going to happen. Canon knows that most ppl who bu camera within the sub one thousand mark do not care about many manual controls, buttons etc, stuff many ppl who visit this site like.

      It’s obvious this eos m is aimed at the consumer level market, for soccer moms, for those who want a small camera that packs a punch without the scary controls. Most ppl who will buy this camera will tell you that a lack of an EVf is not a deal breaker. This eos m is Canons GF5, only probably ( I’m guessing) better and the most imoportant thing to its target market, the Canon logo.
      It’s almost certain that Canon will introduce a higher level camera . Every camera system is based from the mount outwards. Canon has designed this camera for the future. It’s not everyday Canon introduces a new mount and you can bet the sky is the limit as to what kind of camera or lenses they can or would want to make for this new system. Don’t judge a new camera by just the first body you see, wait and judge it by its mount.Once you have a mount and a system in place, it’s just a amtter of time and market before Canon introduces their own premiere mirrorless camera.

      • Very good points. After some thinking I too figured this was the “Nikon J1” version and that there could very well be a higher end camera that has not been leaked as of yet. Would make sense if only because this camera looks painfully simple…they have to put out a version that uses a little bit of the G1x mojo. Also am I crazy or is this a half frame sensor and not a 1.5 that people keep saying…it says right on the bottom of the lens 43mm?

        • Good comment Matt !…

          John, 43mm is the filter size…. You can see the diameter symbol…
          I think the sensor will be Aps-c (I hope) and that we must wait for the performances. If there is a more “prosumer” body, I think it can be really interesting !

        • Looking at the pics of the eos m’s body open on the net my guess is that the sensor is most likely the same size as their g1x camera. If the sensor were to be the same size as the Nikon J1 than that eos m body would be so puny in relation to that sensor size. Canon knows it has to make a camera system that will fit in between their dslrs and their compacts.Despite the g1x being a fixed lens camera, it appears that the eos m has a simpler body design that will save costs and the camera will probably come in at around 600-700 retail. There’s no way this camera can cost as much as the g1x as the body seems more easier and simpler to manufacture than the g1x.

          I would expect their higher m model to have a little more manual controls with maybe a EVF or an accesory for one. One thing’s for sure Canon had better get the eos m’s AF going fast, cause if it’s as slow as the g1x, and compared to its rivals like the gf5 and oly pens, Canons going to lose some steam if the AF is turtle slow.It wouldnt surprise me if their Af for the M would be half phas and half contrast like the J1.

          • The sensor is APS-C 18mp sensor used in the Rebel T4i. It is tghe same crop factor as the 60D, T4i, 7D et al

  7. Go after Leica. Why can’t Canon build a full frame, high quality Rangefinder as Fuji seems to be doing? An optical viewfinder in addition to the light up screen on the back? Too many dark areas where that bright screen screws up the night vision.

    Instead of playing follow the leader Canon, BE the leader again.

    • Don’t needed to be a full frame range finder. Just a true range finder (not like that stupid cameras that Fujifilm produces). And Canon ill kick Leica litle ass.

  8. I currently have the x pro 1 an I think the best thing about that system is their current and planned primes. High quality images and reasonably small.

  9. I think it represents a pure modern concept. I understand that external dials have their place. I borrow my fathers m8 so im familiar with the benefits of the traditional approach. Canon has long abandoned that on even their high end dslrs.

    However, if the lens barrel ring is assignable to aperature priority or shutter priority then I don’t mind the touchscreen for everything else.

    I like the idea of the smallest possible camera producing high (highest) possible aps-c files. The resolution of the lenses is the biggest question mark for me. I also hope the lenses can be reasonable compact (vs the Sony)

  10. I think what makes this camera disappointing ( other then its awful looks) is the fact that there are no classic external controls. No shutter or compensation dial, in fact the controls look very very entry level as if they consider this camera to be a step down from the G1X.

  11. I am excited for the possibilities.

    Weakness with the current cream of the crop for me:

    Sony nex 7 – lack of small fast primes
    Om-d – lack of small fast primes, iso not as good as modern aps-c (obvious)
    Fuji xpro1 – a bit big, evf mediocre, avg a/f, unrefined

    I’m not so hung up on external dials or built in evf to not be willing to buy the canon over those three IF the canon has:

    1. A 35 1.4 or small 35 2. (in add to the 22) and that those lens review well in and of themselves.
    2. Fast a/f (quite likely it will have phase detect)

    My wife can use the camera a she likes with the 18-55 zoom an I can have three primes and an evf. Just not sure what the downside is other than lack of pure sex appeal.

    I’ll use I take pictures of unused Leica MPs if I want to look at a pretty camera.

    • Good points, Eddie.

      The way I see it, this is the camera most likely to replace my little Canon G10. Having an interchangeable 35mm-equivalent f/2 prime lens for a camera of this size is a big attraction. The big questions for me are price, autofocus performance and high ISO performance.

      I find it interesting that they are calling it the EOS-M and not using the Powershot name. The camera will be as small as (maybe smaller than) the G1X, but it will have its own interchangeable lens system, and will likely accept EF lenses with an adaptor. This is a breakthrough for the Canon system.

  12. It looks to me like they are releasing a medium spec camera to show how small they can go…..why release a high end camera first rather than the ones that will drive sales volumes of lenses and bodies? In the end, they are running a business and, not surprisingly, they are not trying to appeal to the high end user first. Patience. Canon has a lot of resources behind them.

  13. Too little, too late and probaby too much. Canon may feel it needs to enter this market segment and looks to have done so with a committee designed “safe” entry. Unless it’s priced below the cheapest
    Rebel with a 40mm pancake or has exceptional performance, it can compete with Nikon’s and Pentax’s feeble efforts at luring soccer moms for snapshots. Maybe Canon’s just too big not to play it safe, but
    I was hoping for a real breakthrough offering.

  14. As hard as it is to say this, (after kinda poking fun at Leica and their prices for the last number of months, I’m starting to see it. I’m looking for a replacement for a lot of big, heavy Canon DSLR equipment, and the M9 makes more and more sense. I just can’t swallow the price. So, when I saw the picture and headline, I thought my prayers had been answered. Canon has their own FF sensor, and the M9 has no competition, so, voila!
    But no. Nobody in their right mind would release an FF with a 22mm lens. It’s probably the sensor out of the G1X.
    There are a lot of people out here who want FF quality, bokeh, and crop-ability, and are waiting for a version of the M9 that they either can, or are willing to pay for. Why will no one produce an M9 and compete with Leica? They are selling well, at what must be a profitable price.
    All in all, another let-down.
    I may have to sell every bit of gear I’ve got, (and maybe a kidney), and just plump for an M9. Nobody else seems to want to build one.

  15. The image looks warped to me, as if the left side of the camera is twisted upwards.
    Apart from that I’m glad that Canon has finally made it into the mirrorless market.
    I am excited to see what they will do – I’m hoping for some big tech in this, not that I’ll buy it, but just because I enjoy tech :). It also will be fun to see the next 2 in the line – here’s hoping for a very sexy pro-mirrorless camera from Canon with that old-school look! I won’t be buying it because I’m already invested in Nikon but I will certainly be admiring it from afar if Canon gets it right :).

  16. I will certainly stick with the X100, £ for £ the best camera currently on the market. A Canon without a VF or EVF, they really have missed the point, evan the G series gave you something to view the image, don’t know how anyone can compose images without one.

  17. It’s the Leica M killer! We’re all in trouble now.:) M is the new X. Which just goes to prove Leica had it right all along!

  18. … and I’m thinking about touch-screen control on this one, otherwise I really don’t get the concept… anyway : 🙁

  19. Despite its looks and simplicity, if this has an APS-C or even the G1X sensor along with the Digic V processor it is going to be a good low light performer capable of good IQ at ISO3200; it’s going to give a lot of the recent spate of morrorless cameras a good run for their money especially if Canon can keep the price reasonable. I for one will be following this with some interest.

  20. What is wrong with the the design? It is a simple metal-looking black brick. The lack of controls on the top and back side is what would worry me more …

    • I agree. I think it looks pretty good. The retro look is great but it has never been canon’s thing. Some one has to produce the designs of today so they can be copied in 50 years and marketed as retro in 2062

    • Agree, the design is ok for me. Not ugly, not sexy. I’m more concerned by the lack of controls and lack of VF. Plus, given those lacks, the size, which doesn’t seem justified at all… keep on Fuji ! 🙂

  21. Well design doesn’t look to me interesting, it looks cheap P&S. But as I read some news and rumors, this is more J1 and advanced model will come some months later. They seems to choose the APS-C and from their point of view it’s reasonable – they have many Pros with EF glass which want some small adaptable body. But for me, it will be same as NEX – small body and big lenses which I don’t want. We’ll see, maybe the price (not likely) and performance will buy us all (who have Canon DSLR), but now I’m happy with my GX1+LVF2+pancake primes.

  22. I think they took a bit from each competitor: APS-C from Sony and Samsung; PDAF on sensor from Nikon 1, with Canon likely reusing the sensor from the t4i; vaguely RF styling with no real grip from many Olympus Pen models and the Nikon 1; ugliness from Panasonic (mostly); and smooth metallic lenses from Sony. If they’re lucky they selected the right attributes. This is just a first model, strictly entry level, with hardly any controls. If it has a touch screen, it may not be completely useless, but I don’t expect much. At best a NEX-F3 with the focus speed of a Nikon 1, which sounds nice when I say it. If they price it down with the F3 and J1 it will do very well. If it is more like $800, it had better have some more tricks up its sleeve or Canon will be dropping prices as Nikon has had to. Whatever, it’s the more advanced models that will show what Canon has in mind for this new line.

    • Couldn’t agree more. My only different point of view is that i don’t think it is ugly. In fact, I’m glad it looks just like my now gone GF1, a GREAT photo tool.

  23. The Canon M better be able to use ef lenses,the canon M is boring, the Canon lugs may not be good for straps, it’s ugly, it’s too big, it’s too small, it’s too big is the sensor, oh the DRAMA! LOL.
    You guys should try building a camera, then you can have everything you want, problem solved! HAHAHAHAHAAAA!

  24. Hi guys,

    seems to be difficult for camera makers to listen to photographers who are their customers.

    Car makers usually do!

    Again no VF! We all know that it is good for stabilization and very helpful in countries with bright sun light (this is Thailand!)

    The OMD seems to be the only camera where all demands are met regarding features, menus and dials/switches.

    And from what I saw on the web the IQ is second (sometimes even better)
    only to Leica M and FF cameras.

    These bigger, faster and more expensive cameras mostly are only needed for speed and/or low light.

    In April I shot on the Island Kho Samui with Lumix FZ 40/45 and Nikon 5100. In the daylight the Lumix was not inferior to the Nikon, that changed when I went indoors or in low light (I shoot only jpeg). I would even say that the from the best 20 shots at least 12 were made with the Lumix.

    And I view my shots on 50 inch plasma and print at least A 4.

    Pixel peeping and cropping might lead to different results but I am a photographer not a reviewer.

    The biggest threat to cameras like this Canon are phones. They will take over the market of small and compact cameras in the nearest future. Cameras will only survive if they provide something better like IQ but even more important flexibility and handling, VF and interchangeable lenses.

    4 years ago Obama had a Blackberry and that was THE phone to have. Maybe next year both will be history.

    The Nikon V 1 seems to be surprisingly an alternative to the OMD. Seems to be fast and the photos on the web have a very good IQ.

    And as they now offer “ Nikon a la cart” (haha) it gets hip for a combined price (body, 2 lenses and sticker) of a nice accessory of a M 9.

    Shoot more, read less.


  25. I’m no Canon aficionado but they usually know what they are doing. Take a look at their stock. Both volume and price increased. The look of the model is on par with other Canon models, and I’ll guess we have to wait to see 1) if it’s real and 2) how it performs.

  26. This is a little strange. Given that Canon has been able to sit back and observe the mirrorless market, and given their immense design and industrial strength, I would have expected them to introduce an E-M5 killer. Maybe a tiny, mirrorless EOS 7d with a set of new lenses.

    But they seem to have created an E-P3 clone. Not very special, and not clearly better than what’s already available.

    I’m sort of on Canon’s side, and hope they bring out something more interesting, later.

    I’ll be watching, but for now, no sale.

    • A modification to my post:

      I’ve seen some more rumor posts, and I think I get it now. I’m not a huge Canon fan, but I think they did the right thing.

      Canon wanted the first camera in this new format to be the consumer version, that would sell more than the “prosumer” or “professional” versions, to provide financial support for the lens line and for future cameras. This camera is NOT meant for us, so it doesn’t matter what we think.

      It’s possible that Canon knows more about marketing cameras than we do. 🙂

      So what we have is an compact APS-C point and shoot like the Leica X2, except with very fast focusing, and interchangeable lenses. Or like the Fuji X100 with no viewfinder, but with a compact and fast “normal” lens, and very fast and accurate focusing.

      I think the concept is terrific. I still don’t want THIS camera, but I really want to try that 33mm f2, and I’ll be waiting for the next camera in this series.

  27. One thing is for sure, the sensor will be larger than the Nikon 1 series sensor as I highly doubt they would include a 22mm lens that would then equal almost a 70mm equivalent.

    Shouldn’t this be 60mm? 22 * 2.7 = 59.4.

  28. I use Canon DSLRs at work, and am heavily invested in L and other nicer EF lenses, so if a mirror-less Canon camera is able to use EF lenses, I will be interested in handling the little beast, with an open mind. It is just as well that 2012 is a period of austerity for me, as I can sit back and patiently observe without being tempted. Thus far, the X2 and X Pro-1 interest me the most, in the mirrorless category. I did allow myself one significant purchase this summer, a 40mm EF 2.8 STM, which makes a 5D quite a bit handier, totable in a quite small pouch or bag, and seemingly less intimidating to folks on the street, which makes a mirror-less camera even less of a priority.

    Hopefully, a Canon mirror-less camera will not need a tremendously expensive adapter to use EF lenses. A significant factor in my not (yet) purchasing a Nikon 1 V1, is that an FT1 adapter, to allow using my Nikkor glass, is quite expensive and bulky. If the Canon mirror-less cannot use EF lenses at all, it is quite likely I will simply ignore it.

  29. The rumors are floating around that this is the first of three offerings from Canon in the mirrorless market (consumer, prosumer, and pro). If this is their consumer camera, and it has a ASP-C size sensor, I’m quite happy with it.
    I’m interested to know how they will price this. It would be nice to have a built-in viewfinder… but if this allowed them to keep the size down, and if they will sell it separately, i think this is perfect for the consumer market.
    As for the looks… not all the cameras have to have a retro style, gentlemen. No doubt that X100 or leica X2 are nice looking cameras… but compared to the ugly panasonic offerings, I think its not bad.

  30. Yet another boring ugly camera which no doubt offers nothing more than any of the others

  31. Not sure I like the pegs for the straps, they don’t look wrist strap friendly.

  32. If the excellent G1X sensor is inside, this would be a 40mm equivalent f2.0 lens X2 contender. Maybe not as sleek looking as the Leica, but certainly competitive and at a fraction of the cost.

  33. I didn’t like it at all, especially after seeing the 18-55mm lens size (pancake is much better in this regard). Canon apparently managed to keep the body size down but the lenses are big, just like Sony NEX lenses. There is a size comparison with Fuji x-pro1, Panasonic LX-7 and Canon G1X here, gives an idea:

    Too little too late from Canon, brings nothing new to the game, that is my 5 cents…

  34. What? No Optical viewfinder?

    and why does it have to look so ugly? Come on canon ….leave your ego behind and learn something from Fuji and Oly ( we dont even need to go to Germany) . I don’t know about other people, but if you want my hard earned dough, you’re going to have to do better than this. ( I hope they are reading this ).
    Stick with traditional designs….we photographers love our cameras and timeless simple designs works best for cameras. People drool over Fuji X series not really over over a gadget that takes pictures.

    Make a seriously good camera- a photographer’s camera if you want our money. We have enough gadgets.Seriously!

  35. I would really not hurry on throwing opinions on a camera that was not even announced yet. When the Nikon V1 came out I felt all that ‘disappointment’ and now I am about to buy it for my best friend as a wedding gift (Steve – I am waiting on your comparison to RX100 for the decision !!!)

    So if, as Steve in my opinion correction estimated, that this camera has larger sensor that the 1″ (I would guess somewhere around m4/3 size) it may be a great performer – it may accept an external EVF – we do not know yet or it just may be a lower-end model before a top-end one. Just enjoy the possibilities that are still in the unopened box of Mr Schrödinger 😉

    We have one certainty – whatever it will be that Cannon will come up with, Steve will give us a great review. I am pretty sure about that 🙂

  36. Some of you guys are really funny.When the Nkon 1 came out, some complained about the small sensor. Now you complain about how the Canon looks. It’s a good thing for Canon that most of its paying customers arent as picky.

  37. Thank goodness I didn’t wait for this camera! This thing is ugly; even if the specs are great. I am 100% content with my Fuji X100 and am super excited to see what the will release later this year.

  38. I’m knee deep into m43 cameras after painfully switching away from the nex. looks pretty damn cool but steve sold me on micro 43. Love that 45 damn is it sweet!!!! I can’t wait for the new pens please let it be september already

  39. Wow!
    The number 1 camera maker in the world, and all they could come up with is a box with a lens on it.
    Come on Canon.

  40. I have to say, if we are talking strictly looks. The Nikon 1 series is sexier. LOL. But then again its what’s on the inside that counts….right? 😉

  41. Meh, I’m invested in and quite happy with Olympus M-4/3. I haven’t shot Canon since I traded my 1D MkIIn for a Hasselblad. Looks like it may get a lot of people salivating, though.

  42. I’m a little disappointed with this. Actually….by a little I mean A LOT. I still hope canon will release a camera with a viewfinder. Regardless, I think I’m gonna keep going with Fuji from now on, as they seem to be on the right track….minus the little bumps here and there.

    • I agree, I was also disappointed in the fact that it had no VF so my guess is that it is going to be VERY small..thinking they wanted to keep it sown in size. This doesn’t excite me as much as the new Sony RX100 or OM-D so I am hoping it comes in at a good price, has good lenses and quality/speed.

      • Seems this will be a competitor to the Nikon 1’s, rather than the top mirrorless cameras out right now. Disappointed as well.

      • But who knows…..maybe they have something they will announce at Photokina. Although…I have my doubts. I just don’t get it. You would figure that being last to the draw would at least mean that you’ve been paying attention to what people want. What disappoints me the most is the fact that there is absolutely ZERO effort in the land of innovation. It’s sad actually.

        • Mike – being a minimalist, I can’t get into all the wish-list type of thinking that is typical of new camera releases.

          That said, I am sincerely interested in what the group deems necessarily for a new camera? Are we at the point where the cameras supposed to take the picture for us? My little Olympus 35MM RC and ECR’s do a great job of making great images without getting in the way. I would think we would want to simplify our cameras as to facilitate better images.

          But now that I am thinking about it, here is what I think would be great for a new Canon or any other make:

          1. FF sensor. Not so much for “IQ” but that we can shoot better wide angles and take advantage of older FF lenses.

          2. Make the mount in the native format (if possible) and adaptability for several lens mounts to include Nikon F, EOS, Zeiss/Contax, Pentax K, and of course Leica.

          3. Realistic color. Digital color sucks, especially the skin tones. Make a sensor that emulates Kodak Portra or Fuji 400H am I am in.

          4. Remember it’s a camera and not so much a computer. Think Leica or Olympus RF’s.

          • Honestly, I only want a camera that immerses me in the experience of taking a picture. The whole idea of looking through a viewfinder is a major part of that experience. I will even go as far as saying that I would love to have a shutter lever on a digital camera. I know that’s a little extreme perhaps, but I love the feeling of being in complete control of the process. I know some will say “Well, get a film camera then.” I would if I didn’t have to develop it in a darkroom. Personally, I love digital post work.

            Bottom line, it all comes down to feeling like you’ve actually created something from nothing. That you were part of the experience.

          • Hi Mike. You don’t have to develop film in a darkroom, at least not all the way, anyways. The new colour emulsions these days are very scanner-friendly, and you can then do digital post to your heart’s delight once you have a nice, flat scan file.

            As for the viewfinder, I’m really flummoxed by the absolute requirement that a lot of photographers have for eye-level squinty finders on cameras.

            An LCD screen frees you from having to press your face up to the camera, and allows for compositional flexibility in ways that eye-level finders can’t match. Screens have gotten very good these days in bright sunlight, and shading them isn’t usually much of a problem either, so I think it basically comes down to two things:

            1) people are used to 35mm film cameras and digital SLRs that have eye-level OVFs
            2) people who started on digital compacts with back-LCDs view the former type of camera as being more “professional” and I hear and see the term “real camera” to describe a camera with an eye-level finder very often. Hassleblads and Speed Graphics notwithstanding, of course. I dare anyone to say they aren’t “real cameras.”

            The former is a very, very valid point. If it’s how you shoot, then fine, that’s how you shoot, and it’s how you work best. But I suspect point #2 is true more often than a lot of people would like to admit. I’ll certainly admit to thinking it a few years back.

            I’ve gotten to the point now where I see the rear LCD of my PEN as the default compositional tool. When I use longer or manual-focus-only lenses, the EVF is very, very useful, but for default, wide-angle street work, or even portraits with AF lenses, the LCD is absolutely fine. I can even see an advantage to the back LCD not locking myself into “tunnel vision” when composing. I can see what else is outside of the frame, both for context, and for anticipating what might be coming into the frame.

            I would like to stress that I’m not accusing you of anything. I’m sure you fall into the former category, and you do some excellent work. I’m just putting another viewpoint out there 🙂

          • I absolutely see your point. I also have no problems with composing my shots on a LCD screen. I just intuitively feel more at the driver’s wheel when I hold the camera up to my eye. The viewfinder becomes my world.

            Here is a thought. Take a military sniper for example, and give him/her an lcd screen instead of a scope. I wonder what they would have to say about it?

          • There’s really no mystery about who likes viewfinders, or why. It all depends on what you started with. If you started taking pictures sometime after (about) 1999, then you started with a p&s digital camera with no viewfinder, and viewfinders probably feel weird to you. Earlier than that, and you feel crippled without one.

            It’s worth noting that viewfinders were left off those p&s cameras not for any creative reason, or because cameras are better that way, but to make them cheaper. Good viewfinders are expensive.

            The other issue, and this WILL catch up with younger folks sooner or later, is that somewhere between the ages of 35 and 50, you will no longer be able to see the LCD without reading glasses. Pain in the ass.
            With a viewfinder, all you need do is change the diopter adjustment, or add a diopter lens.

          • Khoa: With respect, Hasselblads and Graphics are certainly “real cameras” but both are very difficult to focus accurately without magnification.

            Not making a “moral” judgement here, but with a viewfinder the image you’re looking at appears lifesize, and with a proper viewing screen it’s no problem to focus correctly, without any magnification or other aids.

            This is only my personal opinion, but I find it extremely difficult to either compose or focus on the relatively tiny and “far away” lcd screen. It’s just not “present” enough. I use it on my S90, when the pictures aren’t really important, but wouldn’t buy a serious camera that didn’t have a good viewfinder.

          • Interesting discussion points. Thanks guys!

            In any case, Mike: we could expand your analogy further, though. A fighter or bomber pilot would use a screen (or sights, in any case) rather than a scope. Different applications are suited to different tools, and different styles of shooting are conducive to different framing styles.

            Parisi: I disagree, actually. Many of my age-peers and those who are younger feel that “real cameras” need to have eye-level finders.

            And, I would also take manual focusing on a ground-glass screen of a Hassy or a SG over the OVF (without ground glass screen) of a D7000 any day; twice on Sunday. The best OVFs are those with a ground-glass screen plus focusing aid, or, a nice big (well-adjusted and cleaned) rangefinder VF.

            Full disclosure: I started shooting before 1999. I grew up with my father’s Nikon FM (which is older than I am), and further “cut my teeth” with the indestructible and incomparable Pentax K1000 in journalism class. I shoot a whackload of rangefinders, SLRs, and medium format cameras now, but if a camera doesn’t have an eye-level finder, I don’t sweat it.

            If there’s an EVF available (like in the case of my Oly PEN), I’ll use it when I need to (concert-shooting with longer focal lengths and MF lenses, for instance).

            I’m not trying to convince anyone that viewfinders are rubbish or anything like that. I just don’t think that people need to dismiss a camera outright, because it uses a screen for composition, as opposed to a tinier screen, with a magnifying glass in front of it (EVF).

      • If you want more intel go to

        They have images from all angles including the zoom and flash made for the camera. It’s basically a M4/3 size sensor. 22mm – 43mm equiv. I think they have this placed behind the G1x since it has less external control (hardly any at all, very amateurish looking) and now eve a smaller sensor then the G1x

    • I agree as well. It’s not a “real” camera without a viewfinder. Maybe its to give you the option of buying a separate viewfinder to slip in the hot shoe.

    • A number of years ago, I pleaded with Canon to come out with such a camera based on their old Canonet 2.8.
      Their answer was the market didn’t warrant it.
      Then I expected that they would clobber all comers in the DSLR market with the Mark III.
      Again, they didn’t while Nikon clobbered with the new 800e.
      I’m beginning to believe Canon has finally lost their mojo after being King of the hill for so long.
      I am seriously considering trading in my HUGE array of Canon equipment for the Nikon.
      Something I swore I would never do after my F1 back in the day.
      RIP Canon.

    • The Sony RX100 doesn’t have a VF either. Why is anyone exited about it than? Furthermore, the lens is not so fast in the normal-wide focal lengths – according to the dpreview table. Some cams play this trick with zooms that start fast but get slow quickly. I need f2 at a 40-something-equiv. FL.
      Canon is mostly uninspiring, but they do some things right. A 22/2 lens with a largish sensor rocks, even if the sensor is in the m43-size-range.
      Currently there are only few systems giving a fast normal-wide compact prime:
      Samsung NX with 30/2 (but the bodies seem to suck)
      m43 with 20 1.7, which has problems on new OMD and click-problem on EP1
      Fuji X100 with 23/2 (also quirky body)

      Plus, did anyone notice that manufacturers start dropping the AE/AF-lock button for direct-video-button, like Panasonic and Samsung. That’s the reason I cannot use a G3 nor a NX200, and the video-button is not customizable, which is simply stupid. Maybe in the future it is not possible any more to set shutter speed and aperture, because there is some new hyperspace-recording-mode which need dedicated red buttons and dials!?

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