Canon EOS-M – All of the details of Canon’s new mirrorless camera and pre-order info

Canon EOS-M full specs and Pre-Order info!

So the info is out. The cat is out of the bag. Canon’s new Mirrorless offering is available for pre-order now. If you are a Canon fan you may be thrilled with this offering (Because you can use your Canon glass with it, so makes sense doesn’t it)? Looks like the new “EOS – M”, which is something you should not confuse with a Leica M (ha ha ha) is going to contain a large APS-C sensor coming it at 18MP. As expected, full HD video and high ISO up to 25,600. The camera will also feature a touch screen and hybrid AF just like the Nikon V1 which should make this a speed demon in the AF arena. The new lens mount is the “M’ series and as of now you have two options. The 22mm f/2 or the 18-55 zoom. Two native lenses at launch which is less than the four Nikon released with the 1 series. Canon will also sell an adapter to use all of the Canon EF and EF-S lenses.

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With Canon’s power behind this guy it should be a success. The price of this EOS-M is $799 with the 22mm kit prime. Oh and no EVF or built in VF of any kind here. Boo. IC cameras…all should have a VF of some kind IMO though preferably not a huge wart that sits on top. This offering from Canon isn’t going to make me give up any of my current cameras but for some it may be a perfect entry into a mirrorless system. Why they named it the “M” I have no clue because it is surely NOTHING like a Leica M. (LOL, a reader pointed out the M is probably for “Mirrorless” – a big DUHHHH to me as I should have know that)! Maybe Canon has another trick up their sleeve and will announce a more advanced model at Photokina? If this is it then to me it seems a bit “Blah”. Just being honest with MY opinion. Yours may vary.


The new 18-55 Zoom can be pre-ordered at this link.


Sensor and Image Processor
High resolution 18.0 MP CMOS APS-C (1.6x crop factor) sensor and high performance DIGIC 5 image processor equal fast functional response, exceptional image quality and sharp detail in both photo and video.
Full HD Movie
The EOS-M offers Full HD Movie mode with Movie Servo AF for continuous focus tracking of moving subjects, manual exposure control, multiple resolution and frame rates, built-in stereo microphone with a wind filter, manual audio level adjustment, and Video Snapshot with editing. Combined with STM lenses, such as the included 22mm f/2 STM lens, the Movie Servo AF provides smooth, silent auto-focus function, a great benefit when shooting video. The camera automatically splits files larger than 4GB for extended, uninterrupted recording and offers a jack for compatible external microphones.
ISO Sensitivity
Normal ISO sensitivity on the EOS-M ranges from 100-12800 but expands in High Sensitivity Mode to 25600 for faster shutter speeds and sharper details in low light.
Hybrid CMOS Auto-focus
Hybrid CMOS AF uses a combination of both Contrast AF, which utilizes the CMOS sensor, and Phase Difference Auto-focus to increase accuracy and auto-focus speed in both photo and video.
Touch Screen LCD with Touch AF
Thanks to a new construction between the its resin-coated cover and the liquid crystal display, the 3.0″ Clear View LCD monitor keeps glare to a minimum and makes it easy to see your images even in bright light. The 1,040,000-dot resolution is ideal for playback and focusing and the smudge-resistant coating on the LCD preserves the luminosity after multiple touches. Numerous camera operations can be handled by the touch screen including Auto-focus control, whereby you touch the LCD screen on the part of the image you want in focus. Two-finger (multi-touch) control allows you to zoom, scroll images and navigate the menus as you would with a smartphone.
Lens Compatibility
At this point, Canon has introduced two M series lenses including the 22mm f/2 STM lens that is included in this kit, but the new EF-M mount on the EOS-M camera is able to use any of the huge family of Canon EF and EF-S lenses. The EF-EOS Mount Adapter will be necessary, but this opens up the EOS-M’s range of creative possibilities to… endless!
Noise Reduction
Multi Shot Noise Reduction provides outstanding noise reduction while preserving fine detail in photos at high ISO speeds. With MSNR activated, the camera takes four consecutive shots of the same image, then merges and aligns them, reducing noise and blur.
Advanced Imaging Features
Handheld Night Scene and High Dynamic Range are assistive functions that allow all levels of photographers to take advantage of digital advancements to improve their shooting results. HDR, for example, shoots three images of the exact same image simultaneously in various exposures and combines the three into one perfectly balanced photo. This is ideal when shooting images that have both shadow and bright light and those whose subject is lit from behind. The EOS-M also offers seven Creative Filters to enhance your images, including Toy Camera Effect and Art Bold Effect, which makes your photo look like an oil painting.
Scene Intelligent Auto Mode
Scene Intelligent Auto mode optimizes all of the camera’s auto controls to provide the best settings based on the camera’s reading of the scene. You compose the shot, the camera does the rest.
The EOS M Digital Camera uses popular SD, SDHC, SDXC memory cards and is even compatible with the newest Ultra High Speed (UHS-I) memory cards.
Canon EF-M 22mm f/2 STM Lens
The EOS-M kit comes with one of Canon’s first M-mount lenses, the 22mm (35mm equiv = 35.2mm) f/2 STM lens. It is a moderate wide-angle prime lens equivalent to a 35mm lens on a full-frame (35mm) camera. It is ultra-slim, befitting the mirrorless camera it is to be attached to and lightweight. The f/2 aperture means lots of light enters your camera and fast shutter speeds are possible even in lower light and the minimum focusing distance of 5.9″ (O.15m). It houses one aspheric lens element and a 7-blade circular aperture which can deliver soft backgrounds and beautiful bokeh. It is an STM lens which stands for stepping motor and this provides a smooth, silent autofocus when used with the EOS-M’s Movie Servo AF. Silent auto-focus is all-around great, but particularly useful when shooting video so that the sound of the AF does not interfere with the audio you are recording.


  1. Wow all of that huh? I believe the only 2 things that people were counting on is EVF and better burst rate…. Seems spot on, everything else… It is what every other company has put out there

    • Evf’s in CSc cameras are the exception rather than the rule. The cheapest CSc with built in EVF is the Nikon v1, and that came in at around 800 or so. The next is the om-d and nex 7 which is bweteen 1200-1400.
      Having worked for a camera store, most consumers I have dealt with have a hard time spending over a grand for a small CSc camera. Those who are willing to go passed a grand, will opt for a DSLR and a ovf. It’s a fact, the most important thing about camera sales is PRICE. Maybe not for the wealthy, maybe not for some of the guys here, but it’s just the market. I get a chuckle everytime I read about how someone is crying for a Full frame CSC. The market for that kind of camera is so small, it will be last on the list of priorities for any camera maker. All you need at most is an aps c sensor…heck all you need is a PS camera to take pics.

      For the price I think the Canon eos m is overpriced but knowing Canon, that’s expected. You can blame Sony and Panasonic and Olympus for that. Had they been less greedy and had their CSC’s come in around 400 for entry level and maybe around 600 for their higher model such as the ep3 or nex5, Canon would perhaps think twice about charging around 800 for the entry eosm.I have a m43 camera and also two Samsung nx cameras. One thing about Samsung is that their lenses are really really good for the price..and if you are willing to wait, their cameras and lenses can go down to half of retail sooner or later. I got an additional 50-200 and the 30mm pancake for 199 each! Now try that with Olympus or Panasonic.LOL

      • I do agree with most of what you said on both posts. I do however believe that the I KY reasons pro carry that sizable gear is due to IQ. That’s the only reason anyone shot with medium or large format. With technology however, eventually we will be able to have that IQ with a small package, and no one wants to lug around all of that crap. The only reason Nikon and canon are putting mediocre systems is because no one beats them in DSLR sales. Look how committed every other company is. The change will come I believe. I hope 🙂

        • Good points, , but don’t forget that medium format has higher IQ then 35mm, in film and digital. Also, I have friends who have compared full frame to apsc on the same Canon lens…and yes the full frame is better in IQ, but by a little, it’s not as much as ppl think . It certainly isn’t mind

          My point is, how many people need super high qaulity on a compact digital camera? If you don’t count the odd Leica m9 user, most reporters in the third world are going with heavy duty dlsr’s or cell cameras or ps camera. Fashio, local reportage, sports, the x-mas portrait photog at your local mall, the bird shooter, they are all dslrs. Canon and Nikon don’t really need to make a higher qaulity CSC system. I have seen very few great pics with not the best |IQ, but I have certainly seen tonnes of lousy pics with very high IQ.

          I think for the sake of many photogs, it’s a better thing to make a good affordable camera rather than a camera with higher and higher IQ- or image resolution. That game or thinking is endless.One year its 14mp, the next it’s 15 and so on and so on.They used to say 3mp was good enough, look where we are at now.LOL. But of course, someday when all ps cameras have fullframe, you can bet many people will want more and more and more. Sadly,some humans are so inherently greedy to point where its like an ilness that even 90mp on a FF sensor won’t be enough for them.

          • Lol, agreed. I am one of those idiots that want it all thought hehe. I actually would be very happy with a 4/3 sensor… But I am weak for Nikon… Yeah I know. So the v1 for me is perfect, but I know the sensor is little… And I am pretty sure Nikon won’t put out good glass for it. So I am actually hoping this canon will have the speed the Nikon does… I’d buy it… But it has to be AF and shutter. Or maybe I can just seek it all when the e-m5 comes down in price? I’m sure I’ll change my mind in 3 months. For now, I’m enjoying it… But I do miss my manual controls. Cheers bud.

  2. Hopefully, with this price range, Canon will help to push down the E-P3 price further. So that I can get my dream machine E-P3 with 45mm, and pass on my current E-PL2 with two kit lens (14-42 & 40-150) to my wife. I will have all the good lenses, 1 fast AF camera and 1 backup camera. Job done.

  3. The EOS M and the Nikon 1 are a concerted effort from Canon and Nikon to nip the m43 market in the bud. Their aim is to make mirrorless cameras look like beginner cameras, and secure their DSLRs as only viable enthousiast and pro cameras.

    It is concerted to the degree where they really strangle m43: Canon offers a 2x larger sensor, Nikon offers a 2x smaller sensor. Those who prefer IQ/DoF will drift to Canon, while those who understand that small lenses are not an option on APS-C, will gravitate towards Nikon.

    Their aim is to make cameras like the OM-D look like a beginner camera that strikes are terrible compromise. Both EOS M and Nikon 1 owners will end up feeling not completely satisfied, and upgrade to a DSLR at one point.

    • I agree with you… But eventually the switch will be done, when Nikon and canon sees the other competitors gaining more force on their mirrorless sales… Couple of years maybe?

    • You have to understand the market to know that CSC cameras can only go so far with their smaller size. Much like the old film rangefinders, smaller cameras are easier and more portable for everyday picture making, along with street photography. You can even use a mega zoom PS camera for that, as a Magnum photg Majole used the Olympus ones for his work. |The problem with CSC is that you can only use them so so many applications . Fopr example, it’s not practical to put large 2.8 zooms on those bodies, let alone any fast lens over 300mm. You ever see any sports or papps use CSC cameras? You ever see any wedding or fashion photogs use CSC’s?

      When a person does photography which requires use of longer bigger lenses, they will choose dslrs, not just for the OVF but it sure is easier to hold a 400mm lens with a dslr than a m43 or NEX.
      Canon and Nikon both know this and are not going to bother making a camera system that will inevitably lead them back to a dslr. CSC’s are great for street work or everyday use or macro, but that’s about it. the main reason why slr’s replaced rangefinders was that for anything over 135mm, the rangefinder was useless. For anything macro, the rangefinder was useless. The rangefinder does have alot of benefits, but the slr as a whole has more and that’s why it won out over the long haul. That’s why you dont see someone use rangefinders for macro, or for sports, or for most things.

      Some ppl take street photos seriously, so they will gravitate towards a premium CSC, but most will not, and most dont need to. CSC’s have a limited market because of their limited strengths. So nikon and Canon are not wrong to build a cautious limited CSC system to start.

  4. I think this could be a good choise for many people, but is the time right? Did that train pass already?

    I have a NEX-5n, and i’m quite happy with it. I dont think that there are any better options for ME: the image quality is good, and i dont need all the buttons in much more expencive NEX-7. PENS dont have good enough high ISO for me, omd does but is much more expencive.
    But, this Canon? It may have the one thing that i miss in my nex-5n: faster af. I dont know how fast the af is in Canon M but if it’s dual af -system gives any benefit then it could be fast. So if the canon m had been out in the market when i was going to buy my nex, i would have seriously thought this option. The sensor size and price range are close to each other. The af could have been important thing.

  5. Its late, its a mixed bag.

    But Canon deserves praise to bundle the body with a fast prime lems of usefull, even “classic” focal length. Which Canon failed to do for its almost 10 year old line of APS-C DSLRs.

    Nowadays many consumers forgot to use an eye level finder, but they kmow touchscreen, even though all of them are difficult under bright daylight.

    Otherwise for the moment no one fan tell how the M performs in comparison to its EVIL copetitors.

    The EF to EF-M adapter is of little use. Most EF lenses are to heavy to be held at arms’ length at eye level. Or you need a tall tripod. After all, Canon could make Its 50/1.8 in EF-M for less than the price of the adapter. What other lens one would want? EVF highly welcome on later prosumer versions.

    • Most ggital shooters are used to shooting with the back lcd so this will not be a shock for them. Getting the picture is the most imposrtant thing, whether you use an EVf or lcd, you could be doing yoga while shooting pictures, no one cares if you get the shots. There is not scientific difference with shots takenw ith a EVF or lcd, none what so ever.

      Canon is late the CSC game but their dlrs are still making them tons of money. If you look at the bnig picture, the other CSc makers havent really gained much because one thing they failed to do for a long time even till now was to make a viable alternative to the dslr’s while having an attractive lower price. The nex7 is 1400, the fuji x1pro is about 2 grand, and even the ep 3 and panny gx1 is around 800. You cant hope to make a dent into Caninkon until you can at least charge less..not more. This may not be a good thing now that Canon and Nikon CSC cameras are around 650-800.

  6. I’m seriously underwhelmed from what i’ve read so far about this camera and i am really hoping that there will be another one coming around soon and this is mainly because of the lack of any viewfinder option.
    My eyes are simply not able to shoot pictures using a screen at the back of a camera. But i’m very interested to see how the EOS-M fares in terms of image quality and AF speed.

  7. It seems clear from reading the comments here that the ones who don’t like the eos m don’t understand the camera’s not targeted for them. This was the same case when the Nikon 1’s came out. Canon is always going to go where the money is first, just like any company. Just imagine yourself to be Canon and ask yourselves what would you choose, ” Tons of money from camera noobs or Steve Huff’s readers? tons of money……or Steve Huff’s readers?” Hmmm.. I think the answer is elementary and wrtitten all over the eos-m. LOL. ( No offense Steve.)

    • Here it’s not about marketing and where the money is…

      The whole world is eating Hamburgers, but that isn’t make a hamburger first class

      Putting an M on your camera means you want to take advantage from the ‘first Class’
      Leica or equal technology but selling a Hamburger

      The fact that Hamburger eaters are not very critical makes product like this sell well

      • Since when did putting a M on anything suddenly make it first class??? Following that logic they should of named this camera the Canon iEOS M

        • Jason, since when having a Leica make a photo worthwhile? Did you know that Bresson even used a Zeiss 50mm 1.5 on his Leica? Does that mean Bresson used Leica or Zeiss? Also, by the way, the Leica M cameras were never totally made in Germany…and you can bet the m8 or m9 is not all made in Germany as well. As for the name , it’s just a name…a letter. Leica doesn’t own a letter as far as I know.You can also bet that Canon will be laughing all the way to the bank with this camera, whether you or i buy it or not. Remember, it’s just a tool, you don’t need a gold hammer to put a nail into a piece of wood.

      • Let’s not compare the eos m to a hamburge but if you must…

        Hamburgers may not be first class, but dont forget that its the COOK who makes them.

        Not all hamburgers are the same. Even if you prefer a LEICA burger, it goes in one way and out the SAME way.

        Let’s not worship false idols, such as food or even Leica, casue the truth is, it’s the person behind the camera, not the camera.

        You can also bet your house that some kid who had the talent and eye can shoot better picks with a disposable camera than a million Leica idolers.

        So in summary my friend, it’t not the HAMBURGER, it’s the COOK. When you have a hamburger in front of you and you’re hungry, eat and enjoy the burger, cause it’s about the joy of eating, not what food comes out.

    • sounds like ya hot the nail on the head matt-maybe canon will come out with a prosumer version of the M…

    • Well, it seems that Canon may have a very small market then, seeing the comments are pretty overwhelmingly negative or indifferent about this camera.

      If you could explain exactly who will be buying this, that would be great:

      Upgrade for P&S users?
      -No Flash
      -Very Expensive
      -Comes with just a prime lens (in the US)
      -Can buy zoom, but pretty big

      Enthusiast camera?
      -No EVF
      -No focus peaking, which is very useful for Manual Focus
      -Barebones adapter available for $200, that will make it compatible with other Canon lenses, but SLOOW

  8. I was gonna call this the Canon ESO M for “Might as well join em” In saying that, I’m very excited that I can throw my EF lenses on this, the 35L isn’t too heavy, the 85L is another story lol.

    • I should also add that I find the AF in the Fuji X100 still way to slow, the manual focus is unresponsive. I might just sellt he Fuji and get one of these for a portable digital. For time my time photography, I’ve acquired a mint M3 50 summilux combo so there is def a market for this.

  9. Interesting that Canon chose not to offer an EVF–perhaps to keep down cost. I own and like my V1 and don’t think I could use a camera without an EVF at this point. That’s why I passed on the Nex 5N. And speaking of the 5N, I’m not sure I see an advantage to owning this Canon instead of a Sony.

  10. so typical of cannon to release a camera like this, nice enough specs but over price, why would they risk designing something revolutionary to hurt their dslr market. I guess they just want to have a piece of the mirrorless market action, personally I would rather get the nex, yes I am aware that no one has shot with this and can not make any real judgement until it is release, come on as if the sensor is has some magic ISO performance, sorry I saw did see the sample images…same old grains and smears artifacts, nothing special or stand out. I think steve was right, just another me too camera, sorry that is my 2 cents.

  11. Been waiting for this camera-shoulda guessed that it is not a fast AF like panny oly and sony rx100. Whats the matter with Canon? The G!X is slow too. Guess I’ll be finallly buying NOT a canon…

  12. This seems to be a perfect result of the Canon conundrum – a product designed by a committee to not drastically impact existing products, meet bare minimum market requirements to be able to say its in the segment, and break no new ground. The fact that it can use EOS lenses – albeit with a $200 proprietary
    adapter – may be a small plus. For the same money, give me a Rebel and I’ll put up with the size
    difference to clearly see what I’m shooting regardless of lighting conditions and – after all it’s the same
    sensor and processor, I should get identical results. On my scale of 1-10, this turkey rates a 2.5.

  13. Well Canon have released a product with some serious innovations, but if the enthusiast community do feel ‘blah’ about it, they only have themselves to blame. Look at the entry-level compact type styling and the fixed LCD/ lack of option for even an add-on viewfinder and you will see a camera that for a lot of people just won’t be enjoyable or productive to use. These are very importanr elements that make for a camera, as opposed to merely an ‘imaging device’.

    But in Canon’s favour, especially for the potential development of this new system, we have the innovations…

    1) a seriously usable capacitive touchscreen that may well be easy to learn and use. As an i-device user I feel this shouldn’t be underestimated.

    2) PDAF on the sensor. Now I know Nikon did this, too and it is only relevant if fast, but it is the best way to cater for legacy lenses and the adapter looks minimal

    3) Connected with the above, we have access to the entire EF lens lineup, in a body that would be impossible with a mirror. If mirrorless is the competition and Sony Nex is small enough for users even with a zoom lens, than Canon really has no choice but to offer something for their users and beyond.

    For the millions with such lenses, this alone is significant, just as the first Canon DSLRs were to film users. Nikon’s multiplier is just too high for this to be realistic and by having the same mount, Pentax has a ridiculously large body, which is virtually unsellable, leaving aside the unique styling. All IMHO of course.

    Canon is doing a lot right in this introduction, yet it does seem the ergonomics are poor to say the least, the lack of viewfinder inacceptable and even the on-sensor PDAF is too slow to use effectively, judging by the video adverts I’ve seen. Still, as a Nikon user, I wish Nikon would make something along these lines to use with my lens collection when I want to travel light. It’s a natural evolution of the APS-C sensor sized camera.

    Probably Canon will release an enthusiast model in September, with G-series styling, tiltable LCD and EVF. They have effectively set up the foundations for this today. This is their ‘J1’, with their V1 or even mythical Z1 to follow. By having the largish sensor, they will satisfy a lot pf people who consider smaller sensors interesting, but insufficient for their usage, especially the Nikon 1 system’s, which makes varying DOF very hard, however hogh the quality gets.

    As a system, I think Canon are onto a winner, a very big one, but yes, this particular camera is, shall we say, unappealing, or ‘bleah’ for short!

    • Pentax has a ridiculously large body, …. have you seen the pictures of the Canon WITH an adapter and some EF lens / zoom? It is not usable. The way is really in dedicated “M” lenses. otherwise why not to use a dlsr…

  14. Honestly the dial thing is what killed this camera for me. Cool sensor size, specs are nice, but the function of the camera looks closer to a point and shoot than a DSLR.

  15. Alright. I’m going to try to approach this as best as I can. I’ve been a believer of the mirrorless system ever since its introduction back in 2009 (don’t burn me if I got the year wrong, that was when I was 1st introduced to it.) The system appealed to me because of the size, the weight, and the control that it had over a traditional point and shoot. I started out with a Lumix G1 and then made me way to a Samsun NX10, then finally to a Nikon V1. Eventually though, I gave up on all of them because they were all trying too hard. And what I mean by that, for a student who’s going to college, there’s a reason why I have the Sony A77. Why I invested more money and time into DSLRS (I know the A77 isn’t a DSLR) but I’ve had other cameras that were. What I’ve been looking for (and this is based on the mirrorless cameras that I used) is a camera that’s dumb enough for me to pick up, put in my bag, and take it out to enjoy the day with. I’m not looking for the professional operations and settings.

    I’m not looking for the complete manual control. I’m not looking for a backup. I’m looking for a camera that isn’t my A77, the camera I use for my work. I want a toy, a camera to play with, a camera to work on a daily blog and share daily photos. The reason why this camera appeals to me because I think here Canon wasn’t trying to make this into another source of photography that you could take out to the field or in the studio. I am sure that there will be those who make it work but the appeal to the mirrorless system is its simplicity. A day to day kind of camera and when I look at these specs and what the camera has to offer, it’s pretty damn simple. This to me is a winner where the Nikon V1 failed me, where the rest of the cameras failed me because they all tried to be more instead of being what they were actually meant to be. Simple, easy to use, small and portable.

    (I’m sorry for any grammer and spelling mistakes)

    • I’m not sure how the Nikon V1 (or J1) isn’t simple, easy to use, small and portable?

      What part of the V1 made it difficult to use on a daily basis? It has been panned for many things (I love it) but I have not seen it accused of trying to hard.

      I would have thought that most mirrorless and some compacts would be ideal for simple daily use and blogging.

      • because the mirror-box disappeared. Why should there be a lot of air between the sensor and the lens? Stop thinking in DSLR-world, it’s technique of the last century.

      • Another thing to consider is that the sensor plane is pretty far inside the camera, about halfway the hotshoe. If Canon could have placed it as near to the back as they did with, say, the AE-1, they might have gone for that instead of introducing a new mount. People seem to have fond memories of the compactness of the AE-1. Unfortunately they can’t because people also want a digital sensor and the latest and greatest screen on the back, which take up more space than a layer of film.

        Also note that Canon win more than an inch with their new mount, like Fuji and Sony did before.

  16. I’m enthusiastic! I still use and love my 5D. But I dont love the heavy backpack required to carry around the selection of lenses i might need in an outing. I love carrying my X1 but wish I had more lens choices. So far they have been a great team with beautiful IQ. The new M might be just right and I wont have to go out and buy more lenses. I look forward to reading the reviews.

  17. I’ve been using Canon for 5 years before switching to Oly lately.

    As an average consumer looking for “Value for Money” and “Functionality”, I can honestly say this camera doesn’t “WOW” me to switch back to Canon.

    I don’t see creativity and innovation in this camera, it seems like a “COPY & PASTE” version of Nikon 1 Autofocus + Sony’s APS-C sensor.

    1. No EVF
    2. No Built-in Flash (for fill-flash convenience)
    3. No Model Dial.

    NEX-F3, NEX-5N, Oly E-P3 & E-PL3, Panny GF5 & G5, ……etc, etc can do the same job for less.

  18. I suspect that Canon has done their homework and see this camera as positioned to gather a bunch of users who want something with better IQ in a smaller package with the force of the Canon name behind it. What is interesting to me will be the combo focus (phase/contrast) performance. If this works well, then Canon will have something like the Nikon V1, but with an APS-C size sensor. To date, none of the APS-C offerings that are not SLR’s have roaring AF performance, including the Sony NEX series (okay AF, not great), Fuji XPro-1 (meh, pretty slow and bad AF speed), X1 and X2 from Leica, and the X100 (improving, but could be better)…

    This is where Canon can stand out, if it were able to make something that stand out from the crowd. The styling is somewhat boring, industrial and utilitarian, but I’ll wait to pass any further judgement beyond this….Quality of lenses will be Key, but with Canon behind it, if it’s successful, there will be lenses galore down the road…however, there are so many other offerings in this market, that I agree that it would have been better for tehm to WOW the market to gather more marketshare….

    Time will tell, I guess, whether this competitor passes the test…

  19. Now I know! M is for Marvin – the robot from Douglas Adams` The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

    A brain as big as a planet, but nothing to do.


  20. Steve, when I read some the responses to your posts I wonder, how long you will keep up this blog?..There are so many different characters around..You are stronger than I am!

  21. I like it. Looks to me Canon did the right thing taking their time and seeing how the market was shaping up. This looks far more interesting to me than the small-sensored offerings of something like the V1 and J1. I can only imagine that Nikon didn’t want anything to come close to their SLR market. Canon is offering a large sensor in a small camera and backward compatibility with a ton of legacy glass. Makes sense to me. For those that don’t like the idea, it doesn’t mean you have to use it. EOS-M is a whole new mount – and that’s a big commitment for any camera company.

    Some are citing lack of an EVF. I’m sure it will follow – like we saw with Olympus, Sony, and Leica.

    On a side note, I got a chance to play with an OM-D and a X-Pro1 a few weeks ago. To me, the OM-D is the one that sets the bar. I wish it had an APS-C sized sensor but it’s blazing fast, built like a tank, and overall a real joy to use. Really impressive. The X-Pro1 had beautiful image quality (once the files were edited) but sadly, the user experience and AF were pretty painful IMO. The AF on the OM-D was amazing. On the whole, I think Canon has chosen a logical road – sensor size, mount, and the option of backward compatibility. I will be interested to see what dedicated glass follows.

    • Yes, but those companies made this mistake years ago. Nex for instance has both a model that has a built in EVF, and an add-on you can buy for some of their other models.

      So Canon, after having years to prepare, misses obvious opportunities, like EVF and a lens adapter that actually focuses fast.

      • My point was simply that no camera company is going to put everything in the first draft. They need people to adopt the standard first. And more than anything that means entering the market at a target price point. If people adopt it, we can only assume that additional models – probably with more features and a higher price tag – will follow.

  22. The M in EOS-M stands for “Me, too.” It could also stand for “Meh.” Maybe Canon will relase a Me, too, Mark II version in February with a viewfinder.

    The lens does look interesting. I’d love for sony to have a 24mm f/2 that doesn’t cost $1,000.

  23. I can see no reason to buy this unless you already have Canon lenses or are P&S upgraders – which is the market Canon is targeting since Nex and m43 is likely starting to eat into Rebel sales. When Canon introduces the M aimed at more serious photographers, that will get my attention.

    The EM5 has this beat in spades, with IQ and noise levels as good as Canon’s APS-c, along with IBIS, a tilt OLED screen (far better than any LCD), EVF, two dials, customizable buttons (and more if you add the grip) and a better selection of native lenses. The M will succeed because its a Canon with distribution in all the largest warehouse/electronics/big box retailers – so casual shooters will be able to see and touch it before they buy – unlike the EM5. The price is virtually identical if you add in the Canon zoom and look at the EM5 kit with the 14-42, since many casual shooters opt for zooms. Side-by-side the sales pitch would be cake – just walk around shooting video with each camera or shoot a low light photo … the EM5’s IBIS will easily win buyers over with smooth video and sharp photos handheld at slow shutter speeds (like a kids birthday party).

    The Nex5n has a better sensor, tilt screen and for now a few more lenses (though that’s sure to change pretty quickly). Also for more serious video shooters there’s 1080/60p. The zooms are stabilized as well, and the 5n with the 18-55 is cheaper than the M with the pancake. The cheap chinese hotshoe adapter works beautifully with standard flashes and wireless triggers, expanding the flash capabilities of the 5n dramatically.

  24. On spec, this camera is what I’ve been looking for to position between my Leica kit and iPhone. Just the features I need, none of what I’d use very little of. I’ve never been totally happy with my m4/3 system, and am not fond of the image quality of P&S cams.

    My needs may be unique amongst the other commenters, but I could care less about EVF’s never use flash, and for the way I’d integrate this camera into my arsenal, the lack of switches/knobs/dials/controls in place of what looks like a clean and intuitive interface from the photos/videos I’ve seen works well. I’ll be keeping a close eye on this one.

  25. I was hoping that an optional external EVF would be possible, since there will be no integral viewfinder. Ah, well…the XPro-1 and X2 are still at the top of my mirror-less wish list.

  26. I wouldn’t call it a duh. Camera makers have managed to come up with semi-unique mount names for decades. The only other “M” mounts I can find are the Minolta SR, some are known as MC or MD.

    What I don’t like is that it has even less lenses at launch than the Nikon 1 system did. Not that it matters, you can assume that with such a close distance from flange to sensor the powers that be are furiously working on adapters for most popular lens mounts, which is going to make things REALLY interesting to those of us planning to make a move to the Sony NEX.

    • It would not even compete against NEX without peaking or VF, not to mention a smaller sensor. I can’t imagine anyone choosing this over NEX if they want to use adapters, at least the Sony lea2 grants you fast AF, I can predict the L lenses being super slow when used on this body, just like the Olympus ft lenses on mft cameras

  27. Design wise it is really weak. The shutter dial and the groove completely collide. Visually they don’t fit well. They even had to make a little cut out in the groove to make it fit. It looks like that one designer had a really crisp, facetted design in the beginning which then got soften down the road to make it more pleasing for mainstream. In the end it is a mix of a Panasonic and Sony, which they put in a tumbler to soften the edges. The technology may be solid but visually they missed the opportunity to introduce something unique. D!RK

  28. The original M was short for Messsucher – which means bayonet. I am almost sure that this EOS has a bayonet mount. Yet, I feel confident the m is for mirrorless

  29. …. with so few buttons and dials, I wonder what the menu system looks like? Maybe Canon have provided a step forward and have everything easily controllable from the touch screen? If everything is multiple levels of menu hierarchy away, then it is a strange camera indeed!

  30. I’m not a Canon guy. But I don’t understand the negativity here. This is a f2.0 pancake with a 35mm equivalent focal length, a pocketable camera with a state of the art aps-c sensor at a reasonable price. Performance wise and highly likely for low light shooting running circles around the glorified Leica X1 and X2 (for the record, I own a X1 since early 2010), leaving the Nikon V1 in the dust and teaching mft DR and shallow dof. If Canon gets it right with a few fast pancakes, moderate wide, standard and short tele, what’s to sneeze at.

    • really you are not canon guys? “state of the art aps-c sensor at a reasonable price” REALLY and REALLY? “teaching mft DR and shallow dof” did you forget they have f 0.95 lens, its 1.6 crop not FF. its not DOF “GOD”? believe me if canon decide to make this camera look like g series less people will complain. the problem is it look like s100. well at least s100have mod dial.
      Non of the current mirrorless system are perfect. nex with its limited lens, fuji with its slow focus, m43 with well its smaller sensor, 1 with its tiny sensor. canon have the luxury to learn from this guys and iam sure it has the technology. but they decide not to make the PERFECT mirrorless camera. why? the word “DSLR”

  31. What is REALLY missing is an EVF, I’m addicted to the E-M5 right now and I could not buy an expensive camera with our a proper viewfinder. Going after the NEX 3 seems pointless at that price point. But going after the NEX 7 would be a smart move IMHO. Maybe the next EOS- M ?

  32. I think many many people will be loving this camera, especially with the 35mm FOV lens. I wish that lens were an EF mount! It has the hybrid sensor so that’s awesome, and if people can survive with the optical viewfinder attachments for the X1, X2, EP1,etc, i’m sure they can do the same with this camera. I have a T3i so there’s really no reason to get this camera, but I’m super excited about this release. This camera with that pancake 40mm lens will be pretty amazing as well.

  33. Steve, Here is your summary of the product introduction:

    – Camera is “blah”
    – Camera Name is “duhhh”
    – “If you are a canon fan you may be thrilled” (how old are you?)
    – Don’t be confused with Leica (really!?)
    – its NOTHING like Leica (really!!?)
    – Why did they name it “M” (really!!!?)
    – LOL, M= mirrorless (ha ha ha..)

    This is the most immature camera introduction i have ever read on any site.

    Where is the real steve hoff and what did you do to him??

    • 1. Yes, to me this is a “Blah” announcement
      2. The “Duhhh” was because I was dead tired when I wrote this and I didn’t realize the M was most likely for Mirrorless. That “Duhhh” was to my own self.
      3. Yes, if you enjoy Canon and own Canon lenses you may love this camera as you can use your Canon lenses with it. Fact! (I am 43)
      4. Ummm. Yes. The Canon M, The Leica M. 🙂
      5. Yes, really.
      6. The reason for the “duhhh”
      7. See #6 above.

      I am the real Steve Huff and I have been writing like this for years. If a camera bores me, and this one does just like the G1x did then I say so. Period.

      • I still think that such a harsh judgment on a camera you haven’t even touched is mabe not the best thing to do when judging a camera.

        • It’s a canon mirrorless body with a 7d sensor. No viewfinder, No dials, just point & shoot button layout. You think this camera has something special to offer that we’re just writing off prematurely?
          it’s a point & shoot with a 7d sensor & a slow 18-55mm kit zoom.

        • It’s perfectly fine for anyone to voice their reaction to a press-release (and perhaps reading other hands-on previews), which clearly indicate the price and the features. If Steve complained about the Image Quality, I could see your point, but he isn’t…

      • You are losing substantial creditability with this statement. As someone who supposedly gives unbiased reviews based on actual shooting, I find it ridiculous that you are making these statement Steve. How about actually shooting the camera first before deriding it? Or are you starting to become like Ken Rockwell and just looking at a spec sheet. I agree with chen, What happened to the real Steve Huff? Or has the glitz and glam of Internet Fame just made you complacent?

        • What are you going on about? He doesn’t like the price and/or features/lack of features. Don’t need to do a review to come to that conclusion. If he had complained about the image quality, I would agree, but he did not, so he is entitled to his opinion, and posting it *on his own site* even. He is not losing credibility in my book, and it seems a large portion of people in this area has the same feeling he does too…

      • Steve no matter what you write your not going to make everyone happy so just keep doing what most of us all love. id have to agree with everything you said, the camera doesnt exactly jump out and say buy me.

        so ill say it as well, the camera looks blah…

        lol 🙂

      • F2.0 pancake, aps-c sensor, pocketable size=blah? Since all competitors offer something better, don’t they. NEX with its native e-mount f2.0 pancake. The USD 2000 X1 with is f2.0 lens and sensor going up to iso 25600. And then there are the DR and dof control miracles called mft or Nikon V1/J1. Let’s wait and see what files this camera can produce, it might be pretty darn good.

  34. I am wondering how big the adapter for other Canon lenses will be. I it is like sony’s Lea-1 or 2 for the nex system you will end up with a huge combo.

    • One should hardly expect the combination to be small-ish if he/she decides to go with the adapter and regular EF/EF-S lenses.

    • I think this camera, plus an adapter, plus a 24-105mm, or a 35mm f1.4, is going to look pretty silly, and handle worse.

      And you’d have to hold that heavy combination out in front of you in the dirty diaper pose to compose and focus.

      Why would anyone want to do that? If you already have Canon lenses, you likely already have a more appropriate camera to use them on.

      This camera is aimed at soccer moms and iphone upgraders, although I think the $800 price will drive them away. A T3i + 35mm f2 is only about $50 more.

    • lol that’s what my sister’s nex 5 looked like when I put her alpha lenses on it….very funny looking.

      • Can you imagine this camera outside on a summer day with a 70-200mm f/2.8 on it. You would need a tripod and a dark cloth. No doubt.

  35. If this had a VF and dedicated controls I’d be all over it but this look basically like a point shoot body with a apsc sensor. Pretty disappointing. I was disappointed in the nikon mirror less as well. Mainly for their choice to go with a small sensor, forcing everyone to buy into a new lens system and the lack of manual controls.

    I wish canon and nikon would offer the following:
    apsc sensor
    dedicated controls
    High resolution EVF
    fast-autofocus (and focus peaking for mf)

    I know I damn near just described the NEX-7 but I refuse to buy into their lens system as they’ve really mailed it in IMHO…

  36. I find all the negative reactions I am seeing around the place a bit comical – a bit like everyone dismissing micro 43 as a concept just because they didn’t like say the Panasonic GF3. This will no doubt be the first of many iterations. The only bit locked in now is the mount and the sensor size – and for serious photographers they have made what I would think is a good choice – or at worst, not a bad choice.

    The one bit that does annoy me is that I have been waiting six years for an affordable small standard or wide Canon prime for a crop sensor camera, and now they make one that won’t fit my SLR. Grrr.

  37. I agree with Steve – you don’t have to review a camera to see if it feels “blah” or not. Though you can certainly change your opinion there. If people don’t even feel like picking it up to shoot with it, it’s a major marketing fail.

    I’ll give Canon one thing though!


  38. I have one thing to ask about this camera.


    Are there any photographers on canon’s design team or are they all engineers?

    Where is the viewfinder?
    Touch screen? Keep costs down at the expense the user no doubt.
    ANOTHER new lens mount?

    Make the camera full frame with a EVF or OVF, put an aperture ring on the lens and a shutter dial on top and have a winner!

    Canon, look at the Fuji X 1 Pro give it full frame and watch the money roll in!!!

    • I agree with John, this seem to be only testing the water temp, why didn’t they dive in, with a full frame x 1 pro/leica killer ? I think the design team needs more real photographers to play with !

    • LOL I challenge you to find a single lens in EF mount with an aperture ring on it…
      Also, with the design of EF or EF-S mounts specifically for SLRs which have a larger distance from lens to focusing plane, there is no way to keep the mirrorless EOS-M a small profile without introducing a new mount. Look no further than Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic…

      Oh wait, that’s everybody making mirrorless cameras.

  39. Sounds like it shoots with a better quality that Leica is not capable of anymore.
    Maybe M stands for Meow at those who fool themselves with thinking that
    Leica is expensive because it’s any good.

  40. I find it interesting that Canon have pitched in with an APS-C sensor, surely a good feature in a market not exactly overcrowded, so it will be interesting to see how it fares against two established high-flyers, the Sony Nex series and Leica X. But I can’t understand the reasoning behind it not having either a built in EVF, or the ability to attach one. This omission will become more apparent when using L series lenses via the adaptor, and particularly so using manual adaptors that will assuredly become available later for other marque lenses..

    Since acquiring the EVF for my Nex 5N, viewing and handling have improved enormously, especially for other marque lenses via adaptors and that have to be manually focused, that I simply can no longer consider any mirrorless camera not equipped with an EVF.

    With Canon coming late to the market, I’m prepared to bet its IQ will be good, though.

  41. Wonder how the buttons/dial are. Like that it has a bigger sensor and hope it also has a quiet shutter, like the Nikon 1. Might want to check it out.

  42. It’s not calling out to me really, I find the G1X much more appealing, or even the G12. Something like that with a lens mount would be perfect. Although the built in zooms will handle 99% of what I would need.

    It seems to me Canon know a great deal about making enthusiast compacts, probably more than any other camera company, but they’ve not used this know-how here.

    • I gave up on this camera the moment i saw a press statement that said “Although there’s no question that this is an EOS camera, it’s targeted at people who are not traditionally an EOS camera customer”

      The wonderful thing about this statement is that it was promptly followed by this one

      It’s for people who are interested in photography and want to take better images, but don’t know, or don’t want to know about shutter speeds, aperture and so on

      That for me is at least half the traditional dslr market its not a new market at all. Honestly most people i know who actually take photos with there dslr just stick it in auto most of the time. But the camera companies need to wake up to the fact that the way you introduce people to photography is make the key settings easy to find and understand not hide them in menus. Most dslr’s excel at this making sure that the auto setting is always there as a fall back but giving easy access to more advanced settings with the push of a button.

      I would love to see a all csc’s have the following –
      a mode dial ( i would also get rid of the movie button in exchange for a dedicated video mode but thats just me)
      At least one thumb/finger wheel (dials are great and all but harder to use).
      Iso and exposure comp buttons (or at least 2 easily reachable customisable buttons i would suggest on the top and one to the left of the thumb wheel)
      A touchscreen (because i find that my grandparents and family love the damn things and they make menus which due to the reduced number of physical controls on a csc are normally extensive much easier to deal with).

      The thing is that with the exception of the touchscreen that pretty much reads like the list of basic controls i would expect from a basic dslr. And it can be done, Panasonic and olympus have proved that with cameras like the e-p3 and g3 (both of which in the UK at least are cheaper than this with twin lens kits.

      • Of all those controls, it’s the mode dial I can do without. It’s not something I adjust while taking a shot,and most have so many positions I have to stare at them to figure out where I am. I would be perfectly content choosing mode on-screen, with either a dial or touchscreen. Then I can do it without clicking through five uninteresting modes. The mode dial seems more like an ‘I am a serious camera’ feature than a necessity.

        Personally, I love touchscreens, though feel we aren’t taking full advantage of them. My ideal camera would still have nice dials and levers and whatnot (joystick,maybe) and a touchscreen. We’re slowly getting there.

  43. Sorry Steve, I can’t agree with you this time. I couldn’t say anything was “Blah” until AFTER i reviewed it. I fully acknowledge that there are serious short comings (No viewfinder etc, but then the Leica and the fuji are the same, The add on view finder IMO make it impossible to put the camera safely away, or add a strobe). but the specs sound fantastic (OK From Canons own publicity section they would do).
    But even if the “Kit Lens” is rubbish, and I doubt very much that it will be, can you imagine the possibilities of some serious “L” Series glass on the front of a top spec chip and a Digic 5 added into the mix.

    At least wait until you’ve had your hands on it for a few days . It just might surprise you. Iknow that all your reviews are unbiased and honest, and will be awaiting this one EAGERLY. Especially when you have the time to compare it with its competitors.

    • i agree with Tim. i think that “blah” and “duhhh” are not professional comments regardless of which camera, especially based on a press release.
      Also, the reference to canon “fans” is also a poor choice of words, as if canon users are blind sheeps that can’t have any opinion.

      • Who said I am professional? I use the same wording I have used for years, and I am not changing it now. This camera, to me, appears to be “blah”, another “me too” camera that will blend into the growing pack of mirrorless choices. Canon could have done much better with this IMO. Then again, at $799 it seems about right. With a company like Canon I feel we should have seen something groundbreaking. But no, just more of the same..and the design is awful and “blahhh”. As always, these are MY opinions. This is not a press release BTW. Press releases are written by the camera companies, this was a post by me, not Canon.

        BTW, there are many Canon “fans” just as there are Nikon, Leica, Olympus, Pentax, Sigma and other camera company “fans”. Canon fans may love this as they can use their EF lenses on it. It is what it is YC! Thanks for the comment!

        • ya I’m tired of “professional” I want real talk, and real use..that’s why I come to this blog. Keep it up Steve!

          • Exactly. Keep it real Steve. This is a live blog with opinions in real-time. If you love the camera you can tell us after review like you did with the Nikon 1. I’d rather hear what you have to say off the cuff. That’s what makes it a “daily” blog.

        • LOL, good one Steve. Some people forget that you are entitled to your oppinion as well.The Canon m may not be for you or me but I’m sure it will sell boatloads. Hopefull, they will make their version of a V1…but it’s gonna cost a pretty penny..oouch.

    • using L lens on this tiny camera? what will you friend(exclude your canon fanboy friend),girlfriend, people around you say? it look odd?and iam sure it gonna feel odd to.

  44. it’ll prob b a success but its ugly. And mirrorless is supposed to be about compact body AND lens, so aps sensor means bulk. Fail as far as I’m concerned. I’d have liked a homage to compact canons of old. I suppose ken rockbuster will love it. He seems to think olympus and panny m43 or anything smaller sensored is crap.

  45. could be nicer if they’re selling it for $599 (or less).. for $799, meh.. I’ll pass

    I’m a lil bit confused about where canon’s going to position this “M”.. while as for now they had the G1X and a wide variety of dslrs.
    ok, let’s see for the review then 🙂

  46. Didn’t realise the G1X was a flop. Is it not selling well? The only indication I have seen is that it consistently sits on dpreview’s top ten clicked-on cameras. For the size of the EFM with pancake, you lose one f-stop and gain a big dose of zoom range, built in viewfinder, flash, etc. etc. They are just totally different concepts!

    There’s no doubt the image quality will be fine but what does it bring that isn’t already out in the market? I guess we’ll find out soon.

  47. I don’t care how good this turns out to be… the lack of an EVF is a deal breaker for me too!

    Also I think Canon have missed a trick by ignoring the current retro-styling trend.

    • id have to agree with that, the retro styling is huge at the moment and i think canon would have sold a lot more of these had they have followed suit.

      • Not quite. Retro styling appeals to a very limited crowd. Most people who buy cameras buy for brand or looks or both. Most consumers dont even know what a digital sensor is, they just think the camera has just electronic wires inside.Have a look around on the stret, almost everyone you see from locals to toruists have simple PS camera, mega zoom PS cameras or phone cameras.

  48. Understandable that you’re sleepy. The GX1 is the Panasonic flop. At least it looked OK, unlike the G1X or the EOS-M. Maybe it will grow on me. Nah, doubt it. How am I supposed to hang onto it? I’ve seen bigger fingerholds on a climbing wall. Their product strategy is hard to understand here. Make a camera with few hard controls, a fixed LCD, no VF, and bulky lenses, then try to sell it to enthusiasts by bundling it with a prime and touting its compatibility with Canon lenses and accessories at a comparatively high price. Uh. Who is this for?

  49. I know you get cash for people buying via B&H, but if you actually want to get one, they may not be the place to pre-order from. The D800 release was a fiasco where they accepted thousands of pre-orders for a few cameras a week and kept everybody in the dark about what the actual situation was.

    To me, this canon is the goods, though.

  50. lol that is a lot of negativity before anyone actually has gotten hands on it… a bit premature?
    just sayin

    • Well let’s say that it’s not very… tempting… don’t you think ? I mean no VF at all, knowing that Canon did something great keeping one (even crappy) on each of their “G”, while everybody else was removing it, and that we were all waiting for an UPGRADE of those G’s VF, it seems that Canon didn’t listen to their customers… at al… Instead of diving them a new useful VF, they remove it from their first APS-C mirrorless camera…….. So yeah, this is disappointing, and a perfect IQ will never compensate a lack of good user experience. Sorry but true…

  51. I curious about the AF speed if the AF speed is the same as 650D live view AF speed shown and some of the reviewer report on pre-production EOS-M then it’s a big blunder from Canon. Judging from the AF speed of 650D live view it’s as slow as 1st generation of m4/3 using the slowest non CDAF 4/3 lens.

    • The 650d wouldn’t be using lenses optimised for live-view autofocus – so even if the camera itself was a solid performer, its lenses would be the bottleneck.

      This has its own lens-system (well, all two of them), so should theoretically be better.

  52. I don’t understand Canon guys. They must have good designers and all and in the end we see this?
    I think they totally misses it in the mirrorless department, well, design-wise at least.
    I saw some awesome concepts on the net and was hoping they would come up with something more sexy..

    • Oddly, the only part of the designs I like are the lenses. Simple, nice finishes, no glitz. Really very tasteful. Probably could use a bit more tactility for ease-of-use, but they look good and the simplicity makes them look slimmer. I’m not wild about excessively retro designs, but this body make no impression at all, and just looks like a super-sized compact.

      • but so does Ricoh….ugly…..I am curious..though I think they, like Microsoft wait until it’s too late to make a difference in a market.

    • Hey, it’s not bad for a first try. They even gave you an apsc sensor too boot. As for the other mock ups of what their mirrorless was gonna be , did you really think canon was gonna make a digital
      ae-1 looking camera like the one shown on most rumor sites? That ugly thing belongs to the 80’s. Does anyone really think that Canon would make a metal clad digital slr shaped camera with a viewfinder that would probably have to retail about 2 grand for their first CSC camera? LOL. I think if Canon made a camera that people on this sight would love they’d be bankrupt within a few years.

      • “Me-too” definitively belongs to Sony and Nikon who both jumped in after Olympus had the stones to do it first…oh yea, and that Fuji thing pretending to be a Leica…

        • To be fair, Olympus had no choice, they were dead in the dslr market. Olympus had been feeding on canikons crumbs.There are no “me toos” in this world, it’s called choices..choices for us consumers. The m43 system is not without weakneses as well. For the fact that Canon has stuck an apsc sensor in their first CSC it spells trouble for m43 for sure. Many people take branding seriously. Many people bought the Nikon 1 series just because of the name Nikon. Companies will always cater to where the money is…Nikon or Canon is no different, they could care less about what a couple of wealthy enthusiasts say

          As for Fuji pretending to be Leica, the x cameras are clearly not rangefinders, though you have to love the viewfinder system they have.The only thing they are really missing is the actual rangefinder mechanism itself. In the same vein , you can argue that Leica is pretending to be like all other digital compacts when they made their x1. One could even argue that Leica copied everyone else by having a digital m8. Barnack was not the one to invent the camera so the argument of originality or copying is really moot.

        • More like Leica wishes they came up with a viewfinder as impressive as fuji’, not to mention ISO performance that makes Leica’s look like a joke, at a fraction of the price to boot.
          Fuji’s mirrorless cams are the ones to beat in 2012.

    • Compare the specs with the USD Leica X2. And except for the price, everything the X2 offers looks mediocre in comparison.

      • The x2 has physical controls to change aperture and shutter speed, plus it uses a really nice lens, though I don’t know how it stacks up to the canon equivilent.

      • Spec-wise, the cam model from last week is the dinosaur of tomorrow. That’s digital.

        However, the Leica X2, even if it may already look like a dino to some, delivers files of very, very high quality, that won’t let you down even from now on in ten years. Try to work with RAWs from, say, Canon, or Olympus, or mid-class Sony (NEX 7 excluded) and convert them in fine quality monochromes. Then try this with RAW files from Nikon – and you will be surprised how great Nikon (even the V1) is. Then try files from the Leica X1 and X2 – and you’ll find yourself very close to monochrome heaven, which you then achieve with RAW files from an M8(.2) or M9 (or S1, or Pentax 645D, or Hasselblad).

        Excellence has got its price. It’s simply fantastic to see that the X1 and X2 files are free of any banding throughout their respective ISO ranges. It’s simply fantastic to experience their available width and depth of tonality. Very rich, indeed.

      • I think Thom Hogan once mentioned that he thought it was odd for a camera segment to define itself by what it DOESN’T have versus what it is (can’t find link just now). I have to agree and now to see Canon confirming this weird bit of logic is a bit odd. I know it would take a lot of time (or who knows what else) before a name can be agreed upon, but ‘mirrorless’ is should be far below the other, equally odd names, such as EVIL (this one doesn’t even have a VF) or ILC (aren’t SLRs also interchangeable?). Sorry for the rant! Carry on…

  53. Steve – will you ‘bother’ to review this one or will you wait for a ‘real’ mirror less from Canon? 🙂

    • Well, to me this offering is sort of “blah” – I see nothing that this camera can offer over other offerings besides the ability to use Canon lenses (which Canon users and fans will enjoy). I’m sure the IQ will be beautiful and I probably will review it though wouldn’t buy one for myself. I love my OM-D 🙂

          • Having actually used a Nikon 1, I think it’s an abominable system that is an insult to the name camera, though it is OK to disagree. Not everyone is going to like the same things.

            On the other hand what bothers me is you are immediately dismissing this system without even actually using. If it delivers AF speed with it’s native lenses and the sensor in use already is know to provide 7D level quality, this may be the system many have been waiting for. While it may look unimpressive on paper, Canon has the benefit of seeing what others have done, and what may look like a boring camera on paper, may in actual use be exactly what folks have been waiting for.

            I would hope you would reserve such statements until you have actually used the camera. Who knows, you maybe correct and this is a “Blah” camera, or like the Nikon 1 which you dismissed before use, you may discover a camera you don’t want to put down.

          • Providing 7D-quality isn’t ground-breaking in itself. Lots of mirrorless cameras have surpassed this level already.

          • Lol 7D quality is frankly really bad. Nothing amazing or breathtaking. I was an avid canon shooter since original 5D which had breathtaking quality at its prime even still does now. They lost me after the mark2. Now I am a happy Nikon shooter with D700 and d800 cameras. It’s just other mirrorless with decent image quality. Using excellent ef/ef-s lenses is a plus though how silly its going to look for ergonomics.

          • Quote: frankly is really bad….

            whoa man? did you weight your words about canon 7D? what is considered as outstanding at present time just become “frankly is really bad” within a so short time. A reason why I shoot: remember feelings.
            9 years ago my canon point and shoot first digital camera 2 mega pixel was more than outstanding for the time being. Digital was a new world from a film perspective. When I look back at my nepal trip pictures dated 2003 I am still amazed to remember how that camera pleased me. I try to understand peoples comments and arguments about todays digital world. Cheers

          • Yes Steve, I recall you initially being very dismissive of the Nikon V1 when it was first announced.

          • Canon had the benefit of seeing what everyone else released first and this is what they brought out? A mirrorless body with a 7d sensor and a slow 18-55mm kit zoom?
            Yeah, lol, really impressive. And hey- if that wasn’t enough ingenuity, they made a red version to really push the envelope.

        • At least Nikon picked a market segment and designed a credible camera for them. This looks like a competent camera that doesn’t meet anyone’s needs very well.

          • The eos m is basically a Canon t4i without the mirrorbox and smaller. Their second mirorrless camera isn’t even out yet. The Nikon V1 does have its merrits as well, with their nice EVF. This camera is around the same price of the V1 but it doesnt have an evf but it does have that aps c sensor.To be fair, if this is Canon’s first mirrorless than it’s a pretty good first try, that’s for sure.It’s pretty clear that most people on this site aint gonna buy the eos m but its target market is not for them anyways.There are alot of people who don’t care for clinical image quality or manual controls or even a EVF and you can bet those people are the ones who collectively spend the most on cameras. LOL

          • Well said. And the fact that the first lens announced is a slow 18-55 kit lens is so uninspiring it’s not even funny. The 33mm(eqv)f2 is a pretty poor showing as well.

        • I wouldn’t use the same language but you echo my sentiment.
          I don’t understand the praise for the Nikon thing. Seriously.
          The Canon seems much better but even it is average at best.

        • The V1 was at least an attempt to do something different, and it is clearly competent, comparing to the RX100 (which looks amazing as a pocket cam!).

          The V1 can also be used with third party lenses to get a really nice magnification on long zoom lenses with it’s 2.7x crop-factor.

          M4/3 is a great SYSTEM, due in large part to it’s good lens-selection

          Still, my favorite is Nex, though short on native lenses, has good adapters and can use Sony Alpha/Minolta Maxxum compatible lenses, with very fast AF. IQ is in my opinion 2nd to none as well.

      • Steve, are we really sure that they won’t make an additional VF for this one ? Sorry if I already missed this info btw. Cheers.

      • “Blah” but probably has “beautiful IQ”. So excitement about the gear is more or as important as the images the gear exists to produce? Are cameras a guy fashion accessory?

        In addition to dissing what you and some other readers haven’t actually used, what is constantly not mentioned on this site is that Canon is leading the market in offering small cameras with big sensors, small easier to carry cameras that can get close to or equal DSLR quality. This is a good thing for those who want the quality and versatility of a big camera in a small easy to carry form.

        • Steve is giving you his personal opinion of the release and the features described. Nothing to take personal, unless you work for Canon.

          My gripe is that it is neither a here nor there camera. It seems to be sold as an enthusiast camera (with pricing to match), yet it misses EVF & Focus Peaking (which is very useful for Manual Focus). It entices with a lens-adapter, but all reports so far indicate that it will be very slow focusing.

          It actually would work less as a consumer replacement for a pocketcam, but it priced too high, and in US comes standard only with a prime lens (however great it may be, consumers tend to like zooms). Ideally they should have added a pancake zoom, which in my view, would have changed this from “blah” to “yeah” for that crowd (if pricing was reasonable).

          In the end, nobody is forcing you to read Steve’s stuff either.

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