Fuji X200 Here Soon? My guess is yes…The X100 is now $999


Fuji X200 at Photokina? My guess is yes…X100 now $999

As some of you may know the Fuji X100 has been marked down to $999 for the silver version. $200 off the normal price of $1199. B&H Photo, Amazon and other dealers have marked it down. They could be doing this for a couple of reasons, one of which may be that they are selling less now that there is more competition out there (OM-D) and they want to move inventory…or…they have an X200 in the pipeline ready for a Photokina announcement. This makes more sense as the X100 has now been around for a while and in Analog Years the X100 would be 13 years old.

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If Fuji releases an X200 all I can say is I hope they keep the same design and overall feel of the X100. I’d like to see it in black or silver, have an improved hybrid EVF/OVF, much faster AF and operation and improved video functionality and a tillable LCD. If they do this then they will have another sure-fire hit on their hands.

Of course I could be all wrong and they may not have an X200 in the works or ready for announcement in September but it is highly possible. For those who have always wanted an X100, you can now nab one at $999 which is a great buy for this camera. To the Fuji fans, what do YOU want to see in an X200 if indeed there is one coming?

Let me know in the comments below!

$999 X100 at B&H Photo

$999 X100 at Amazon

BTW, the image above was created right after the X100 release by a reader and it was his rendition of what an X200 should look like!  Mr. Svein Gunnar Kjode at blankscapes.com.


  1. tilting screen
    24-70 zoom would be nice
    100% OVF/EVF
    FF sensor would be perfect
    compact as the x100t.
    I would buy one with no hesitation

    this is thhe x200t of my dream

  2. My dream list:

    1. Full frame, 18-24MP, with 35mm 1.4 lens!
    2. Big unmissable menu button and spinny selecter thing
    3. Reorientation of focus switch – AFS at bottom
    4. Mechanical manual focus and range finder focusing
    5. Full res panoramic stitch mode.
    6. Flash sync socket
    7. More ergonomic grip design
    8. Rubberised surface instead of slippy leatherette.
    9. Proper ISO dial like X-T1 (then no need for extra custom button)
    10. Stiffer exp comp dial.

    Basically, that would be about the perfect camera then IMHO.

  3. -removable modular lcd screen
    -bluetooth app to allow me to use my smartphone as a monitor
    -remote trigger sensor
    -better weather sealing
    -customizable menus or favorites

  4. Hi Steve. Still think an X200 (I would prefer “X100 mark II” 🙂 will be here soon, or is it more likely that the X-E1 is going to sit for a while before we see any upgrades to the X100?

    I’m looking for a supplement to my M8 and prefer a fixed lens so I can spend money on M lenses instead of start buying new systems 🙂

    My local dealer has an X100 Black Limited for $1100, but would be frustrated if the X100 replacement came out next month.

    Been with you since your M8 review on your old site – excellent work! 🙂


  5. Maybe Fuji is just trying to throw everyone off and will still introduce a new X200 in September. This would give a more “wow” moment when people learn there is actually a new one available and would create more excitement for it. Just a theory.

    Anyways, for the perfect X200 I would like the following changes form the X100.

    1. Keep the body essentially unchanged.
    2. Interchangeable Lenses please! If not then fix the slight distortion in the same lens so it’s on par with the Leica X2’s lens.
    3. Upgraded the sensor, 16-18 mp.
    4. Higher resolution screen. Some people want tilt, but for me I can do without it.
    5. Quicker Auto Focus time.
    6. Fix the slight under exposure problem it has at times.
    7. Slightly longer battery life.
    8. Sell it in both black and silver, same price.

    One can dream right? Well, it’s what I would do if I made the decisions at Fuji. It has been a very popular camera for them. Even if Fuji had to raise the price to $1500, with lens, because of the changes it would still be an almost perfect camera many enthusiasts.

  6. I’ve noticed that the price on the X100 has been restored to $1199 on B&H and Amazon. Amazon currently lists only ONE x100 in stock, but the prices remain as they originally were. Can anyone speak to this?

  7. – 50 equivalent 1.4 (like the Pana Leica 25mm 1.4)
    – IS
    – Faster AF
    – Improved usability (more Leica-esque)

    That would just make it the camera I have been waiting for…

  8. f/1.4 lens. Even higher quality image files. Much quicker Auto Focus without the guessing as to where you are focused. Quicker writing to cards so we can shoot a burst when needed. Much better and more responsive manual focus.

  9. Bet you. If there is an X200. It will have the new zoom lens that is for the pro. fix/update this and that. But this new zoom lens looks like a winner, like IS. A great carrey around lens. Fast moving lens for street work. No leica has a true zoom.

  10. I was quite interested in buying an X100 but had been holding off due to so many people reporting the SAB problem. Given there have been so many varied comments about user experiences on how they were treated by Fuji when the SAB problem occured for them, I recently called Fuji service in Canada to get the word, straight from the “horses mouth”, on the warranty coverage for second hand buyers of their cameras. I tend to turnover cameras when new updated models come up so was quite concerned of being stuck with a camera with a known problem that if sold to a second hand buyer, they’d be left with zero recourse should the problem surface.

    The Fuji warranty/support guy specifically said their warranty is not transferable from an original to a second hand buyer. Asking the guy to comment on the X100 SAB problem, the guy says it’s no more worse than any other camera makers who all have some nig-nagging issues with their units….and oh yeah, there’s a 2-year warranty to cover it if the problem should crop up which if doesn’t within that time period, won’t crop up at all….right! But he totally would not acknowledge there’s any widespread issue and says the only people really complaining are those people trying to get fixes in situations where they don’t have valid warranty coverage. Asking about support should the problem come up after the warranty period prompted the reply that the warranty is 2-years and  if it didn’t come up within that period, it wouldn’t surface.

    Asking about the serial numbers of a unit, he mentioned there’s no way to find out the serial number of a unit until one buys and opens the box…which was surprising thinking it would be on the outside of a box. There was no confirmation nor awareness of the interpretation of their serial numbers as mentioned in earlier postings…ie. 12Axxxx, first number being Yr it was made, 2nd being quarter of year, and 3rd being a country code. I wanted to find this out if when buying, perhaps to avoid getting one within a series of serial numbers where problems have been most reported and buying within a “safe” period of serial numbers.

    Also, and this is a kicker, guy says outright, anyone who has any concerns of the SAB problem should not buy one and should consider spending their bucks on a different brand….hardly a ringing endorsement of their brand!

    In the final end, given the above, I sadly say that the IQ, great retro style and shooting manner of the X100 does not make up for the potential ticking time bomb of the SAB problem….’specially now that it’s potentially been discontinued, and if indeed it has, will current owners now be orphaned from further future firmware upgrades and support after their 2-yr warranty periods expire?

    If anyone from Fuji ever monitors these Forums, I dont have a problem paying a premium price for a premium performer but in the final end, the damn thing’s gotta work, and I just can’t see paying for something that I’m gonna have to worry about cacking up…that takes a lot of the pleasure out of buying it to begin with.

    So, will the camera that is sans free of the SAB problem going to be the X200?… cause if it is, I would most definitely be buying it.

  11. I think that people shouldn’t mistake someone who is enthusiastic about the equipment is soulless and incapable of art. I’ve worked in many different mediums, for photography film and digital, for sculpture; welded metal, clay, wood and stone, for paint, acrylic, oil & watercolor, for sketches I used to make my own charcoal from a metal pipe with screw on end caps. I’ve always enjoyed the tactile response I get from using a good tool in whatever medium I am working with. In whatever medium you can tell it is a good tool when it simply vanishes and becomes a part of you. It gets out of the way of you and the subject you are trying to lift out of the reality of every day life.

    I find it sad that threads like this devolve into mud slinging. This is a review site after all. Sure Steve puts up Daily inspiration articles which I enjoy but at the end of day many visitors are here to escape the bland dp review style hear what a photographer thinks about the gear. They come here to see if someone has made a gadget or a tool.

  12. 2 things only:

    1) af-s/mf/af-c switch -> change the order, put af-c in the middle
    2) better battery charger -> that piece of plastic has gone missing after first week

    I’m fine with the rest of X100, been enjoying it for a year now

  13. 1) Sensor of the X-Pro 1
    2) Quicker MF & AF
    3) Heavier Body (X 100 feels like a toy, so does the X-Pro 1)

    Everything else can stay the same for all I care 🙂

  14. The X900 will be along soon enough and I will postpone all photographic activity until it arrives, it will be more than worth it. (yawn)

  15. Hi there i have seen a reply in one of the photo chat/review sites, that an update for the x100 is due soon, but it maybe a simpler version more like a point and shoot called x200 , and that a more advanced model x300 will be out late this year or early next year offering a complete revamp.
    The source claims to be a retail supplier.

  16. Errr… Why don’t you just U-S-E your gear instead of buying forever and arguing about a camera that’s is not even announced YET !!!

    This site was read by true amateur photographers, now, only by specs-gizmos that think the newest gear will make better photos.
    Most of you spend more time changing gear than triggering their shutter.

    I’m curious to know how many people here actually KNOW their cameras and what’s difference between spot and center-weighted metering.

    What is the lagacy we have from Niepce ? An Iphone with Instagram ?
    Is this the spirit of modern photography ?
    Every time I read the comments, I get SO depressed…

    • Not sure what kind of comments you expect in a post speculating about a yet to be confirmed camera model. If this bothers you, then perhaps you should skip the gear reviews and stick to the purely photography-related articles or just ignore the comments for these posts. Heck, I should follow my own advice more often. 🙂

    • One can use and know their gear, and argue about it too. These activities are not mutually exclusive, as one doesn’t use their gear 24 hours/day. Why does a commenter have to imply that other commenters don’t use or know their gear?

      • And why is it so depressing and pathetic te read : “oh great, a new camera ! I can’t wait to buy it ! IQ’s gonna be awesome !”
        Of all the Daily Inspirations I saw here, the best one, by FAR, are the film ones.

        The day people understand that photography is NOT about gear, then, that will be a huuuuuuuuuuuuge step for… mankind ?
        But how many of you ARE photographers… ?

        The best photos in history have been taken with film camera at the beginning of the 20th century, not buy some gadget gizmos trying to get the lastest or the biggest sensor…

        I have no respect for someone who’s switching cameras like he’s changing his underpants.
        The two young photographers whom film photos were posted in recent Daily Inspiration deserve much more respect than anyone buying a M9 and a Summilux just because it’s trendy…

        My two cents only.

        I know that people will keep on buying new gear. That’s good for the business, not for art.

        • Only you can answer why someone else’s enthusiasm depresses you.

          Personally, I don’t care for what reason other people visit this and other sites. If they love photography, then great. If they are looking to satisfy their gear lust, more power to them. But if other people’s preferences would weigh me down as much as they do you, then I would simply choose to move on.

          What’s the point in second guessing other people’s motives? What do you hope to achieve, other than to vent your frustration?

          • Who’s talking about frustration here ? I’m lucky enough to buy a Leica S2 or a H4D and use it as paper weight if I’d like to.
            Do I need it ? No.
            Will it make me a better photographer ? No.
            Do I need a full frame/medium format/ultra fast lense/all the electronics available to take a good photo ? Say it with me : NO !!!

            The only ones who are frustrated here, are the ones who are waiting for the next camera and don’t U-S-E what they have…

            So easy to rely on electronics than to improve one’s skills and to THINK a photo before pressing the shutter.

            Every one sees photography as he likes…

  17. Just ordered. I love your sight and photography. Question: Will I have to do all firmware updates one by one or are they in a bundle in the latest update?

  18. My wishlist:

    High precision MF
    Removal of LCD
    Highly customizable EVF
    X-Trans sensor

    • Removal of the LCD? Yikes! The LCD is one of the best features to come to cameras in about a century. Why would anyone not want to have it?

      • Yeah that is so called “Die Hard Option” – Distraction removal. Maybe I should say detachable or tiltable LCD that can be hidden!

        Otherwise agree with you.

  19. As an aged photographer what I would really like is a totally manual camera. Even to focusing via a split image rangefinder. The only difference from my film cameras being a digital sensor replacing film. No filers, no video just a camera with three prime lenses, showing depth of focus, that shoots digital. Why is this not possible?

    • Find an Epson RD-1 in good condition, and a few compact Voigtlander lenses and you could be in rangefinder heaven.

    • Alan, you are so right! I would really love an all manual digital camera. My ultimate would be a Nikon FM2 with a digital sensor.

      I teach photography and I think camera’s have taken a serious turn for the worse. Modern cameras work great for those who just want to set it and forget it. But heaven help you if you actually want to control the exposure or focusing yourself.

      • Aged 83 delighted someone agrees with me. Trouble is everything must be instant nowadays including ghastly coffee. Perhaps we should blame Henrie Cartier Bresson when he spoke of the decisive moment. This word moment was misunderstood to mean instant. Watch people look at a photograph, they barely give it a glance. Whereas one our greatest photographers, Raymond Moore, said you should be able to wander in a great photograph, seeing something new every time you looked at it. Joke is here in Britain they have just banned DSLR’s and zoom lenses at the Olympics. Good mind to dig out my old quarter plate Sanderson and go along to see what the guards say.

  20. Oh yeh… Full frame. Forgot about that! Geez, that would be interesting to see ;).

  21. I had an x100 from December 2011 up until 2 weeks ago when I sold it and purchased the incorrigible V1.
    Fuji would have basically have to give the world a proper, functional, fully finished product (much unlike the x100). I sat by months on end waiting and wishing the next fuji firmware update would give me the product I wanted; they never came good, and it was painful when they actually made the AF even worse during one incredibly firmware update.

    To be more specific about what I’d personally want in a fuji x200, ehh… Not sure really.
    The optical viewfinder was nice but I kicked myself when I found myself using the EVF more often than the OVF, due to the ability to see the scene in b/w amongst other things.

    I’d be surprised if Fuji had an x200 in the pipeline already.
    I think the price-drop is because the competition has blown the x100 out of the water and nobody smart is prepared to spend over a grand for an x100 when there are plenty 2nd hand x100’s with full warranty and in great condition + extras for sale all around the world.

    Fuji are goin’ to have to come up with a damn fine x200 if they want it to sell and I like that. Competition is great and certainly part of the fun in photography :)!!

    • What you say about the x100 could depict any other camera (quirks, price dropping after a while, etc.)… Moreover the X100 is amazing, that’s a fact, and fw updates have been good, though the camera still have some quirks and of course you can’t create a whole new camera with only fw updates…

      Fuji have surprised us a lot lately (and gave a new breath to the compact/mirrorless camera market), and I (personally) wouldn’t be surprised that it would continue with an upcoming “x100-like” camera, whatever they would call it.

      And of course if you don’t know what you want (like it seems you don’t as you wrote it) you will always be disappointed… imo. I want an x100, so I have one (well luckily I could afford it), but I can exactly say what I’d like to make it better (considering marketing limitations, so forget the 50mm, full-frame, silly monochrom sensor, “only raw” process, etc.).

      Cheers 🙂

  22. Same sensor as that in the XPro1 would be a good enough reason for me to upgrade, a better lens would be a bonus, but I’d rather have a better sensor than faster AF if push came to shove

  23. The dream camera for me would be a Fuji X10 with an EVF, bulb mode, and the 1″ sensor used on the V1 and RX100. That would be sweet.

    Plenty of superzoom cameras have EVF. How come nobody makes a small one-lens camera with EVF?

  24. There are some good suggestions in this thread. Better AF is very important. I would also like to see the black version priced the same as the silver. I really don’t need a tiltable LCD, but it wouldn’t be a dealbreaker.

    • ok adding to my list, a tiltable but flip aroundable screen! with touch… so people can cover the screen entirely and protect it as well as shoot from above or below

  25. I must be the poor one here because I’m really ticked off that my less than 2 month old very expensive camera just dropped by 200 dollars. My last big camera expenditure was a Nikon D70s for about 800.
    Not to mention I gave more money to Fuji just so I could put a protective filter on the damn camera. I’m going to see how much I would lose returning to Amazon and go from there.

  26. Of course a FF sensor isn’t remotely within the realm of possibility. I don’t think a faster lens is at all likely as it would have to be bigger.

    What I would like to see (realistically)

    – I would like faster auto focus
    – X trans sensor
    – The refinements of the xpro1
    – a standard black model

    They defiantely have a lot more indirect competition now – but a refreshed model with better a/f has the opportunity to be the highest image quality “pocketable” camera on earth.

  27. This is the first time i dont fell like i need a Fuji x200 !! i´m so happy with the X100 i dont want an xpro-1 either.


    • Hi Greg,

      Hear, Hear, I do feel the same…

      But here at this, and other fora’s, it’s never this one, it’ always the next one they need

  28. Funny, Eugene Smith, HCB, Eisenstadt, Diane Arbus et a shot perfectly fine without a tilting LCD screen, something many fauxtographers claim is absolutely needed or a camera is a POS. You know what I want? I want a cover that slides over the LCD and hides it completely. I’d like it to have an intelligent sensor so it never opens again until via some special algorithm determines you have become a good enough photographer to actual get the benefit of using it – i.e. learn to shoot with some discipline instead of the pray and spray method I am starting to realize so many of you use just based on your statements.

    Way too many coddled nits owning cameras I swear.

    As far as what I would like to see on the X200?

    1. F1.4 lens
    2. Weather Sealing
    3. Better AF in low light
    4. 1:1 VF when in OVF mode. I like shooting with both eyes open and have the framelines floating in space.

    I don’t need an updated sensor, the one in the X100 is fine, but of course they will tweak it.

    Now everyone please continue with your whining as to why there isn’t a Winogrand mode dial so you can seem brilliant because you know, it really is the camera that makes you a great photographer.


    • i dont think the holy father HCB had AF 😉
      some of you people are so high n mighty with the judgements!

      id like:
      q button menu
      the new sensor(but id say hold off on a ff version(if its possible with xpro lenses) until the next xpro, then put it in an x300
      dof scale on lens
      better mf, either faster junky wire, or mechy
      can they just make it like the oly 12/2.0? id be ok with that
      faster refreshing evf
      the ovfevf switch from xpro
      and make it in a rich reddish brown ostrich leather covering 😉
      … if thats ok with HCB… not that hell be using it… 😉


      • Gotta agree on the AF. A focus scale on the lens and a better MF would be definitely desirable.

    • Might i add a few things. During the time when HBC and other photographers were shooting in his prime, the world was a lot different. First, back then, photography wasn’t as developed as it is today.The world was alot smaller and film and cameras were expensive luxuries.Not many people had cameras back then unlike today, with cell phones, virtually everyone has a camera. When those photographers worked back then, generally ordinary folks didn’t mind. In fact, most ppl were probably flattered, considering that someone would want to waste their film taking a picture of them.It’s alot different today. You try sticking a camera in ppl’s faces and they just might stick their shoe up your….pillow.

      HBC used what he thought was the most advanced camera best suited for him to get his pictures. I’ve read that he set his lens on a certain distance to make it easier for him to focus. He used a Leica because it was small, portable and it had the lovely benefit of the rangefinder and seperate viewing screen. When he was in his later years, there are pics of him using simpler PS Leica cameras. My point is that HBC and others like him didn’t use Af because there was NO AF back in those days but there’s no way they would omit AF if they were starting out today given that AF is so good in todays times. Yes, you can shoot pics without the aid of Af but it’s silly to believe in the notion that somehow great photraphers if they were born today would automatically run to manual focus in a world of AF.

      What mattered to HBC was shooting, not post process, not brand, not the camera.You can read his famous qoutes…he didn’t even care for photography…what makes you think he cared for manual focus or anything else camera related? The HBC today with a small advanced AF camera can still get the same sort of pics he did with manual focus,arguably even much more. It’s the man behind the camera, not the camera. I always laugh everytime I see someone deliberately using an old clunker of a camera from the 50’s, trying to channel the ghost of HBC in their picture taking. For a man like HBC who always used newer and newer models of Leica because it was more efficient, to see someone today got back to film and the joy of looking through a tinytiny small hole of a viewfinder is not only backwards,it’s safe to say that some folks are in it more for self masochistic reasons than photography.

      If your object is to cross a river, why use a boat if a bridge exists? Does crossing the river on a boat make crossing a river it more better? The point of photography is the end result, once the photo is taken, it’s over. Tools are just tools, it’s there to help you. There’s nothing wrong with using the latest tools.HBC used the latest tools too,over 50 years ago. So much today in photography there is the “snob” element. The ” my camera is better than yours” or “only this camera can do the job” argument is borderline stupid.There is even a name for when a person looks at the back of his lcd screen, they call it “chimping.” I bet the person who invented this term must be a narcissist who has low self esteem. I mean, back in my film days, we all “chimping .” too. It was called ” looking at the negative or prints” afterwards. Does anyone in their right mind think that once the picture is taken, that looking or not looking at it 2 seconds later will affect the picture that is already taken? No amount of non” chimping” is going to change a crap photo.

      I sincerely hope ppl will end the seriousness of camera gear. Gear talk is fun, but its only the means to an end.The end can be achieved in other ways.Just because one person put his or her pants on one way doesn;t mean their grandchildren have to do the same thing. It’s the end ( the photo) that counts and the voyage the photographer takes that is memorable…not what camera or how you use your camera that is important. But I suspect that most wont, and will choose camera snobbery as a means to validate false idols. This can also be a good thing as it leaves the few who care only about the pictures more room to work with and less competition. Good day.

        • Correct you are sir. , sometimes you see the initials so much you write it out before you know it, it’s a repeating mistake. HCB..right. pardon my error.LOL

      • While I agree with several of your points, I think it is important to point out that the journey is often as important as the final result to many artists. These days, camera IQ is pretty fantastic amongst many of the digital cameras on the market. Cameras like the Leica Ms and the X100 are as much about enjoying the experience as they are about final image quality. I wish that I could justify buying both an M9 and a digital back for my Hasselblads, because I just enjoy using those cameras. As it stands now, the X100 is the closest digital option to this kind of working method that isn’t prohibitively expensive.

        • The journey is imortant but what is the journey, the experiance you have doing what you like or using the camera? A construction worker would think about his time building houses, not the kind of hammers he used. A photgrapher is no different, it’s just that they use a camera instead of a hammer.

  29. Ideally I’d want nearly the exact same camera (which likely won’t happen). Differences I’d like to see are:

    X-Pro 1 sensor
    improved rear button layout (ala X-Pro 1)
    recessed exposure comp button (ala X-Pro 1 / X10)
    move the focus mode dial to the front (ala X-Pro 1 / X10)

    Keep the same overall body/grip/battery config. Not a fan of the XP1’s battery/SD set up as the SD card is much harder to remove. An improved EVF would be nice as would a better parallax correction, but neither are necessities. I’m just afraid they’ll change the design and head in the wrong direction.


  30. I for sure will avoid Fuji new batch camera.
    My X100 was sent to the service centre for Aperture blade sticking problem thrice in 1 month time !! The camera spent 2 months in total mandays in service centre. It seems that the problem is still there.

    The 1st service reported change of lens assembly. Then i had the same f16 over exposed problem and sent it back for the 2nd time. It took 3 weeks for them to come back and guess what ?….same problem reoccured. for the 3rd time Fuji said they have replaced with new the lens assembly again and still the same problem. I asked for a new replacement but to no avail .. so much about fuji service quality.

    BAd experience all together.

  31. I wish they’d drop the price on the xpro-1 by €500 instead, then I’d get one for sure. As it stands I’m more likely to buy a Nex-7 than an X100/200 even though I prefer the Fuji image colour and body styling. But Nex focus peaking for my fast primes sounds great.

      • Nope. FWIW, I’ve been shooting the NEX-7 for several months, and, since I recently received the X100, the NEX-7 has been sitting lonely on the shelf. The X100 is great to shoot.

  32. I only could justify replacing my X100 for a newer model if it had:

    – Fast and reliable AF at the level of Olympus OM-D, after all the feedback on the current Fuji X cameras to mantain such a old-gen AF system would be unforgivable;

    – A 40mm equiv. lens (f/2 or f/1.4), this would give a aproximate field of view between a 35mm and a 50mm;

    – A 24mp APS sensor from Sony, please none of that X-trans tech that sacrifies color resolution;

    – Faster processing so the camera can be used after shooting at 5fps, has faster wakeup, etc.;

    – A competent and solid firmware organized with logic, designed for photographers needs and not for and by engenieers;

    – New higher capacity battery and more efficient power managment (it would be good to be able to use the eye sensor on the OVF with the LCD screen off);

  33. Here we go again…

    X100 –> X200…mmm maybe a X300…

    If you have an X100, just enjoy and shoot and make nice pictures, the X200 won’t change that

  34. The X100 has got a lot of things right already. A street photographer maybe wouldn’t whine too much about the “slow focus” if banks of settings could be easily switched (say between Normal and Street, or A and B) and could incorporate something like a “lock focus at this distance”, plus simply-displayed/hidden DoF calculations to match the current aperture setting.

    • imo, there are two problems with focusing that need to be addressed.

      1) no quick, tactile way to set scale focus (or cycle through typical focus distances for zone focusing). hyperfocal is limiting.
      2) slow AF in low light that sometimes hunts and misses focuses, even if there is no user error.

  35. Would it be feasible for fuji to introduce a zoom version of X100? Something like 24-70 f/2.8 – or even 21/-70/2.8 (speed of f/4 at the long end would still be OK me thinks). It would make a great travel camera.

    And do not say me that RX100 is exactly that – it is not 😐

    • God please no zoom. Be a real photographer and stop insisting on a crutch. Otherwise cal yourself a cripple and ask away for your damn crutch

        • No I do not. The X100 is about a pure a tool as there is out there. It has no real crutches and demands that you the photographer holding it actually use that thing between your ears to shoot. You know forces you to be creative. If you want a zoom, then go buy some silly point and shoot. I hear the Canon G1X is perfect for those who want every crutch available

          • Apparently you’ve got an axe to grind.

            Any comment that imposes yet another condition to become a “real photographer” can hardly be taken seriously, particularly when dissenting opinions are being ridiculed.

            If a zoom limits your creativity, then I find it funny that you should tell people to use “that thing between your ears”.

          • No axe to grind, just tired of folks thinking that a camera is worthless and no one could possibly take a photo with it without having one of the many frakkin crutches they demand. Yet for many years many did not have said crutches and shot far better than 99.999999999999999999% of those asking for said crutches.Hell many of the great masters of photography didn’t even have a meter! I like that the camera in it’s current form is about as basic as on old film camera, and the lack of a zoom lens forces one to get more creative in composition and camera placement. You tend to learn a lot more about composition and camera placement when using just one lens or FOV.

            Really all those who decry “Camera X is worthless because it doesn’t have my favored crutch to compensate for my lack of skill in the craft of photography” is what drives me up the wall. You want a zoom get a G1X. You want a camera that will challenge you to do your best because it will give you no favors and expects you to be damn good to use it and due to it’s limitations and effort on your part make you a better photographer get an X100.

          • LOL. How does a camera “force” you to be more creative? Does the camera pull out a gun and stick it to your head and threaten you with it? LOL. I think you are not given yourself enough credit. As for the Canon G1x, if you have the camera do everything for you, doesn;t that leave you with more time to deal with just picture making than to stand there fiddling around with manual controls? I dont think alot of war journalists back in the Vietnam war stood there during a firefight, wondering about what aperture to use and DOF or how creative they can get when bullets from an ak-47 are zipping past their skull. LOL

      • Relax – out of the 4 cameras I own none of them has (or even supports) a zoom lens – 3 of them are film cameras. I just think it would be an interesting addition to a fixed lens X200 (I did not want to imply that Fuji should replace X100 with a zoom model – definitely not!). I have RX100 (for few more days only) in front of me right now and it is NOT a camera I have in mind here.

        I mentioned it because I would like to have a really wide lens (21 or 24) to get along with 35. If 50 or 75 would be there too I would not consider it a disadvantage. I can imagine to use such a camera in a 2 camera setup where the main camera would be either the Mamiya 6 or Minolta Autocord (or even GW690 – which I do not have). There are very few cameras in MF that offer 24 or wider field of view in a not-too-heavy package (only Mamiya 7 comes to my mind).

        And I would be considering it an advantage NOT to have the need to change the lenses (otherwise the OM-D would be the choice for me)

        I would be willing to risk a bit of ‘crippling’ 🙂

    • One significant downside to having a zoom like the X10 was that the movement of the glass would act like a piston and draw dust into the lens. Fuji only gives ONE free lens/sensor clean under its standard warranty period for the X10.

  36. If I were Fuji, I would go after the holy grail. A full frame, interchangeable lens “X-Pro 9”.

    With the X10, X100, and X-Pro 1 in their current line-up (and the improvements that have been made to them with firmware updates), any upgrades an X200 would debut would be marginal at best in my opinion.

    The X-Pro 1 looks like a duck (M9), walks like a duck (M9) … time for Fuji to make one that talks like a duck (M10!).

    Photokina will be exciting this year if the rumors are true about a new Leica M10, new Hasselblad rangefinder, and something new from Fuji.

  37. – distance scale on the lens
    – iso dial (with “A”)
    – weather sealed
    – no blade dancing !!!
    – button layout of the xpro1, WITH Q MENU (plzzzzzz)
    – ability to pre-focus via EFL button in MF mode
    – cleaner infos in EVF/ OVF (this light blue is… well…) BTW : why not an old school needle in the OVF instead of a digital scale for exposition
    – a thumb grip (same as x10)

    … if everything else stays the same I don’t care that much.


  38. – no lcd on the back for smaller form factor
    – FF X trans sensor
    – or how about a B&W sensor ?
    – if I am about to go to the extremes: no JPG engine, RAW recording only, full manual only

    • No offense but did you try ooc jpegs with the X100 ? Cause they’re just gorgeous IMO.

      • There is one in the viewfinder

        Btw did analog cams have a lcd? And did they produce worse pics? No! The learningcurve would be steeper without lcd. But I agree, it would be risky for the mainstream. It is just that I get nervous and distracted from all electronic support there is. I would like to get my own experience in taking pics, a bit slower with some misses maybe but with more ,my own’ not ,my cam did’. No lcd would be a first step and it could lead to a plain raw-machine to collect the data only for pp on the coputer.

        Just a wish… 🙂

    • Hey, Dave, have I got a car a for you — circa 1960 Austin-Healy Sprite: No unnecessary outside door handles, no side window crank handle to snag your trousers, zero energy-consumption air conditioning… even in the winter! This one has your name all over it!

  39. Steve, common blogger courtesy requires that you give the original source credit with a “via …” footnote and link at the bottom of your post. In this case, Photorumors.com should have been referenced for this post. It’s a team sport. Share the credit.

    • I didn’t see this on photo rumors, I wrote it without seeing ANY page or rumor anywhere. I was not saying this is fact or rumor, just that I have a feeling the X200 will be announced soon due to price decreases and time since X100 release. If a rumor site posted that this is fact then all the better. I wrote this yesterday and scheduled it for posting today.

        • Not much of a coincidence. The price drops on an aging model and speculation about replacements is natural. Speculation is much more fun than reading gossip.

    • I agree with Steve. But even if Steve got the info from somewhere else, so what? There is no blogger laws. And, it’s not like he’s claiming to be the source anyway. Besides, the internet is full of rumour sites that do or do not pan out. So who do you credit with being the right source anyway? My advise to you Q is – relax and appreciate that people like Steve put their effort and time to do sites like this so that everyone can enjoy it.

  40. All- I have been spending a lot of time for the last 4-5 weeks and being the recent price drop I was ready to place an order for an X100- so I am a little bummed. I do not have the means to throw around $1000.+ on cameras knowing the better-faster replacement is coming on the market- So with that said I will wait and assume the second will improve upon the first- My 3 cent input of what I would like to see-incorporate the Q button of the X-Pro and make it customizable-better sensor- improved menu structure, improved manual focus & AF… and looking at the poor QC execution on the x10- I hope Fuji has learned from their mistakes- this x200 (or what ever its called) can really be another Fuji affordable low end Leica’esk. Which I believe the X100 already is- I am sure the Leica brain trust has learned a lesson from x100’s leading Hybrid viewfinder. Last-being Fuji is very good marketers, I would not be surprised if they release some sort of premium x200 black with a 50MM lens or something unique, for the first release only in the fall for $$premium monies as well-I’ll probably be on line… Steve: BTW your enthusiastic reviews and insight was what first grabbed my attention to the x100- all of us average camera people look up to your insight and council on all camera’s- Thank you for that….

    • Just get the X100. It will shoot perfectly fine pictures. If you constantly wit for the “better and faster” you will wait forever, just like every other gearhead/coward/fauxtographer

      • 2 months away from Photokina and considering the potential of a better next gen camera does not a gearhead/coward/fauxtographer make.

        • Yes it does. Say you wait for Photokina’s announcement. Then wait the 3-4 months for the camera to become available. Let’s throw in the obvious delay waiting for someone to do a “real review” (let’s shoot brick walls) and then wait for Steve to do his real world review. Then throw in hesitation because one very minor issue becomes amplified by gearheads/cowards/fauxtopgraphers that have never used the camera on the Internet complaining to the high heavens (The left button doesn’t have a Bresson Mode to make me look brilliant). Then throw in the obvious delay due to back orders.

          Add that all up our friend here will be waiting about 10-14 months. 10-14 months that he/she could be, instead of sitting around fretting over what is new, out shooting amazing work with an X100. Oh and by the time 10-14 months go by the rumor mill will be hot and heavy with a X300. So yes waiting around like this a gearhead/coward/fauxtographer make.

          • That’s an interesting perspective on things. I’m looking forward to seeing if Fuji will bring out an x300 as soon as you think they will. Cheers.

      • hahahaha coward!? so you are a brave consumer ready to spend $1000. + on a new camera that the manufacturer has discontinued! AND knowing that an improved version will be announced released in 6 weeks- interesting and intelligent perspective. I would wager that you will be first in line to buy the x200 (a second time) and get .30 cent on each dollar you paid for the x100 in return. Must be nice to be rich….

  41. – programmable manual focus throw, pentax style mechanical manual focus, or ricoh style snap focus setting. anything!
    – faster, better af, especially in low light (ev 3-5).
    – simpler menus, less quirky settings, q button.
    – image stabilization.
    – longer battery life.
    – better battery charger.
    – faster write speeds, etc.
    – weather sealing.
    – 1/3 stops on aperture ring.
    – combined shutter speed/iso dial, film-camera style.
    – x10/x-pro1 style af mode switch.
    – x-pro1 four way controller and thumb dial.
    – get rid of the built-in flash, offer a tall, cigarette pack-sized tilt/swivel flash unit.
    – full frame (pipe dream).
    – get rid of evf mode and switch, just keep the framelines.
    – get rid of video.
    – better lcd.
    – new sensor.
    – new lens?
    – normal filter thread, bayonet hood design.
    – cleaner, more orderly leica-style design.

  42. I would love some kind of Sony-like IBIS, but honestly if they just fixed the AF and did nothing else, I would buy it. The X100 takes amazing pictures.

    • The af is fine now. Actually quite fast. Remember it is not a DSLR with phase detection. As someone discovered on the X-pro you can focus on something in a hurry but just mashing the shutter button fully down and not even half press to focus. You can do this on moving or still subjects. Requires a bit if trust but it works.

  43. How about some realistic shutter sounds? The ones built in are terrible.

    Also, how about a whole rear bottom section (screen and buttons) that is flippable/reversable so it protects the screen from your jacket buttons/zippers. It also give it the sneaky appearance of a film camera. Great for stealth street shooting.

    AND a halfcase and cover that can fit the camera WITH a filter and pinch lens cap on. And make it out of FULLGRAIN leather, not like that cheap looking split leather case that they want $150 for.

    • My hunch is that there is no Fuji x200 when there is already a xpro 1 that does the same if not better job at just a bit higher price. There will probably be a lower model but higher than the x10….something to compete with the likes of the eos m and other m43 cameras. They can call it the Fuji R-xxx.

    • Jon, Crutchfield seems to regularly label as “discontinued” items which are simply out of stock in THEIR warehouse… then some weeks later, it’s business as usual with those very same products. I experienced this firsthand in the case of a pair of small loudspeakers I was inquiring about in order to buy; the sales rep on the phone “could not say” if they’d ever have more. Well, they got plenty more in, same deal… and for quite a long time thereafter.

    • I like that idea, then they can do away with the damn LCD. Just a button to format the card!

      • How would you operate the menu without an LCD? And the hardliners who don’t want to review their images are likely but a small fraction of the X100’s target audience.

        • The same way we operated the camera when we had film. All you really need is a button to format the card and a button to switch between RAW and JPEG.

  44. I would like interchangeable lenses or perhaps a fixed 24mm – 70mm lens. How about support for a wireless external speedlight? Perhaps the biggest problem I have found is with the contrast detection auto-focus. In low light situations, the camera would often choose to focus on a higher contrast part of the frame rather than the subject I am focused on. I have lost a lot of photos because of this and firmware updates have not helped much. Face detectiion would be nice too.

    • i second that … with a good EVF the back screen is useless …. especially with a rangefinder camera


    • Disagree. The Fuji isn’t that thick to begin with. Second, there are also times when you’re not shooting and your sitting around in a cafe doing nothing where you may like to review the pics you got to delete this or that.

  45. Ahhh…story of my life. I just ordered the X100, received and opened it Friday 🙁

    What to do, what to do….

    Call B&H and ask for $200 credit or send it back and wait untill September?

    I don’t need the camera. I can wait. Just getting familiar with it so looking for opinions. Would the upgrades to the X100 be worth the wait and price increase?

    What would you do??


  46. XPro1 Sensor and Q button. And Focus mode switch.
    And about 85mm lens 🙂 Then I would definately get one.

    • Yes, for an X100 successor, the new XTrans sensor and Q button sounds like given options. So probably around at least 1/2-1 stop better high ISO performance.

    • The Trans-X is exactly what I’m afraid of in the next iteration of the X100. It has great high ISO, but raw converters still aren’t handling the X-Trans files very well, and I, among many others, don’t like the way the files look at low to mid ISO. Things look blotchy and strange in some conditions. I hope the Fuji tries to “protect” the X-Pro1 line and uses a regular Bayer array on a 16mp or 24mp in the next X100.

  47. The Fuji x200 should have the most imortant feature change..which is the ability to change lenses. For over a grand, that one lens thing aint working for me, especially when I don’t prefer the focal length. I scratch my head wondering why Fuji elected to limit their customer base for that camera when they can have more. Maybe I’m wrong but I thought the whole point of the camera biz or any biz was to make more money?

    • It’s called an X-Pro 1 – That is their interchangeable lens camera. So they already have an IC lens X100…they won’t make another one.

    • I chose the X100 in part because there were no lens options. A built-in lens allows Fujifilm to make it more compact than otherwise, forces me out of lens lust, and gives me a dead silent leaf shutter. 🙂

      It’s clearly not a camera aimed for the vast majority, but I couldn’t be happier that Fujifilm is one of few companies that actually dares to try this!

      • True, but I prefer a 50mm or 45mm on my fixed lens camera, not 35…like many other folks. Even my Yahica lynx got that one right, and it’s over 40 years old! LOL

        • It’s not a matter of getting it “right” because you can’t satisfy everyone, you like 50 but 75% prefer 35mm on a fixed lens because you can still crop photos in post. I suggest the X Pro as Steve stated. It’s a great camera and you can have your 50mm.

          • You cant satisfy everyone but you shouldnt introduce virtualy the same kind of camera in the x1pro and trap your x100 customers. What’s next, they make a x1pro type of camera with a fixed 50mm lens and call that a day? I think it what Fuji lacks is a direction.

          • Oh, and i don’t like to crop photos in post, if I did, I’d just get the widest lens i can find, shoot everything and go home and crop crop crop crop. I’m a picture taker, I’m not a proccesser. I like the challenge of making the composition on the street, not at home on a computer chair.

          • I’m not sure how to replyto that kind of reasoning. The X pro is an interchangeable system so I don’t really get what your saying. You asked for the x100 to have removable lens. That’s not going to happen but there is a camera in the fuji lineup that does. Where is the problem? Fuji doesn’t have direction because you don’t have a fixed 50? It’s ok if your just starting out in photography, we’ve all been there, I just think you should take a breath and figure out what it is you want in a camera system, then pair that up with what is currently available.

            P.S. I don’t know about you but I don’t frame every picture perfectly. I think it’s ok to crop ..I mean they’ve been doing it for years in the darkroom so I don’t feel bad if I have to help my photos out every once in a while.

          • PPS the reason you don’t buy a wide lens and crop is because well…differences in DOF, Sensor size, lens resolution..so on and so on. Again do the research.

          • Uh…no bro, it’s not. It’s not just depth of field, the field of view is different, not to mention distortion. You try walking up to someones face to get the same picture you would if you were to use a 85mm from further away and see if the background in the pictures look the same…it does not. They even show this with lovely discriptive pics on noob photo books. You should try doing research yourself sometime, then you’ll understand why they make different lenses.

          • Also, you are the one who mentioned cropping. You said ” .. you like 50 but 75% prefer 35mm on a fixed lens because you can still crop photos in post.”
            Then you say “PPS the reason you don’t buy a wide lens and crop is because well…”

            LOL. You first say I should crop and then you say well, youre not suppposed to crop from a wide lens cause etc…. UH, then should I buy a tele lens to crop the image wider? HAHAHAHAHAHAAA! Well, there’s an oxymoron if I ever heard of one.

            And I wasnt talking about the x1pro as a mistake, just the x100.As for cropping, again, I like a challenge. If a person screws up their composition on the street, they should deal with it a move on. Not try to crop things later in front of a computer.You ever wonder why HBC never cropped and showed his pictures with the border of the negative around them?Because there is NO skill in cropping. By the way, I’m not new to photography because I DON”T CROP my failures…I just move on to the next picture. But i guess if you’re new to photography, you might not know that.

          • You basically just said the same thing I did. Walking up to someone’s face with a wide angle vs 85mm and not getting the same background. That’s DOF – Depth of field.

            Good luck with your future endeavors.

          • Uh… no, I didn’t say what you said. YOU said most ppl like a 35mm lens cause they can still crop pictures from the 35mm.Then you said no one buys a wide lens to crop. Then you said you like to crop during post processing. Which one of your contradictory statements would you like to stand by?You should look up and see what you’ve written, it’s all there in print.

            Take your time and get it sorted out. Good day.

          • 1) I responded to your assertion that the X100 should have interchangeable lenses or a fixed 50mm by pointing out the X Pro has interchangeable lenses.

            2) I pointed out the 35mm was the preferred focal length by most. Not because of cropping only. You keep harping on this, I just mentioned it is possible with the wider lens. If you don’t crop awesome for you.

            3) in response to you saying “I’d just get the widest lens I could find and then go home and crop crop crop” I pointed out that wouldn’t work because you don’t get the same DOF with a ultra wide lens therefore that is not my point.

            4) I again pointed out to your assertion that Fuji has no direction by repeating that Fuji has multiple options for shooting which covered your needs but you did not respond to that.

            5) You keep talking about cropping over and over and how real photogs dont do it. Again not my point. This has nothing to do with cropping, I just pointed it out as an option. I’m talking about your original statement and your follow up statement about Fuji not fulfilling your needs.

            I’m no master but I still like to let my work speak for itself. In the future I’m going to let it do that and keep my mouth shut.

          • You need to look up and read the contradictions you made and stop changing the subject to suit your wishy washy views.

            fact1 ) You said “you like 50 but 75% prefer 35mm on a fixed lens because you can still crop photos in post”

            fact2 )then you said “PPS the reason you don’t buy a wide lens and crop is because well…differences in DOF, Sensor size, lens resolution..so on and so on”

            You should roll your eyes upwards and see for yourself, afterall, you wrote it. You can crop, you shouldn’t crop on a wide lens, yes no yes no yes no. You should make up your mind on what you want to say before you say it, that way you won’t contradict yourself.

            Again, what is your point? Do you even know what your point is? Cause I sure as hell don’t know when you say one thing, then contradict yourself after and then try and divert the subject to hide your contradictions.Then you change words and put words into my mouth, words i never said.

            Such as when you said I said “real ” photogs dont crop. I never said that. I said HCB never cropped. that is FACT. I said there is no skill in cropping photos after the fact. That is also fact.

            If you’re going to “point out cropping as an option” just make sure you don’t contradict yourself afterwards.It would make things less confusing for you. Please look up and see what you wrote and if you’re going to qoute what I said, try to have the courtesy to be accurate as i have with your qoutes.

          • Evjenij, I think you are trying to make say things he didn’t (excuse my english I’m french). I (personally) can easily see what you two guys are trying to explain, but I think that you (not John) are kind of hungry, at least we can feel it in your post, and it is unnecessary.

            Plus, you two are discussing about different focal ranges, without mentioning the various PERSPECTIVE it gives you, not only DOF or background look, and which is actually the main difference between two identical frames shot with two different focal length. The distance from the subject make the necessary adjustment. NB: I don’t suggest that you don’t know that, I just want to clarify it accurately (well I hope ;))

            Finally, I think that you should stop mentioning HCB… 90% of photogs do, and if he were still alive he would really laugh about it. Indeed, this is more a question of artistic approach, rather than a wish of showing others that he’s better photog because he does not crop his pics. If one want to crop, then he should ! Same that if HCB had AF (he could but preferred drawing at the end of his life) he would probably have use it extensively AND it would probably have made a less good rangefinder-focusing-photog than he actually was. So this is contingency to me. He loved not to crop pics because for him it was the best way to express on film the raw “moment” he managed to record. Plus he was not the only one to do that. Ronnis and Charbonnier (to stick with french photogs from almost the same period) liked to do that as well.

            Cheers 🙂

          • Ben, regarding HCB, he never cropped his pics. in fact, he didn’t even like developing his pics. That fact that you say HCB loved not to crop his pics cause that’s the way for him toexpress film in the raw moment. Are you serious? Are you serious? the man showed a the negative border around his pics cause he took pride in not cropping, there is a REASON for it. Maybe you should go to your nearest library and read a little more about HCB. Then, when you educate yourself properly, come back and make a good oppinion. And while you;re at it, tell matt to scroll up and together, you two can read both of your contradictory and misindformed statements together.

          • Sorry Ben, I gotta agree with Evjenij. Bresson was a staunch advocate of working out the composition on the street, not afterwards with cropping. The man took some serious pride in that because it’s easy to presume that takes a high degree of skill. You lost your credibilityh with me when you said Bresson didnt crop cause that’s the way he liked to express himself. It’s more than just that and it’s universally known that Bresson never liked cropping cause he believed that you get better compositions if you are forced to do it on the street, not at the leisure of your home. To say what you said says you don’t respect the skill of someone who has to work out his compositions on the street. Have a look at Bresson works, there’s not one picture that he knowingly allowed to be cropped.

          • Well as you want Evjenij… HCB himself stated that not cropping made him remind that decisive moment, I just can’t remember where… The thing is that you don’t need to noncrop to make a better image, and if cropping enhances one, then you should (that’s basically what John said) ! For him it was stronger to never crop pics; it was his way of considering his work an that does not mean everybody should do the same. Btw HCB himself did did crop a couple of time, even on its mostly known pics. An example: the (very famous) one of a guy jumping over a puddle…. He cropped off a blurry edge of a wall due to a fence on the left side as well as some water below. My source (from a previous discussion I had about 5 years ago; at that time I was 22): American Photo, September-October 1997, p.45. But I agree with you that he also took it (noncropping) as a challenge, almost like a sport. The thing is that this challenge was a by-product of his sensitivity and his way of doing his job(/art), not a target per se. Anyway you’re free to despise me (or others) because I disagree with your arguments and I don’t want to advise you to go in a library more often (or maybe just for the American Photo, September-October 1997, p.45, which would be fair).

            Just a thing: the way you express your ideas is just disrespect toward people you’re answering to and you seem to be very overproud and haughty, what avoid you to understand what people mean. And don’t think that you’re more precise or accurate than (John and) me. You are just (apparently) TOO proud. You also seem very hungry and I’m not… so… see ya and no grudge (sincerely).

          • Watt, I understand your point and agree with you. I think I was maybe not as clear as I wanted, but all I meant is that it was HIS way of photographing, not everyone’s. Also he worked this way because he felt it was better like it. He didn’t think everybody had to do that. And btw I do respect it a lot, since I almost never crop my pics. But because I do that does not mean I have to give lessons about it, what Evjenji does. I do respect it a lot. Cheers Watt.

          • ben, scroll up and read the contrdictory statements about cropping made by John and then you read the nonsense you wrote about cropping and HCB..again.

            Second, I have seen the picture of the guy jumping over the puddle called ” behind the Gare Saint-Lazare”, if you see it in its origianl form, there is a black border of the negative around it. That indicates that it was’;t cropped. Have you ever thought that maybe you never saw the picture in its full form? Ben, maybe you should get better “sources”,that way, you would make more sense and not look like your making things up as you go along.LOL

            So….before you write yet another false tale, I’d highly recomend you go to a proper museum and library and study there and oh…scroll up and read what you’ve written, that way you wont write another false fact.

          • Ben, I have seen the picture of the man jumping you’re reffering too in one of my Bresson books, and it is not cropped. If the picture you saw was cropped, it was probably done by the publisher without Bresson’s knowledge. Even if you can search and find one or two seemingly cropped photos of Bresson’s , that doesn’t go against the core values of what Bresson believed in. That would be like saying Roy Orbison can’t sing cause he was tired one night and lip synced one performance.LOL

            The reason why you do you compositions on the street is because if you do it wrong, no amount of “cropping” can save your photo. Cropping is not composing. Cropping is just taking out bits of unwanted portions out of your work, bits that should have been left out to begin with. There is no creativity in cropping, it’s just a pretty word for “cutting”.Cropping also does not change the composition…for that, you’d hve to move the camera before you shoot. You can’t do it after the picture has been taken. “Cropping” only cleans up an already bad composition by taking unwanted bits out, it does not however change the composition. That’s why they call it “composing” and not “cropping” Cherio.

          • My point was not to defend cropping. Neither it was to say that HCB did not consider composition as a challenge. Just to say that there’s nothing wrong with cropping pics if it allows you to enhance a picture, and by cropping I meant removing unwanted elements, of course… Apparently my sources can be inaccurate, indeed ! 😀 Thanks for the infos, I’ll go deeper in it. Anyway, I still think that things can be said without any disrespect at all. We (at least I) don’t need any “advise”, just facts, infos, arguments. Thanks again and cheers ! 🙂

          • Evjenij,

            I would not be so aggressive with people who try to communicate with you, especially when English is not your first language (which is obvious from the way you write). I do not think you understand well the meaning of what the other people say. When someone says that “75% prefer 35mm on a fixed lens because you can STILL crop photos in post” does not mean that the only meaning of the 35mm is that you crop it. It is an option…

            Also I am fed up with people using HCB… What does he have to do with you? Also, an example does not prove a theory, so learn simple logic and do not try to “prove” things with examples.

            Also, John has a link and we can see that he is a great photographer and he knows what he is talking about? Where are your pics?

            And by the way, your whole point is that you can make more but doing less (i.e. no cropping). That is an oxymoron, not the one you constructed arbitrarily and then laughed as if someone else said it.

            Be polite. It will help you in life.

    • Clearly, it would make no sense to introduce an X100 variation with interchangeable lenses: that describes the extant X-Pro to a tee. Had the X100 been a fixed 50mm design, I would not have purchased it. I’d have preferred 28mm, but 35mm is OK (and now there’s an adapter to reach 28). 50mm simply doesn’t give me the field of view I prefer. Am I in the majority? Who knows. Well, there are probably people who do know – such as R&D personnel at camera manufacturing companies. I know that a number decades have elapsed since most fixed-lens cameras were 50mm. 35~40 became far more common in recent years, and there are plenty of recent 28mm examples around, too. I personally support that trend, and think it would have been a terrible mistake had the X100 been fixed at 50mm.

      • they shouldn’t have introduced an x100 to begin with. You dont see any of the other big camera players doing that now do you? An expensive dead end camera system. The mind as well make an x100 with a fisheye lens.

        • Successful sales of the X100 do not back up your contention at all. It’s not for everyone; clearly, it’s not for you. That doesn’t make it wrong, unless you represent 100% of Fuji’s target audience, which of course you do not.

  48. Wide angle (24mm equiv.) and moderate tele lens (75mm equiv.) converters. Lens barrell with distance scale and real mechanical mf & focus peaking.
    All the rest are “nice to haves”. The X100 with its excellent lens still produces among the best files of any aps-c sensor camera.

  49. 1. button layout of the x-pro1
    2. fixed focal length like the x100 maybe with the 23mm f1.4 optics.
    3. sensor of the x-pro1
    4. focus peaking in both manual and autofocus


  50. The X100 has been widely available in the UK for GBP 645 (approx USD 999) inc tax for some time now. Maybe the US are just being brought in to line with the UK?

  51. Well, I totally agree that it would be very very nice with an updated X100. Give the EVF some faster framerate, make the AF faster, drop in an iso-wheel and give us an interchangeable lenssystem (or at least a couple of adapters for 28, 35 and 50). That´s all I need 🙂 Don´t touch the design!

      • Have you actually hold it in your hands? The design of xpro1 is completely different. It’s much bigger and it feels like an empty box in your hands.
        As for me I like design of x100 more than xpro1.

  52. The only thing I’d add to your list is:

    (1) An improved handling of manual focus. Faster response from fly by wire or just true mechanical MF. I’d love to see someone actually bring back a focus patch to the digital world if that is possible.

    (2) Incorporate the Q button of the X-Pro and make it customizable.

    (3) A re-orientation of the focus selections. Put AF-C in the middle!

    • Frank,
      You are correct. My eyes are aging and EVF for manual focus is off. I would very much like to see
      a rangefinder type focus. I would purchase a Leica M-9 if you could afford it. The reason, when you
      focus you know you are in focus, assuming camera is aligned. I still cherish my old Argus C-4
      which was easy to see true focus when all images aligned in the finder. Just not a film fan, though.
      Good post.
      george c

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