Two high demand Leica lenses in stock now… 35 Lux FLE and 50 Noctilux 0.95 – NOW SOLD!

Leica 35 Summilux ASPH FLE and 50 Noctilux f/0.95 – UPDATE – ALL HAVE BEEN SOLD!

Just a quick note to mention a couple of lenses that are in stock (but probably not for long) and high in demand. Tony Rose sent me an e-mail to let me know he has a Leica 35 Summilux ASPH FLE IN STOCK and ready to ship. This is a rarity. So rare in fact I almost jumped on it myself. You can check out the 35 HERE.

He also has a 50 Noctilux ASPH for sale HERE. Both lenses are factory fresh and new. A rare occasion to have both of these in stock. This is truly a set of dream lenses for those who can shell out the big bucks for them.

One more lens I spotted which is a new in box NOS lens is the Leica 50 Elmar in chrome. This is a fantastic little lens that never gets the attention it deserves. $1797 on sale.


  1. I ALMOST bought the previous version from Ken Hansen in 2008 but I was able to scrape up enough remaining brain cells before I asked him to ship it. Back then it was slightly below $9k. Still, it such a specialty lens than I could never really justify it. Today, I plan to make due with the RX1 as my sub DSLR and keep what I have.


  2. The 35/1.4 ASPH FLE and 50/1.4 ASPH are consistently appearing in stock. It seems Leica has finally caught up with demand.

  3. I have a new in box 35 Lux FLE. Never even opened the box as this is my second 35 Lux FLE. I’m bad at selling this stuff anyway, and I’m struggling with ONLY recouping my CA sales tax and Paypal fees and shipping costs, etc. But I’m rapidly getting to that point now that I have a new M on pre-order. So if someone wants one email me or contact me through and I’ll let you know exactly what I need to get out of it. I can’t lose a dollar or my wife will change the locks.

  4. I couldn’t agree more with Ashwin and my experience with the MM is that it is a true artist’s tool rendering images in an until now unknown aesthetical way. Especially in combination with the APO-Summicron 50 the results are nothing short of astonishing for me.

  5. Boy am I glad I got one in 2009 for $4000! I am also glad I bought a mint 50mm Summicron for $700 on Ebay in 2008. At that time Leica lens prices were lower due to all the M8 bashing over the IR issues, etc,,. As we know the M9 and the other mirrorless cameras have increased demand, hence prices for used lenses going up. If I bought now, I would never pay what they are asking now. I would buy Zeiss instead!
    I am happy I bought a few years ago and I will NEVER sell them!

        • Steve,

          That 7-8K showed me glass is the best investment. At the time i bought I got some really good buys. That Summitar review you did Steve caused me to buy one ($150 Mint) before they went up in price. I also picked up a 90mm Tele Elmarit for $240 on Ebay a few years ago. Now every thing is way up. Because of my investment in glass , I could not afford to buy an M9 and had to rely on my M8 which has served me very well. I may now be able to afford a new M next year when they hit the stores, but I may wait a few months into production so any problems can be corrected by Leica. I am really excited by the much improved high ISO. for me , the performance of the M8 and M9 were too close for me to spend the money. I feel the M is enough of a change for me to plunk down the cash. For me, skipping the next camera (M9) and buying every other generation (M8 to M) made more sense financially and performance wise.


  6. You can save BIG money on Leica lenses now buying used. On getdpi, FM, etc I’ve seen Noctilux .95s go below $9k. Let someone else take the depreciation hit!

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