Leica M 240 IN STOCK just in time for the Holidays!


Leica M 240 IN STOCK just in time for the Holidays!

Hello to all! Hope everyone is having a happy Wednesday. Just wanted to let anyone who is looking for an M 240 know that PopFlash.com has quite a few M 240’s IN STOCK just in time for the holidays  – in both black and chrome! You can call them direct at 805-492-6548 and ask for Alex. You can also order on their website HERE. 

If you are too late and they ran out you can also try to e-mail Ken Hansen at khpny19@aol.com as he may have some as well. The Pro Shop also probably has a few and they can be reached at 561-253-2606


  1. Did the price and wait for the M240 I’ve been tracking the prices and M 8.2 and &M9 i’m selling a bunch of stuff it’s expensive that I no longer care about examples thousand dollars fountain pens thousand dollars when bicycles etc. so it’s taking a while to save up to get there which is given me the luxury to try price… Barring any crazy excess cerise a special edition and eight point to sell for $1300 to $1600 and minds although I send Selfors lowest $2500 generally sell for f$3500-4500. M9-p, monochrome, lot of extras $5000 to 7500!
    I’d love to know if anybody’s noticed the M9 with a black dot in a dull black paint that is used to pair the M9 instead white it is not the m9 upgrade it just seems to be some sort of M9 The paint job is very dull which is why I haven’t purchased it.
    I’m very curious about it for I love the black dot and leather that covers it but the pair is so dull!
    Between Nikon finally making a digital analog body and this will blog about the Sony I’m almost to the point where I’m going to buy cheap and m8.2 and spend my money on an Epson printer and new Mac computer and a couple lenses and wait out body wars as soon as the M240 are every ware the past ms will drop $500 to $1000 and I’m sure that’s just around the conner especially with a digital Nikon manual the sony all on Leica’s heals I personally have chosen to go rangefinder and I buying a Leica I can to this after buying a d200 and hating all manual controls being hidden just awful and now Nikon makes a analog digital SLR it’s all very frustrating isn’t it? Happy hunting and if anyone knows about the black dot M9 plmk asap I’m 99% sure it’s by Leica I’ve seen 10 over the last year so I doubt it’s a personalize by 10 individual who all did the exact same things unless there’s a reseller that got it and want 10 and nine and went for a stealth look and chose a dull black paint of course makes its more stealthy which is the point and would be the philosophy of an individual making a stealthy revamped second body that sells for X number of dollars more. I personally would go for shiny black paint if that was the rap would be and black lizard with the black.and the white letters painted in the shiny black if that was able to be done and I was approached by this imaginary person with 10 cameras but I believe he did what he thought was best for stealthy photography and/or like it makes his body and I just don’t know which one it is because the upgrade was Shiny it and did not have M9 or any dot the black was shiny black paint and had the old-fashioned white leica on the top help!
    Anyway I hope these prices helps and I hope you can help me have a great holiday thank you.
    Sir Candler Paxston

  2. Price of the M8/9 is going down in Japan as well. I would pick up an M8 if it reaches $1000 mark. I like it’s rendering and 1.33 crop doesn’t really bothers me.

  3. M9 and M9P prices really rising? Well, I have the feeling in Europe (or at least Germany) the opposite is true…they (M9) are now under 3000,- EUR (2800/ 2900 in average!), a few weeks ago they had been around 3500,- (where the M9-P is now getting towards, it was a few weeks ago at 4000,-)
    Mhmm let’s see if that will change again or get worst?
    M8 had been for around 1300,- to 1500,- EUR, now they are around 1100,-/ 1200,- EUR.
    I somehow have the feeling that they will come to around 1000,- by Feb next year and the M9 will come and settle at 2500,- EUR.
    But maybe I will be wrong 🙂

  4. The M looked a lot more attractive a year ago.
    There is no shortage of them and hasn’t been for some months now.
    I too have noticed the price of M9 and M9-P rising again.
    Happy here with my Leica MP, MM, M9 and Sony A7R .
    I can imagine the next iteration of the M240 will just be around the corner .

    • Agreed and had they’d had better be coming with a medium format like sensor cuz I am really enjoying my A7R experience 🙂

  5. I bought M6, MP, two M8, two M9 from Leica, but there won`t be a M for me. Its uniqueness is in the RF focusing aid only these days. Not enough to justify the hefty price premium any longer imho when considering the FF alternatives from Sony with superior sensors and being priced at about a 2 year period write off on a new M body.

    • My three major sources are out of stock of the M and M-E, while Amazon only has the M at a $2000 mark up.
      So, no, the supply has not yet met the demand.

  6. I repurchased an m9 and cancelled my m 240 order like many in Asia so I’m told? Apparently m9s and m9ps prices are going up in Asia because of the m240 thank you m240 if this rumour is true

  7. Yep Steve, we have one in Black and one in Silver at The Pro Shop, 561-253-2606. They just came in today and they won’t last. Call ASAP so that you can have your Christmas present while we have one of each. Art

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