1. I’m really tempted to purchase this camera. What is holding me back are the lenses. I have a line up of Nikon 1.8G prime lenses – 20mm, 35mm, 50mm, & 85mm and I’m entertaining of using them with the appropriate adapter. My question Steve is, will I be able to maximize it’s potential with this set up in mind? And what adapter is the best fit? Thanks.

    • You have a nice selection of lenses. I personally use several Nikon “G” lenses with my a7r & a7II setup. The adapter I personally use is the “Metabones Nikon G Lens to Sony NEX Camera lens Adapter” (manual focus). Lately I’ve been using my Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 with this adapter and getting extremely nice results with sharp edge to edge pics.

  2. I as a non gear head should not be on this site -it’s true -so a parting comment .If you are considering getting an A7 then can I humbly suggest you get the Zeiss lenses and or consider getting a manual focus prime -if funds allow the Zeiss Loxia look brilliant -excellent reviews have been done here you can look over.

    I have shot with primes all my life -35mm and 50mm take your pick ! If you are not overjoyed by the notion of doing workshops etc as per my previous post and are inspired by good lenses then go for a prime lens with your A7. You will not regret it and it actually will help you become a better photographer .

    Bye and good shooting for 2015.

    PS thanks Alberto for your honest post.

  3. Hi guys, I have been dipping into this site for years now and have enjoyed the enthusiasm of the people posting despite not being a gear head at all ! In fact most gear heads I know are not interested in photography at all -just new cameras and more new cameras ?

    I will continue to support people who discover new cameras that inspire them to get out and shoot -but am wondering “what are I doing here in the first place ?

    There is something better than GAS -buy some books on art, on photography -get out there in the new year and do a workshop or do a course -don’t bother what new stuff Leica Sony or Fuji have on offer -it wont make you a better photographer ! Do any course on photography and you will learn that very quickly. You will most likely be humbled by somebody in the class doing wonders with an old film camera .So for the new year I urge people to get back to basics -good photos not new cameras.

    I know nobody will change -but it would be arrogance on my part to believe they would.


    • This is a GEAR site. A site that is here to review new gear. Not sure why you would come here to bash those who use current tech to motivate, inspire and help their creativity. Not all of us buy new cameras every year. Some are here with a 10 year old camera and researching on what is new. Those who do upgrade every year, that is all fine and good. They also take wonderful photos with their gear. Just because someone buys a new camera does not mean they do not go out and use it. I know I do, and I use more cameras than anyone I know.

      I went to college and did the photo thing. Nothing there inspired me besides the projects I had to complete as they forced me to get out of my comfort zone. What motivates me today is a nice camera, a great lens or traveling to see new things.

      Nothing wrong with enjoying new gear. Everyone does. Same thing for cars, watches, audio, guitars, amps, TV’s, and just about ANYTHING. We live n a tech filled world and ever since the beginning of life we have, as man, tried to create new things to push things further and make things better/easier. It’s a great thing 😉

        • I have grown as a photographer using new cameras every 1-2 months. New cameras will in no way hinder you from taking great photos or learning or growing, in fact, it will motivate you more to go out and use it. If the goal is to become a better photographer, use whatever you have new, old, whatever. IN no way does buying a new camera HURT that goal.

          • I don’t think getting the “latest and greatest” on itself hurt or help becoming a better photographer. Your case ( and reviewers in general)is unique because it forces you to master the camera in a very short time so that you can do your job of telling us your opinion; On the other hand, I know some friends (and me at some point) are just too focus on what is new or next that sometimes we do not use the time and effort to get comfortable with the camera that we already have.

            I don’t think one day you decide to to be a gear lover. We pursuit information primarily because we are interested in Photography; some loose focus and become addicted and some thrive with the new gear.

            Something similar happened with audio: I am a music lover and 15 years ago a friend of mine introduced me to Stereophile, HI-Fi plus magazine etc; little by little I became focused on measurements and particulars of the sound and not the music; my friend and I used to get together every evening and under his tutelage I would be paying attention to the massed strings, the ambience hall in the recording, if the strings sounded like nylon or guts, going back ten seconds during playback to listen the way a particular cymbal sounded like. None of that was bad, in fact, I really enjoyed the pursuit of a better sound thru new equipment(well, one year I lost thousands trying to match amplifiers to my Avantgardes)…but I didn’t enjoy music anymore, I was just obsessed by the technical aspect of the sound. I am happy to say now that my stereo has not changed in the last two years, the money I can afford to spend now goes mostly to live concerts and the knowledge that I got thru reading and experimenting is no longer in the way of my enjoyment.

            Yesterday I signed for a subscription of Aperture magazine. Today I am thinking: I would get this unbelievable appealing camera if only there were more native lenses.

            Balance is my wish for this year.

            Happy New Year to you, your beautiful family and all your readers.

        • The thing about digital photography is that the technology is advancing so rapidly that a year from now that camera you just bought won’t be obsolete, but there will be one with new capabilities yours doesn’t have. Maybe it will be better at taking pictures in low light, or have lower overall noise, a silent shutter, more dynamic range or have a higher resolution sensor. The technology is bounding ahead at breakneck speed. So while GAS certainly does exist, it’s hardly the only, or even the primary, reason why serious photographers buy new gear. We buy new gear mostly because of the expanded opportunities for creative expression through photography that cutting edge technology provides.

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