Awesome Deal: Nikon V1 Super Kit with 10-100, SB-N5 Flash, FT1 Adapter, 10-30mm, and bag for $899

Awesome Deal: Nikon V1 Super Kit with 10-100, SB-N5 Flash, FT1 Adapter, 10-30mm, and bag for $899

You can tell Nikon has a load of V1 cameras on the shelves because all retailers are clearing them out from the $399 option with the 10-30 to the white edition to the two lens kit with 30-110 included for $549.  BUT, at B&H Photo they have a special super kit that goes for $899 (almost the price of one of the lenses included in this kit) and includes all of the good stuff.

First, they are giving the V1 body and  the 10-30mm lens. They are also throwing in a 10-100 Lens ($749 on its own), the SB-N5 flash and even a bag to carry it all. This is a crazy deal for this camera system which many disliked but I personally loved. The V2 is coming in about 24 days so they have to clear out the V1’s. I thought this could make a good 2nd body option for those buying the V2 because you get the 10-100 and FT1 adapter included. The V1 is great for taking anywhere, video and it even has a dedicated mic input. Cool little camera and at $399 with a 10-30, it’s at bargain basement prices.

At these prices the V1’s should go quick. It is a great body that is capable of taking some pretty damn nice shots. My review is HERE.


  1. Well, Apple has been kind to me over the years (with kind I mean no problems with support, and so on). Considering their set goal of 80% profit on all products they sell (from Apple II, onwards), they can do that, and still look very happy!

    So I’ll stay off the V2 a very long time, but I guess I’ll join the crowd, eventually!

    • Well, for the price you;re paying for an Apple product you better get good support. 80% of profits? Whhat ever happended to reasonable profits? That my friend is why corporations get richer and poor folk get poorer. Apple could have kept jobs here but they chose to cut costs by going overseas, which is fine if the product was cheaper , but it’s not. Apple could have made their things here, charged a little more and gained a less profits and still made gazillions but no, the move to make apple products overseas was to benefit they upper few, it’s certainly not the customers.

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      • Reasonable profit is hard to define, as you want enough to pay your employees, financiers, suppliers, and still have enough left over to expand your business, and something extra for unforseen events, say thieves, criminals, and hurricane Sandy.

        So maybe 80% profit, after deduction manufacturing costs, is reasonable?!

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        Bill Gates is stinking rich (I think he pays tax), but gives away billions to charities, while other equally rich save in their coffers.

        Bad employers exist everywhere, as does good ones ;-)!

        I could never afford a camera made in Europe, and I am not sure those made here are 100% European either! A friend used to work at the assembly line at Hasselblad, and she didn’t really like that either, but it sustained her and her family, till production was moved to Japan.

        My present cameras are made in Malaysia, China, & Thailand. If they had been made here I would have to have been the boss of ‘my’ company, which I certainly isn’t.

        The Pentax 645D is on the wishlist, made in Japan, as well is the latest Hasselblad (they used to be made in Japan by Fuji, if that is so today too, I have no idea).

        • Bad employers exist more. And Iam very happy I never paid one cent to any of those companies to make them richer than they need to be.I don’t need to text while im driving and I dont need to look at porn while on the bus either.Nor do I need “apps” like gps, I use a thing called a map book. Technology has made human society as lazy as hell. Nothing good comes out of laziness…nothing.

  2. The lesson from Nikon to consumers is that you’re a chump to buy new Nikon 1 products right now. Wait a year to buy the new V2 and new lenses, and get an absolute bargain price, far in excess of normal digital product depreciation.

    Nikon’s secret to foster loyalty among customers. Note to Nikon: You’re not Apple, you have lots of viable competition.

    • Apple doesn’t treat it’s customers as well as you think. apple has competition too, and can only seem to win lawsuits filed in the U.S.

    • Nikon has been making great cameras for over half a century. What has Apple done but make products that kill folks by distract drivers? Apple isn’t the only one around doing what it does and its bubble will burst just like it did before.

  3. I paid more for the V1, 10-30, and adapter alone, and the flash isn’t cheap either!

    The 10-100 motor zoom is OK for video, only, as it resolution is as crappy as it can get. has not tested many lenses worse that the 10-100, which also is a bit heavy. the 10, 10-30. & 30-110 are, on the other hand, very good, on par with much more expensive lenses.

    I’d jumped at the offer if it had included the 30-110 instead, but that is a lens that is often sold out, so none are lying idle on the shelfs!

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