Daily Inspiration #371 by Ashlin Wang

I’m a 17 year old newbie photographer and recently the past 6 months have shown an extensive intrest in photography. I’ve read many blogs (including yours), researched practically every new camera in existence, and am still waiting to get a camera for myself. But I deal with what I have, I often borrow my dads Canon t1i or my brothers Nikon D50, and this makes me understand I dont need expensive equipement to produce beautiful files.

Just take pictures and you’ll get better. So this past summer I did just that. I took my brothers D50 and a kit 18-55 and shot and shot. Hope you enjoy. – Ashlin Wang

(I’m a male.. just stating that cause people assume based on my name) Sorry.. it was hard to pick so theres 5 files.



  1. Ashlin,

    Hello, you are a photojournalist in the making 😉 Congratulations on the courage to show your work, and excellent work it is. After all, we shoot to share our vision with the world and for it to be seen, and you have shared a small glimpse into your world with us. Thank you. You have a natural ability, it seems, to find the story-teling angle and image. This can only be taught to a degree. But either God gifts you with it or He does not. I also commend you on knowing when to use color, which sometimes gets in the way of a photograph, and when not to. My favorite shot is the B&W shot of the guy and dog; the shot is a classic and should be included in your portfolio.

    You have done right by NOT worrying about gear. The cameras you are using have image quality far superior to my first pro digital 2.2 MP camera that cost $15,000! Keep borrowing the gear as long as you can. Don’t worry about it. Digital cameras today are nearly disposable, so I recommend buying used when you do. There are so many great cameras out there that people have written off because there are not the latest. That’s a mistake. When you do, get yourself a great lens (for what you shoot, I recommend a 35mm focal length because it is so incredible versatile) then worry about the body.

    Keep shooting, seeing, exploring, sharing.


    • Thank you very much for the uplifting comment! I would really enjoy to explore the realm of photojournalism! I’m actually going to shadow one for school soon. Also your comment is very helpful for me to keep doing what I’m doing. I just bought a canon t3i for myself this past friday for a really good deal because like you said “digital cameras today are nearly disposable” and I’m getting giddy to just go out and shoot! But school is busy, so that just leaves me walking around my house, shooting whatever I can find. Haha, since I got the camera I made a flickr to share my images, but the lack of any community support is a downer. Steve willing to put up my photos really lifted my spirits and the support I’ve received I just heart warming. Thanks again for you simples words of encouragement.

  2. Nice photos Ashlin! Always remember to treat photography as a hobby or side business and not a career job. Study medicine, science or engineering – where the real money is. Then you’ll be able to buy really good equipment and really enjoy them over the holidays and weekends. I’ve met too many career photographers and they have poor, limited and pathetic existence. You don’t want to fall into their trap.

    Wishing much success on your studies.

  3. Hello Ashlin,
    Steve is great in offering young photographers like yourself a forum to show their pictures. I think all pics are well taken, but the last one really has a very interesting concept, that draws special attention.
    I hope this publication can be a great stimulance for you to further devellop your photographic skills and eye.

  4. Thanks Steve for publishing my photos! It means a lot to me! Also since I seemed to lack some detail in the synopsis. I live in CO, these were all shot in a Nepali village near the city of Kathmandu.

  5. Hi Ashlin,

    I am pleased with your interest in photography. It is nice seeing someone young interested enough to borrow equipment. If you will contact me via email I will give you a camera, a Canon 50D.

    Regards, Brent

  6. As a newbie 40 year old hobbyist (mostly family today) I like your shots. The 3rd shot speaks to me and I like the last one but wish you stepped one step forward. Looks like you where hiding but that adds to the privacy of the moment.

    Once you buy a camera don’t stare yourself blind on megapixels etc. WIth my last camera I was never happy with the results. This time I bought a couple of fast prime lenses. The result remarkably better. So get a decent camera and make sure to save up to a couple of lenses that fits your style of photography. Your examples seem to show that you would do well with a couple of goof prime portrait lenses.

  7. Ashlin,
    Keep it going. It’s a hobby/passion you’ll keep with you throughout your lifetime. Wish I had the opportunity to photography a monkey on the street (not something you’re likely to see in Boston). Have fun with whatever gear you use, it doesn’t really matter. What does is honing your ability to visualize your image and this is a great start!


  8. G’day Ashlin

    Welcome to the world of photography!

    As is often said your photos are a reflection of you.

    The more you learn, the more you experiment, the more you gravitate to a subject matter, the more you shoot using depth of field, light, composition will start to help you realise what you get from (and give to others) from photography!

    Go for it Ashlin. The people whom i aspire to use light as a key to their images. But ultimately it will all be about what objects, style, genre and light YOU are inspired by!

    Really love the table tennis (ping pong) shot!



        • Thanks for the intrest in the picture! I converted the dog and the man into black and white because I liked the style in terms of that photo. There wasn’t much color going on anyway in the original shot.

  9. Dear Ashlin,

    You found a beautiful hobby. 🙂 Just go on. You are privileged because as an photographer you will see and capture things, other people don’t see.

    • Agree.
      Ashlin: I lightened it somewhat – without blowing the highlight of the man’s jacket – and tweaked the contrast. Nothing complicated, just iPhoto. Very cheeky, I know to edit other people’s pictures, but the result is superb. Glad your not obsessed by megapixels and super-sharpness. All good wishes.

  10. Dear ashlin,

    great photos with the last one my personal best.

    Your are right, the camera does not matter, somtimes people with very expensive cameras shoot very disappointing photos (funnily happens a lot with LEICA gear!).

    The MOST important thing is that you KNOW your cameras, meaning in any given situation you know how to capture the motif with your camera. It takes many months and thousands of photos to get there. I shoot my best photos with a Lumix FZ 28 as I know this machine better than my DSLR or my new Leica V Lux3.
    You don’t need to think any more, shooting becomes an “instinct”.

    The last photo with the students is amazing, you see all the differnt moods the kids are in, from concentrated to tired and bored etc.

    Improve a bit on sharpness, the last photo is lacking abit of it. DSLR cameras can be bit tricky with it as they have too many modes for AF, even my relativly new Nikon D 5 100 has problems, I use nearly all the time spot AF. There is a lot written on the net about the “softness” of Nikon photos (although I don’t know when you use Nikon or Canon?)

    Otherwise keep on shooting, it is nice to see a young man like you picking up this hobby.

    where do you live?


  11. What’s not to like about youngsters taking a keen interest in photography. Well done and remember this simple rule, the more you put in, there more you will get out!

    All the best, Jason.

  12. I like the second picture with the monkey best, but the first shot is very pleasant as well. You really got a great shot of the monkey’s facial features. His eyes make me wonder what he’s thinking about.

    I’m just trying to get started in photography but I don’t even have a camera yet! =)

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