A few more Sony RX1 B&W Night Street Samples…

A few more Sony RX1 B&W Night Samples…

This is NOT part 2 of the RX1 review but it is just a lazy Sunday post with a few more samples using higher ISO at night along with an on board flash shot as well. I shot it in B&W JPEG mode and what you see is what came out of the camera. Since part 2 of the review will focus on RAW files I decided to throw these up in case anyone happens to be browsing around today 🙂 I’ve been taking a couple of days off for the holiday and will be back full force tomorrow! Until then, enjoy these new RX1 JPED ooc samples!

BTW, these were all using Auto Focus and I had no issues locking focus on any of these shots. The couple of shots with blur is motion blur not mis-focus. Enjoy!


ISO is on the image and EXID is embedded if you want to see it

Order the Sony RX1 HERE or HERE. Ships in ABOUT 2 WEEKS from what I am seeing/hearing. B&H Says after Dec 5th.


  1. The last picture of your wife and daughter I am guessing is quite soft, esp if focus was on the eyes. I have very nice picture. But nothing iq astounding or special that the xe1 or 4/3rds couldn’t easily accomplish this.

  2. The last image is great. Colour looks pretty good in that difficult condition.
    How is fill flash on the RX1? Is it comparable to the X100? The X100 has one of the best fill flash out there.

  3. Hi Steve,

    Are you planning to some just for fun comparisons with RX1? Maybe just for fun nightshot comparison as this is where fullframe should really distinguish?

  4. Steve,
    thanks a lot for these images. Good to see it’s not only the Netherlands where cops ride bicycles 🙂

    I have one question: I’ve heard some worries about the placement of the exposure compensation dial. Because it is on the corner of the casing, it could easily be turned by accident, which would blow a lot of pictures. Do you think this is a problem IRL?



  5. Hi Steve, I would like to see a comparison of the lens on a portrait image, with the various smart converter function, and the various clear image zoom, vrs the raw 35mm image cropped, and a comparison of a tripod mounted raw twilight scene, vrs the handheld twilight mode, at different iso ratings?

  6. When wanting a B&W image, I try the different conversion options in PS, using different digital filters. I just chose the filter that gives me the result that I like the most – obviously. But when shooting in B&W mode, you no longer have that choice. So I’m curious to see a comparison between B&W shots and color shots with the different PS filters applied…
    BTW, I simply love your approach, I said it before, but I can’t repeat it enough! It’s pure enjoyment to get this info in different stages about an interesting camera (RX-1, MM…), even when it’s “only” a series of those very nice shots. Thanks for that!

  7. Thanks for these excellent images! Night shooting is my primary area of photography, as I work at night, and on my weekends, tend to maintain a night owl schedule. I will probably keep using weather-sealed DSLRs at work, but the RX1 is maintaining my interest as a potential vest-pocket camera to use on my own time.

  8. hi Steve,
    Thanks for your shots ; very impressive. I’m also interesting by the OVF, can you tell us more on part 2 ?

  9. I love the shot of the boy looking back at the camera. I think its the best one. Steve, do you have the EVF and the optical finder and will you include them as part of your review? I’ve got the DS1 on order with the EVF but am curious about the optical. I’d love to hear comments on this. Boy that optical is awful expensive, it almost feels like gouging. Do you think there will be third party options to choose from?

    Again thanks for your website, may the venture be long and increasingly profitable.

    • You could try something like the Olympus VF1 which I use a lot with my RX100 and is pretty nice, but very very cheap on fleabay! Only downside is the 4:3 frame lines rather than 3:2 – otherwise it is pretty nice for sub $80. Otherwise Voigtlander, Zeiss and Leica all make 35mm optical VF’s that will do the job nicely. There is nothing ‘special’ about the Sony Zeiss one that precludes you from using something else.

      Also while usually speaking they are only rated for say 85% coverage, that isn’t like an SLR VF where it means that the sensor sees slightly more than you do, this is in reference to the frame lines, not the finder itself. These types of finders usually cover a fair bit wider area than the camera will capture.

  10. How do you see the embedded data. It’s not visible on expansion of image.
    The are certainly intriguing. I’m another one for a comparison to Sgma dp2m, Leica X2. Thanks for the photos.

    • Richard,

      Download/copy the pic onto your computer first. I do that – on a Mac – by cmd-clicking on a photo shown here (e.g; the two cops) to open it in a new ‘tab’ (to keep the main article in its own tab, and not to simply download the downsized photo which is displayed here within the article) and then ctrl-clicking on the full size photo (now displayed under its own browser tab in the ‘Safari’ web-browser) and choose “Save As…”, thus putting it onto my Desktop.

      I have a quick photo browser installed; it’s called “SneakPeek Photo” ( http://www.code-line.com/software/sneakpeekphoto/ ) which displays ALL the EXIF data of any photo, just by selecting the photo and then tapping your Spacebar on the keyboard. That displays the photo – using a Mac’s own ‘QuickLook’ capability – along with all info about the photo, such as (in the case of the two cops, above) ISO 800, f2, 1/80th sec, DSC-RX1, 35.0mm, Aperture Priority, Flash did not fire, and the date and time of the shot.

      ‘Graphic Converter’, the Mac program which can convert any picture format into any other, also displays EXIF data – as do many other programs if you open the photo within such a program.

      I have no idea what software you’d use to display EXIF files on a Windows machine, though.

  11. Steve, other than the great camera you take awesome photos, really capturing golden moments and people’s personalities

    I have downloaded the Sony software, please upload some RAW files, please please oh please 🙂

  12. Hi Steve,

    I still see in RX1 a lot of distortion for a 3000 bucks camera.

    Please compares with sigma dp2m.


    • i think that not necessary, answer is simple, distortion can be corrected, but if u not pleased enough, so that camera its not for u …

      • Excuse for my English.


        I know how correct this, but i don´t understand why an expensive camera like this have this image distortion.

        Plenty of actual digital lenses are sold as “near perfect” and in reality, are bad lenses well corrected by software on camera.

        I try to say that RX1 distortion can correct easily but i dont like pay this amount of money for a “well made Software Camera”, Sony-Zeiss wrong very much with this combo, for me at this price…NO.


  13. hello steve,

    Thanks for great pics. Do you mind uploading RX1 video samples? I am wondering if the electrical steady cam feature on it is sufficient for record everyday life videos with handheld.

    • Oh man, we are all waiting patiently here, right? Give Steve some break. It’s weekends and we all need a rest at some point of time.
      BTW Lovely photos. Really like the 6th picture with the kid behind the railings and the last one as well 🙂

  14. I’m guessing many are wondering if there’s a great advantage over smaller sensor sizes. It would be somewhat messy to do but a side-by-side comparison with the two frame sizes may be more informative.

    After all, we have read the same effusive praise such as , “very impressive, great examples, omg wonderful, awesome shots..” when nearly every and any smaller frame portfolio has ever been posted.

  15. Awesome shots!

    Steve – can he flash be bent for bounce flash? I looked through older posts and didn’t see it mentioned. Thanks!

  16. Thanks Steve. Counting down now for pick up of my RX1.

    Out of interest the ISO here, was it auto ISO or did you set it at these levels?

  17. Wow, no doubt the RX1 is crazy good. Love the sharpness, detail and IQ – and these are just the jpeg’s. Does the output of this $2,800 camera make it more difficult to rationalize the $8,000 NO lens MM at all?

    I truly believe that an interchangeable lens version of this camera with viewfinder (RX2) will be a game changer – and make it very difficult for companies like Leica to justify their pricing.

    It will likely force companies like Nikon, Canon, and Fujifilm to produce smaller full frame cameras as well.

    • Hi Glen,

      I think its not only about rationalism that make people go with/for Leicas – clearly other things are involved. And thank god for that;o)

      Many of these ‘reviews’, gear-comparisons etc are made either from a highly subjective standpoint, a scientific approach or even a loose mix of both but not necessarily on the premise that A is ‘better’ than B. At least to my mind that would be very limiting… personally i stopped putting too much into these reviews as they simply didnt always reflect my own findings to a degree where they became real issues in day-to-day shooting. What really mattered was trying the tool out for myself and base any conclusions on that. What Im saying is basically: “one mans poison – another mans….”


    • Leica gets business because it’s the only mechanical digital rangefinder.

      If you think Leica is about having the best sensor that’s not why folks choose it. It’s an experience and a style of shooting. For me it’s 100% different than a digicam. For you it probably wouldn’t matter.

      Shoot what you like.

  18. Based on this…nothing wrong with shooting jpeg and then saving as TIFF for future editing/archiving. I like it a lot

  19. Thanks for posting more ooc jpeg’s, these are great examples! I love that one of the kid pressing his face through the bars! Can’t wait to see the raw files!

  20. Steve,
    “If anyone is browsing today?” We are all waiting on pins and needles for your RX1 threads. It is just too good! : )

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