Leica Store Los Angeles Grand Opening this Month!

Leica Store Los Angeles Grand Opening this Month!

My invite to the big opening of the Leica flagship store in Los Angeles has arrived and the store is celebrating the Grand Opening in true Leica style with gallery exhibits, artwork and the unveiling of a brand new special edition camera. 

Hmm. Wonder what that special edition will be? The grand opening is set for June 20th but since I leave bright and early on the 21st for Seattle and the Palouse workshop I am not able to attend the Leica event. Damn.


But this is going to be one beautiful store! From the image it is almost Apple-Esque looking. Now…what is this new “special edition” camera they are unveiling? 🙂

Leica Store LA Opening - Invitation


  1. Steve, I’d be happy to report, photograph and write up a blog post for you on the Los Angeles opening of the Leica store. Let me know if you are interested in having me do this for you. Have a blast in Seattle, its a lovely city, great food and great sights.

  2. This is great. Now I can ask questions and fondle their wonderful cameras without having going to my local dealer who is aloof and a pain to deal with.

  3. Continguing the “too much leica talk” 🙂
    Did anyone realize that with the updated teaser for the Mini it’s now clear that it has a nice compact lens? This means the image of the “f3.5 – 6.4 rumor” can now be dismissed as fake in case there was any doubt. I’m quite reliefed, although it’s still not clear if this camera is for me.

  4. there’s too much leica talk for my taste going on on this site, leica this and leica that, sure it’s great camera, but the real fact is there are only few % of there visitors here and people overall that can only dream about it (me).

    • People have moaned about this since this site started years ago. Believe it or not, the majority of readers here are Leica owners are have interest in purchasing a Leica. For years this site was considered a “Leica site”. But it is in fact not as I write about all kinds of mirrorless and small but high performing cameras. DSLR’s are left to the other sites. If you read daily you will see there are many other cameras written about quite often. Fuji, Sony, Olympus, Nikon, etc … but if you come here to complain about what is written on this 100% free site, the easy thing to do is what I tell others who complain. Do not come by here 🙂 Thanks!

      • no hard feelings Steve, you still have the best review on the web today, the real world review. I regularly check your site and will continue.

        • no hard feelings Steve, you still have the best review on the web today, the real world review. I regularly check your site and will continue.

    • Your statement could not be farther from the truth. I know of one dealer who has 300+ on his M 240 wait list. One dealer. My 240 has no banding at all, in fact, I shot 20-30 images at 6400 last week, in low light no less, no banding. Color is better than the M9 and startup is quick with the correct card. Is it perfect? No, but no camera is, none. The NEX 5n is great for what it is but can not come close to the Leica M9 or M. I am not saying the M is justified at $6995, as it is not. But it is Leica and just how it always has been. In any case, the pre-order list is HUGE for this camera and expect to wait 10-12 months for one if you order now. Just correcting some of your info, and yes, I use mine every day so I am qualified to answer 🙂

      • Well if you like to take a lot of time in LR to get a good image ok Steve. maybe your m240 is not banding but a lot of users are saying that i am not the only one . next year another Leica and the that wait list ? haha

        • Take a Leica M in your hands, Vladimir, just once. Film or digital, it doesn’t matter. Have a little fun with it and you will forget everything about this Sony NEX5n for like EVER.

          Yeah, you’re right, the M240 isn’t selling good, yeah you’re right, it’s even not as good as a 500 buck camera…

          Please, get back to Earth as soon as possible, we are waiting for your return.

          Banding? Never heard of such a thing on the M240 but whatever, let the new firmware update come and puf, it’s over.

      • There Steve, wich Card is the best for the M240…. I love mine. And now with my new APO 50!!! Great and fun

  5. I heard the special edition will be similar to the Monochrom but it will cost $10,000 and the files will be blank. It’s already back ordered.

    • Oh I like it! Then maybe some one could create the picture in photoshop like the person that colored in a monochrom picture!!! I’m getting one

  6. Nice, I’ll have to swing by and put my greasy nose prints on their window while gazing at the pretty people inside…

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