The Phoenix AZ Zombie Walk with the Olympus E-P5 and E-M1!


The Phoenix AZ Zombie Walk with the Olympus E-P5 and E-M1!

Just arrived back home from the Zombie Walk here in Phoenix, AZ and it was a blast as usual. This year I brought along the Olympus E-M1 and E-P5 with a 17 1.8, 25 0.95 and 45 1.8. Oh, and also a Panasonic 8mm Fisheye. I was curious to see if I would prefer using one camera over the other and while I thouroghly  enjoyed them both, i enjoyed the E-M1 a little more and most of my faves came from the E-M1 as well. Not sure why that is..because the IQ is VERY close with the E-M1 being a little different in color and sharpness. Just slight.

Some of my faves from the day are below, but what is really cool is that today we have so many lenses in the Micro 4/3 world that can give us whatever we want..from ultra fisheye wide to wide to standard to shallow DOF tools such as the 25 0.95. It’s an all around fantastic system and the REALLY cool thing is I did not have one out of focus image. Not a one. Also, using the 25 0.95 on either camera was a joy. No need for magnification or peaking due to the EVF being so large and clear.

At the end of the day I would purchase an E-M1 if buying into the Micro 4/3 system just because it offers so much and does it all so right. The E-P5 is also awesome, with looks that kill but the large EVF on top sort of kills the Mojo when in use or trying to put in a bag.

I have spoken quite a bit about these two cameras and it seems I can not say enough. I love them but most of all I love these lenses! They are so so good.

The E-M1 or E-P5 along with a Sony A7 or A7r would make for one killer “Do It All” system. One built for speed and versatility and one built for flat-out IQ. G.A.S. sucks.

Check out the images below and click on them for the details!

See ya Monday with the new Sony’s IN HAND!


The E-P5 and 17 1.8 at 1.8 – click it for larger


The E-M1 and 25 0.95 at 0.95


The E-P5 and 45 1.8 at 1.8. This lens at $399 is a must for any M 4/3 user. Trust me. 


E-M1 and 17 1.8 at f/2.2


E-M1 and 17 1.8 – Wide open at 1.8. Click it for large and detailed. Who said this lens was soft? This was also in some bright sunlight and the E-M1 handled it nicely. 


The E-M1 and 17 1.8


Again, the 17 1.8


E-M1 and 25 0.95 at 0.95 and up close – amazingly sharp for wide open. The E-M1 works magic on these lenses


Again, E-M1 and 25 0.95 at 0.95


E-P5 and 17 1.8


E-P5 and 17 1.8


E-M1 and 25 0.95 at 0.95. DOF is thin but I focused on the girl..


E-M1 and 25 0.95 at 0.95


E-M1 and 25 0.95


E-M1 and 17 1.8 – This was in SUPER harsh light but the highlights were easily recovered here in RAW processing. 


E-P5 and 8mm Fisheye


E-P5 and 17 1.8


E-P5 and 17 1.8


17 1.8


45 1.8


Me and Debby! WITHOUT Makeup 🙂



You can order the E-M1 Here

You can order the E-P5 Here

You can order the 25 0.95 Lens HERE

You can order the 17 1.8 HERE

You can order the 45 1.8 Here


  1. Steve, are these RAW or JPEG’s? I’ve had my E-M1 for a week now and I have only shot in RAW. I really need to put it on JPEG and do some walking! I’ve got the 45mm f/1.8 for now but the 12-40mm f/2.8 will ship sometime before the end of the year!

  2. hi Steve,
    Long time follower of your great work on this site.
    Intrested to see today that one of you images from Zombie walk 2013 has made it onto the amazon site for the Voigtlander 25 mm
    Keep up the good work and the excellent reviews

  3. Let’s be sure that I know OM-5 is a great MFT camera for those who wants compact, fast AF, and relatively good enough IQ. So i have no doubt OM-1 is even better. It’s perfect for travel and journalism-type snapshots.

  4. Hmm, 17mm f/1.8 is equivalent to f/3.6 on FF so it’s better be sharp. No surprise.

    May i know what ISO do you shoot? I do see some noises when viewing the large photos, which is expected for a small MFT sensor.


    • It is still a 1.8 aperture lens, NOT a 3.8 so your statement makes no sense. Way too much misinformation is spread around the internet, mostly by those who do just that..sit around and spread misinformation. Again, the 17 1.8 is a true 1.8 aperture lens and has the light gathering of a 1.8 aperture lens, which is the whole reason to own a fast aperture lens.

      • Oh sure, that’s why fast lens is expensive because portrait photographers like me want it badly. Being said that, a 17mm f/1.8 lens (with same focal length of course) on a small sensor like MFT is still not having the same shallow dof effect on a similar focal-length lens 35mm f/1.8.

        Since you insist, let’s just look at the 3 photos shown below and tell me if (2) and (3) are having same shallow dof as the (1) one. Note that EXIF is provided so the reading is trusted.

        1) Canon 5D Mk II with Sigma 35mm f1.4 at f1.4
        2) Olympus OMD with Voigtlander 17.5mm f0.95 at f0.95
        3) Olympus OMD with Voigtlander 17.5mm f0.95 at f1.4

        Sure, for most amateurs and those who shoot landscape, it does not matter as they always stop down the lenses and want everything in focus. For portrait photogs who shoot mostly at wide open lenses, yes, it is a huge difference.

        I understand that 2x calculation dof may not be accurate but it is a good approximation. Still unconvinced and misinformed? In which case, why don’t you try to do the test yourself and show what you see? I don’t mind being admitted that I’m wrong for sure as I’m a learner too.


        • @Abron

          Light gathering DOF.

          1) MFT lenses have the same light gathering capabilities as their focal lenght equivalent FF lenses (MFT 17mm f/1.8 = FF 35mm f/1.8). I can use the same ISO number for the two systems.

          2) MFT lenses have a DOF like their focal lenght equivalent FF lenses + 2 stops (MFT 17mm f/1.8 = FF 35mm f/3.6). DOF will be shallower in FF when using the same aperture.

          You’re welcome.

        • @Abron

          I think Steve is a bit more concerned with taking the pictures than he is paying attention to numbers. The man has a Leica M. He knows what lenses and what cameras get him more shallow DOF. However like many of us, he uses the M43 system for the variety of small lenses that give pleasing images. Not to mention the unobtrusive nature of having a smaller and lighter camera kit. For street shooting I would take my Pen with a 17mm 1.8 over a 5D MKiii that weighs probably 3 times as much any day.

          Get over yourself sir, the lenses ARE 1.8 light gathering with 2x DOF. So what? If you want more DOF spend $2000 more on your 5d and I’ll be happy with my Pen.

  5. Hi. Great photos. Two questions, if you don’t mind?

    I was wondering, especially with the smaller EP-5, why not also use the Panasonic 20 1.7? Is there a distinct advantage in IQ or focus speed, with the Olympus 17 1.8? I know there is a slight focal length difference, but it would seem that the Panasonic lens would otherwise hold an advantage. Just curious.

    Finally, I was also curious whether you have noticed any of the potential blurring issues with the EP-5, as extensively covered in the full DPreview article? They seem to be the only major reviewer calling attention to that, but you seem to have some extensive use with the same camera, so maybe you can chime in?


    • On the E-M1 and E-P5 the 17 1.8 is better than the 20 in every way. Here is why:

      It focuses much much faster. Night and day.
      It is built better.
      It is just as sharp, but less contrast (this can be added if desired)
      Does not flare like the 20 does

      I prefer this lens, the 17 over the 20 1.7 I or II in every way when shot on an E-M1 or E-P5. The lens does better on the E-M1 than the E-M5 IMO.

      • Thank you very much for the rapid response!
        Great info. It sounds like the only real advantage to the 20mm (at least on the Oly cameras) is the slightly smaller size. But that’s not quite worth it for the slower performance and inferior IQ.

        In regards to that odd blurring issue (in the EP-5) brought up by DPreview. Have you not had such problems in your usage? Maybe it’s because they were using long zoom lenses?

        • I have been using the E-P5 for a few months now, taken thousands of pics with it. I have been using the Oly 75-300 Mkii, 17, and 45. I haven’t seen the blurring effect in normal shooting as dpreview states. I saw a double image once when I was using the 75-300mm but it was at max focal length, in the evening, shooting a moving subject, with IS on, at something like 1/15 shutter. It usually happens when you are using the IBIS on a moving subject with a very low shutter speed. And remember at a 600mm equivalent you should always try and get 1/600s when using it without a tripod. That also goes for the 45mm it should be at 1/80s or higher. IBIS is supposed to allow you up to 4 or 5 stops though, but I have found with my really long lenses they’re much less forgiving. I have shot the 45mm at 1/15s and got clear images but not on something moving.

          I would say that shutter shock is as much a problem on the EM5 and EM1 if it even exists. All these cameras in the current generation have the “anti shock” option in the settings. Most of the time blurring or double imaging is the fault of the photographer’s hand holding technique. If you have trouble with it I would say set anti shock to 1/8s. The band photos on my website were taken with the E-P5.

  6. Some pin sharp images there Steve… The EM1 and 17mm 1.8 are an awesome team… I have both and am very impressed with what they can do…

  7. Hi Steve,
    I am a fan of your photography blog. Thanks for these amazing sample photos. I am considering buying EP5 and switch to m43 as a lighter option compare to the traditional DSLR.
    May I have one question for you? You mentioned that there was almost no IQ difference between EM1 and EP5. However, according to the Olympus official website, the TruPic VII engine on EM1 can completely eliminate the purple fringing effect, while EP5 still suffers this problem on the edge of the picture. Have you noticed any difference?

    • LIke I said, I notice a slight difference in IQ with the E-M1 having a “richer” file. But it is slight. I see no difference in CA or fringing but I have not had that issue at all with these cameras. The color is punchier in the E-P5 and more subdued in the E-M1 (but can be PP’d to however you like). The E-M5 is much easier to hold and use, feels REALLY solid and pro but SMALL. The E-P5 is also SMALL but no grip so it is harder to hold and the EVF on top is cumbersome. I like the look of the E-P5 but the handling of the E-M1. Both will give fantastic results.

      • Steve, thanks for your reply! Yes I do like EP5 better for its style. I don’t need to do pro work, just a handy camera is enough. If there is not much IQ difference I will definitely choose EP5. Thanks for your answer!

  8. Hi Steve,
    Fantastic set of quality portraits here, thank you.
    I’m waiting for images of your Sony event attendance

  9. Hi Steve, Couldn’t agree more about the 45 f1.8. I got mine a couple of weeks ago, and have not taken it off the camera (E-PL5) since. It is just as good – maybe slightly better – than my Canon L glass.

  10. Are you using a ND filter to get all these wide open shots in the middle of the day? Or does the 1/8000th shutter speed do the trick?

  11. Hi Steve,

    Do you use any kind of UV filter at the front of the lens? I’m testing my EM1 with 17 f1.8 with UV filter and image colour seem not quite the same. Thanks in advance.

  12. Steve, I love your work with the Voigtlander 0.95. Do you use focus peaking (which slows down the E-M1 viewfinder in an annoying way), or telephoto, or just via the EVF w/o any additional aid?

  13. First, the “Zombie Bait” t-shirt is awesome!

    I was shocked by the shallow DOF in the shot of the first B&W of the boy. I didn’t believe that was the 17mm 1.8 (figured you captioned incorrectly by accident) so I looked at the exif. It was indeed the 17mm 1.8. I would have guessed it was the 25mm 0.95 The color in the shot of the couple (guy with metal mesh over his eye) is fantastic.

    • Thanks and yes, the 1.8 surprised me more than a few times lately and I was also surprised by the color of the mesh eye guy – that was right from camera too.

        • Not really, just shoot RAW. I will sometimes add some smart sharpen when I resize for web but thats about it. I find the lens to be crazy sharp on the E-M1 and just a tad less on the E-P5. When I first reviewed it at launch I found it a little soft wide open on the E-M5. Not sure if that was my copy at the time or just that it is softer on the E-M5 (which is what many reviews stated). If I did re-review on the new cameras I would hail it as one of the best lenses in the Oly lineup. It is my most used lens.

          • Ok thanks, I have the m5 and shoot raw. Quite strange the sharpness differs albeit sensor is the same… (p5 and m5).

  14. No zombies again. Sorry, but i just don’t like this type of pictures. I am a great fan of your site but thoroughly dislike this.

    • You can’t look past the content of the images (since it seems zombies are offensive to you) and just look at how the camera retains highlights, or how a given lens renders, or the amount of background separation one can achieve is etc ? Sad you can’t take anything positive in the least from the posting.

      • I know all that. For 97,9 % i am always positive but sometimes i can’t resist. Re my link below to other zombie pictures. Not my favorite subject but well done.

    • Well I would suggest staying away for a week or so as there will be more next week with my Sony A7 coverage. It’s a fact of life..zombies are HUGE and tens of thousands gather in large cities every year for fun and to be social. It’s pretty cool, and I LOVE IT. So if it offends you, some poeple wearing makeup near Halloween time, then I suggest staying away during the Month of October because next year there will be much much more than this year 🙂

  15. Hi Steve, thank you for sharing, great photos and article. Just noticed the fifth shot, with the zombie couple, (guy with the eye grid), the photo is captured at f2.2 – as per the photo specs – not f1.8 as captioned. I am interested to buy the Oly 17mm f1.8. Thanks and keep up the great website!

    • I still have a V1 but the E-M1 will make it obsolete for me. It’s even faster, better EVF, easier to grip, and more lenses. Since I own one I can not see me using the V1. Because I am a reviewer and i get to use and HAVE To use all of the new stuff, all gear I own eventually gets recycled so I can write about the latest and greatest. Just the nature of running a camera review blog. The V1 is an amazing camera but the E-M1 is even better, so since I have one..not sure why I would take out the V1. If I did not run this blog I would not always have the new stuff, and the V1 would stay for a long long time.

  16. Great shots forsure!
    However…. subject matter does nothing for me, can’t help but mention that what a sick society we live in to glamorize gore and suffering.
    For those involved, you can have it.

    • Get a grip dude, people have been dressing up for Halloween for ages now. Its about having fun and no one is glamorizing suffering.

      They are dressed as zombies, which believe it or not….AREN’T REAL, same as Vampires and Werewolves and Witch and Goblins.

      Do you see anyone in these photos dressing up as cancer patients or abused children ? No, because that is real life suffering and no one would want to glamorize real life serious issues, it would be tasteless.

      I think the “sickest” aspect of our society has become people being offended by every little thing, or trying to make mountains out of molehills.

      Young people dressing up as make believe monsters one day a year does not imply they lack good morals or enjoy suffering in others etc

      • I agree with Walt too! America needs to get over it’s depressing obsession with zombies.
        I recently visited the USA and got thoroughly tired of seeing it everywhere, even in Iowa!

  17. Hi Steve, some great and very sharp photos here, some people really go outin the re make up! I was wondering you say that the em-1 image quality is slightly better than the e-p5, where does the e-m5 stand? Is there any difference between the e-p5 and the e-m5?

      • I thought that was the case, thanks for your reply! I currently own an e-m5 with the 17, 25, 45 & 75, it’s a great piece of kit with lenses, I don’t think I will go with the e-m1, I’m sure it is a great machine but I have small hands and never liked the grip on the e-m5, maybe next update…

  18. Steve, Is the extra sharpness and supreme speed of the beautiful Voigtlander worth the extra weight, no auto focus, no electronics and lighter wallet?
    I have stayed clear because my subjects don’t stay still more than a second but the images it produces are awesome.

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