1. I received the black M from The Pro Shop. They were very easy to deal with. Will gladly do business with again. Thank you Pro Shop and thank you Steve!!

  2. Nice half case in the picture, Steve. What kind is it? I just got my M 240 from Michael Bard at E.P. Levine in Waltham, MA – another great dealer. Thanks, KC

  3. I can not for the life of me, believe the comment left by this A.H. . Ken Hansen is one of the finest Leica
    dealers ever to handle the Leica brand, in addition, he is also one of the most honorable people you will
    ever meet. On US currency it says in God we Trust, when purchasing anything Leica it should say in
    Ken Hansen we trust. This A.H. should be banished from this site for ever.

  4. Just a wild idea: is it possible to make a contrast detection auto-focus M via motorizing the coupling rod?

  5. even if I had the money for Leica M I would not buy from Ken Hansen or ProShop. Calling some suspicious guys exposing my credit card over the phone and wait forever for shipping listening to lame excuses…

    • You have NO CLUE what you are talking about. Ken is a LEGEND in the Leica world, best dealer IN THE WORLD for Leica. Shows you are a troll who simply is trash talking so you get attention. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      • + 1 I don’t know the Pro Shop but Ken is not a suspicious guy. Sometimes I wonder where people get these opinions from. Probably not from first hand experience.

        • I purchased my Leica M9, Summilux 35 FLE, Summilux 50 ASPH, and Summicron 90 from the Pro Shop in West Palm Beach. They are good people and they shipped the same day as my orders were taken. All of these items were new in the box and the boxes including the outer boxes were perfect as well. In addition, they were able to get a Summicron 90 mm for me when none were available elsewhere.

          I feel very comfortable with the vendors that Steve Huff uses.

      • Ken is indeed absolutely fantastic. I have bought an M9 and an M6 from him plus two lenses. He is simply the best person I have ever dealt with on purchases like those.

      • +1 !!!!!

        I am sorry…but I just have to interject:

        I have never had service, turnaround, and reliability like what Ken provides…and I have bought A LOT of gear from him. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED without ANY hesitation.

        He is THE go-to guy.

        (Now leave him alone, so I can order from him!!)

        Thanks Ken…and thanks Steve for the linkage way-back-when.


    • I would not buy anything Leica from anyone but Ken Hansen. He is the most honest,generous soul I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. His word is his bond and I would do anything for him. Ken Hansen is a giant of a man and a great friend and mentor. I cannot emphasize enough what a true gem of a person Ken is.

    • @john – Wow. Either you are ignorant, stupid, or you are a malicious person hoping to smear a good name. Ken has been an amazing person to deal with. Ken has shipped merchandise to me worth thousands overnight even before I send payment. When I bought my first Leica, he literally loaned a M8 to me for about a week before I ended up getting a M9. I highly recommend Ken.

    • Reply to John, who said the following, “…even if I had the money for Leica M I would not buy from Ken Hansen…”

      Well, clearly you have never ordered anything from Ken Hansen. I have…many times. And I can testify first-hand (nearly $40,000, and multiple orders later) he is honest, with a very fast order turn-around, and very pleasant to work with. I have NEVER had an issue working with Ken…EVER.

      As far as the money spent on my camera system, I justify it in this fashion. I have friends who bought summer houses. I have friends who bought boats. I have friends who bought RV’s. I have friends who go on extravagant vacations year after year. And, of course I have friends who put their kids through college or are strapped with other family or personal obligations. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I don’t find myself in any of these scenarios. My camera is my hobby. And I love it. And I’m not afraid to say, “I love my Leica!”

  6. Just purchase one from popflash.photo couple days ago. Waiting for my delivery man.So exciting ,=))
    Honesty , i thanks to Sony for release the A7 and the A7r . Otherwise I don’t know where i was on the list waiting for the M.(maybe still waiting)..

  7. Leica had better step up production of the M post haste or Sony is going to take a huge chunk of their 2013/’14 sales forcast of the M. The images over at IR’s Comparometer coming from the A7R are Medium Format quality and best the Pentax 645D IMO…wow!

    • Seconded. I have no idea why this isn’t the most obvious product for Leica.

      Why a customer who spends that much money on a manual camera has to be “punished” with a big plastic Logo, useless buttons (“M” button, additional front button) and an unnecessary screen that makes the camera much thicker is beyond me.
      Same with the M-E: They already had it right with the M9-P – remove the frame-preview-lever and USB-port, great idea, but why stick the plastic logo on the “pure rangefinder” camera?

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