PRESS RELEASE: Tenba Introduces new Classic Collection


Tenba Introduces New Classic Bags

Vintage benchmark designs made available to a new generation of photographers

North White Plains, NY – December 3, 2013 – Leading the way in carrying solutions for over 30 years, Tenba announces a reintroduction of three vintage bag designs for a new generation of photographers. The Tenba Classic collection includes three models: the P211 courier bag, the P415 briefcase camera bag, and the Tenba 2 camera bag. These new Classic bags feature the same fine tailoring and uncompromising materials and hardware as when they were first launched up to thirty-four years ago.

The P211 originally introduced in 1979, was the first slim courier camera bag. It features Tenba’s patented lower lens compartment, which allows extra lenses and other gear to be as quick to access as the gear in the main compartment. The P415 came to market in 1986, and was the first truly great camera briefcase. A side zipper allows the bag to instantly double in size to accommodate additional gear when necessary. The Tenba 2 was designed in 1979 as the original minimalist camera bag: just one main padded camera compartment, and two slim pockets front and back.

Each Tenba Classic bag is made with the same materials and hardware as when they were first introduced: high-density nylon exteriors, YKK zippers and clips, genuine leather handles and embossed leather logos.

“These benchmark Tenba bag designs have been highly sought after for their legendary quality, great looks and high performance,” said Peter Waisnor, Marketing Manager of Tenba. “After fielding thousands of requests for these bags from around the world, we decided it was time to bring them to a current generation of photographers.”

Tenba Classic bags began shipping on December 1st at a suggested retail price of $59.95 for the Tenba 2, $89.95 for the P211, and $169.95 for the P415. To find more information about the Tenba Classic bags, and to see a full video demonstration of all Tenba products, visit .







About Tenba

Tenba provides innovative carrying case solutions for professional photographers and filmmakers, and their full equipment arsenal. Tenba introduced the world to soft-sided, professional camera bags in 1977, and has been an innovation and quality leader in the decades since. With so many years of experience in bag development and construction, along with a unique level of closeness and daily connection to the professional imaging community, Tenba is truly dialed-in to both the real-world needs of its customers and the latest in design trends, materials and manufacturing. With its own, U.S.-based, dedicated “bag lab” product development center and manufacturing facilities, both domestic and abroad, Tenba’s resources and capabilities allow the company to create unique and exceptional carrying and transport solutions for serious imagemakers.


Tenba products are designed and marketed exclusively by MAC Group ( in the USA, and are sold by distributors around the world.



  1. Take a look at the new Case Logic bags. I bought the Reflexion DSLR Holster/CSC camera bag for $48. Fits my EM-1 with 12-40 attached, the PL25, and 45. Has room for memory cards, spare batteries, has a small padded sleeve that will fit an iPad Mini (which is my tablet of choice, don’t need the full sized iPad). Had a Think Tank Retrospective 5, didn’t like it that much.

  2. I was looking at a video by Thorsten Von Overgaard where he says he uses a Louis Vuitton Icare bag to travel with his photo gear and a small Goyard bag to walk around with. And I thought Fogg bags were expensive.

  3. For small mirrorless, i suggest the Think Tank Retrospect 5. I have a Onna and like it but find the Think Tank is more versatile and practical. Better padded shoulder strap, Velcro closures cover instead of zipper or buckle and more pockets. Extremely well made.

    • I bought the TT Retrospective 5 bag and have to say I was disappointed. The flap does not cover the ends of the bag so that there are small openings. Not only will dust get in but rain will also funnel in if you do not use the provided rain cover. The bag is hardly dust proof let alone rain proof.
      And the velcro fasteners! A sound to wake the dead! Hardly a way to be discrete. If you use the ‘silencers’ then the bag is not secure as the covering flap is just loose. I sold mine after a few weeks.
      The newer TT Mirrorless Mover bags are much better. They have a combo of zippers and magnetic fasteners so are more convenient, quieter and more secure.

  4. These look almost exactly like my Tenba Black Label bag I purchased a couple years ago. It’s a great bag – for storing gear in my closet. Buckles and padded shoulder strap are so over-the-top that it’s a bit ridiculous to actually try to use. I had to hand-sew the position of the two main buckles in place so that they don’t slip and loosen when using the top carrying handle. Bag looks GREAT though – very top shelf (which is incidentally where I keep it). Hopefully these bags address some of the issues from the Black Label series. For now, my very small Tamrac model 3365 is my everyday bag. It holds my NEX, a couple filters, a zip-lok bag stuffed with wet wipes, and two pampers – everything a father needs when taking his toddler out to take some photos.

  5. How about a small shoulder bag for a m43 and 2 m43 primes. With a pouch for 2 x sd cards and 2 x batteries and 6 hitech “67 series” filters and holder. Oh! and one that does not have “Camera Bag” written all over it (looks = writing) It does NOT need added weight by having giant non functional buckles placed over press studs either. Nor does it need a pocket for a laptop/pad in the back

  6. Anyone else getting tired of all the “tall” camera bags? Personally, I find deep bags a pain to work out of. I like bags a little wider & more shallow. I just ordered a Domke f-8.

    • I got a Domke J-803 and the 720-200 FA-280 insert for the carrying capacity, but access to lenses in those deep slots was a problem. So I ordered half a dozen cheap knock-off Leica M mount rear lens caps from Adorama. I epoxied the caps together back to back in pairs. Now my lenses slide in and out of the slots in the bag two at a time. I just twist off whichever one I need and slide the other one back into the bag. Works great!

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