The Sony A7R and Voigtlander 35 1.2 by Gianmaria Veronese


USER REPORT: The Sony A7R and Voigtlander 35 1.2 by Gianmaria Veronese

I spent this weekend in Paris in company of the new Sony A7R and the Voigtlander 35mm 1.2. This article will therefore be a summary of the on-field-test of the new Sony A7R.

Before I get into the review I would like to make an introduction about what you will find in this article and what is not. Well, I tell you now that you will not find photos of walls or pencils to see how sharp the lens is or how much resolution the A7R has.  I can assure you that, with 36MPX and without AA filter, the limit on the size of your prints will be your walls and not the sensor. This article is designed to give you an idea of ​​how the camera behaves on the field and whether if it’s possible to leave your DSLR in favor of this Sony A7R.


First let’s understand the ergonomic feeling and what are the differences from a traditional digital SLR. Well, the first thing that catches the eye and the touch is the size. It is really small (relative to the size of the sensor of course, FX 24 × 36 remember). The fact that it is small, however, has both the pro and cons.


The pros are definitely weight, size and discretion. When you travel, you just need nothing except body, lenses and battery charger. Dedicated backpacks are just a distant memory. In addition, the smaller distance from sensor to bayonet, allows you to mount any lens in circulation (with an adapter of course)! I used the excellent Novoflex. Impeccably made, it can be combined with an L-shaped bracket for heavier lenses (in my case the Nikon 14-24 that I didn’t bring to Paris).



The counter is a small body that in your hand is comfortable, but not as much as a DSLR (especially for those who have bigger hands). In short, after a while you feel a little ‘lack of something more comfortable in your hands, but I did survive without major problems.

In terms of dials, you’ll find the same of a classic DSLR, nothing new a part of the exposure compensation dial. Very comfortable to have it available, but a little ‘less practical to use. Looking through the viewfinder and looking for it with your thumb, it is easily confused with the dial on the back (the one for shutter or f-stop), but location aside, it’s a good thing there is.



Regarding buttons, in my opinion, there’s too many.  I would have preferred a more essential camera (more like a Leica M than a DSLR), but well, since most of these are customizable, I’d say better to have them and ignore them rather than the reverse. The thing that I do not like instead is the shutter release button. It ‘s too backward on the body and, being upright, your finger stays in an unnatural position. Also, the worst thing is that no threaded hole has been designed on it for an eventual soft release in order to get a more comfortable feeling.



Let’s come to more interesting part of this camera, the electronic viewfinder (EVF). Let me reassure you by telling that it works very well. The vision is quite natural, and the eye does not get tired as I feared would happen. The possibility to customize it is the real gem. We can preview the final exposure and we can also see the final image with picture style such as Black & White, Sepia, etc. Moreover, the presence of the EVF translates into the possibility of using the focus peaking and live magnification of the image. In practice, we have a chance to see highlighted in red (or yellow or white at your choice) areas of the image that are in focus, helping us in the correct focusing, especially with manual focus lenses. Manual focusing with this feature is very handy and works very well, but it will take a bit of practice (especially with fast lenses). For those who care about pixels, the live magnification will allow you to perfect focusing, good for peace of your monitor magnification. In short, focus is not a problem, as all the instrument, you just need the proper period of training. Unfortunately I cannot say anything about autofocus, because I haven’t any AF lens.



Let’s come to the battery, the real sore point. It discharges very fast and you cannot stay without a second battery. Especially at the beginning, when you go through all the menus looking for the function you need, the battery consumes impressively fast. The thing is exacerbated by a severe lack: the impossibility of leaving the display turned off and only use the EVF. Or rather, you can use ONLY the EVF, but the main screen becomes completely inhibited even by turning to the menu and viewing images. In practice, we can do everything only through the EVF (i.e. going into the menu and reviewing taken pictures). Not really a good thing. The alternatives are to use ONLY the screen with liveview (completely inhibiting the EVF) or leave it in AUTO mode, where the screen turns off only when eye is approached at the viewfinder. But in this case, every time I walk away the eye from the viewfinder, the screen turns on again showing you all the settings. I did found the possibility to customize one button in order to switch off the screen, but it turns only black while remaining backlit! Incredible! I sincerely hope that this management is improved with new firmwares.



Another thing I do not like much is the shutter sound. Of course it is fantastic, sounds like an old SLR, sounds solid. But it’s definitely too strong! In street photography this is not a good thing at all. In short, from a machine without a mirror I would have expected a lighter “click”.

Nothing to say except notes of praise on the image quality. Optimal dynamic range and very malleable files in post-production. The behavior at high ISO level is very good. We can work safely at 3200IS. Going over it is certainly possible, but you must expose very correctly. By the way, I personally think that over 6400 is completely useless.



In conclusion I would say that this is an excellent camera, which can easily replace our dear old DSLR. Reactivity to shoot and feeling are identical to an DSLR and I am fully satisfied after just few days of use, then I can only hope well for the future.

All the shots below were made with Sony A7R and Voigtlander 35mm 1.2 freehand.




Gianmaria Veronese


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  1. Yes lovely pictures that can be printed very large but how many pros hang pictures on walls. Wedding pros can sell large prints but for the vast majority of Steve ‘ s readers posting to a website seems what we do. And for that most cameras and lens are overkill. I sold a Canon 5D and 24..105mm L Epson 3880 printer and 750 pro scanner and bought Olympus EM 1 and 4 primes: Panny 14mm f2.5, Panny/Leica 25 mm f1.4, oly 45mm f1.8 and Oly 60mm macro f2.8.
    What are the drawbacks or cons compared to Sony A7 ..NONE. UNLESS I plan to shoot and print very very large like above 16 x 20 or plan to shoot a lot at hi ISO above 3200. But this reviewer says Sony above 6400 is useless. Enter EM1 body stabilization which is a solid 3.5 stops and CHEAP primes (cause they are micro 43 without stabization) and that takes care of all the shooting is darker places. And the two modes of focusing don’t miss much if anything.
    So we are left with how the body was designed and feels in your hand. This reviewer doesn’t really like the A7 body does he? Particularly the most important location of the shutter button. On the other hand many reviewers love the feel of the Oly Em1 body with the smaller non stabilized lens you can hang on them.

    Of course it rains in Paris would the two compare? EM1 AND newer Oly lens are waterproof. I won’t get into price other than I got about $3000 for my stuff and spent that on one body, 4 primes new, and 2 batteries plus a small very nice olympus canvas bag.

    What is best way to put photos on website? Flickr or what as I want to.put my better shots up especially using the fantastic 60mm macro which is a steal. Look at the glass in this lens!!

    I love Steve ‘ s website and read it several times a week plus Robin Wong ‘ s site since I own Olympus camera. Thanks for lovely pics of Paris. And your very honest review.

  2. I just bought an a7r. My choice over the a7 was driven by the on-sensor micro lenses and the ability to fit more 3rd party lenses. I do not know if the a7 would be much worse for that but could not find proper comparisons.

    I love the camera and found this review a perfect match to my experience (though my photographic skills are much lesser).

    The only other crib I would add is that the aluminium dials are rather stiff. Something you won’t experience too much with a manual lens since the controls are on the lens if like me you mostly shoot in A mode.

    With electronic lenses however, changing aperture forces you to use the dials and they are a little too hard to turn me finds. OTOH, the jog dial is a little too sensitive.

    I also found manual focusing in low light a bit difficult due to real time live view feed graininess (which also prevents focus peeking from working well). Zooming (crop) in EVF helps a lot but is much slower.

    Low light AF is tedious on the a7r. Wonder if the a7 fares better. Anyway, I bought it for manual lenses so I don’t care much.

    I heavily reprogrammed the buttons to keep the essential and ditch the superfluous. It also helped rationalising the button position (all AF and exposure options are now near the jog dial)

    Thanks for the review and great photos!

  3. any one can give a advice, those adapter with Voigtlander 35mm 1.2 on A7, how the auto metering actually can work?

  4. great review, you persuaded me to buy an Voigtlander 35mm 1.2. to put on my Sony a7, could you advice what best mount you used for M-E mount?
    thanks for the timw.

  5. I had trouble reading the article because I was too distracted by your stunning pictures of Paris. Incredibly beautiful images!

  6. Love the photos, but, these could have been taken with a camera with a lesser sensor. A lot of simulated film grain hides what the sensor can actually do. I’m not knocking them tough. A good eye and some masterly photos for sure.

    • Your point is well taken particularly on some of the photos.

      On the other hand and without wanting to put words into Gianmaria’s mouth, he did indicate (post 46) that he sold his M9 and D800 in favor of A7r as his full frame replacement and one that he can easily travel with…While some of the photos shared in this post “could” have been taken with a lesser sensor, others may not have produced quite the same result particularly if one plans to enlarge the photos for print.

      The point being with the Sony A7r one has a compact camera/lens combo that can do it all (with the exception of matching the DF in low light). A three prime lens kit with Sony A7r is all one really needs and the comparison with almost any other full frame alternative is really striking. Leica doesn’t count because at 3X the cost for equal or lesser performance its clearly a choice that is made for other reasons beyond image IQ and basic handling.

      I’m a Nikon guy who has sold his D800 in favor of the Sony A7r and am about to sell my D4 in favor of the DF. Sony A7r will be used for all my landscape photography, most daylight shooting and almost all my travel photography. Nikon DF will take over for low light / nighttime shooting, wildlife shooting and any situation where extra weight is not an issue and where 16MP will more than suffice. In making these weight and money saving changes I lose out in only one area. High frame rate of the D4 (11fps) and better autofocus for wildlife shooting. That’s it! I’m willing to take that tradeoff.

  7. First time I ever comment on this site, though I’ve read tons of great material.

    Need to join the other ones here – Absolutely stunning photos, Gianmaria!

    Photo after photo, just amazing. For my taste, these are the best ones I’ve seen on this site. Period. My largest congrats to you for your skills!

  8. I got my A7R and use it with my Contax C/Y lenses. I’m very happy with the results as expected. However my Leica lenses including the 28 cron, 35 Lux and 50 Lux have corner smearing at larger aperture. The only exception is the WATE. So I would say it’s “technically” problematic of the combination. Whether it’s problematic to you depending on your shooting style.

    • I agree with you SimonL. My 35lux has smearing/color cast at large apertures and i find it unacceptable. I seem to also have issues with infinity focus using a metabones adapter up to f4. I could not believe what I was seeing at f1.4 on my lux.Very disappointed. As a camera system I am sure its great, but for my lens collection it just won’t work for me. It’s on its way back to B+H, lets see what fuji comes up with. Lets be clear you might have SOME leica lenses that work OK on this camera but as an M replacement it is not. I think the marketing by sony and some reviewers glossed over this fact. The use of legacy lenses was very optimistic to say the least. I saw a number of reviews showing this issue before it arrived but there did seem to be some mixed opinions so I decided to give it a try and its a no go for me. Pity, there was a lot I liked about it and I am certainly guilty of wanting it to be so much more.

  9. Nice review, Gianmaria. This is a combo I enjoy shooting with too.

    If you want to improve on your A7R’s battery life, set the camera to Airplane Mode On (this turns off the wifi and NFC) and you will get a decent battery life.

  10. Great photos, as everyone has been saying. And that’s the best way to review a camera …

    Just wondering: has anyone seen a DEFINITIVE comparison between the A7 and A7R?

    There are plus and minus features to both cameras. All the reviews I have seen make a few comments, if at all, but do not concentrate on the choice itself. And then there are many posters (including some here) who ordered one, cancelled it to order the other, changed back, … eventually got one and still wondered whether they should have bought the other.

    A definitive COMPARISON would be a great guide for all of us!

  11. your second image with the telescope made me wet my pants a little, it’s gorgeous. I realise it’s probably an artistic thing and you put some grain in the images, especially the one of the tree and eiffel tower in the background at iso100? Anyway I know you’re not supposed to pixel peep here, great emotive images.

  12. Some fantastic images here, Mr Veronese, and a lot of well written comment!

    I totally agree: A discreet camera with a noisy shutter is not an all-out winner.

    The most liked change from the D600 to the D610 is the latter’s almost soundless shutter — Sony could learn a lot from that! My NEX-5N’s only weak point is, surprise, surprise, its noisy shutter!

    My Nikon V1 is totally soundless, much better for discreet photography!

    My D600 is fairly quiet, at least better than the wife’s OM-D E-M5!

  13. Enjoyed the images and comments on the A7r. Just a comment on the EVF, true Sony needs a better system of deciding which viewfinder is on, and when it comes on, but in terms of battery life, it does not really make much of a difference, in the A77 the EVF draws more power than the LCD, not sure if this still holds with the A7(r) but the power draw is probably close to the same. Ideally you would be able to set the rear LCD off and have the EVF be in an instant on mode, but so far the Sony screen start up speeds are too slow for that to work.

  14. Gianmaria

    Your photos are outstanding. You have a real gift for composition which is particularly noticeable with more challenging subjects like birds. The way you incorporated them in several photos within scene or lines and shapes was masterful. The overview shot of the Champs Elysees with dark / light contrast and the first shot in which you make outstanding use of bokeh with famous landmark are my favorites, although I have to say, I like them all…

    Thanks for your review of the Sony A7r. Besides Steve’s ongoing thorough reviews I found yours to be the most informative of all the reviews I’ve seen online, because you really got into it from an active users perspective. Too many reviews are theoretical/spec oriented or it is clear the reviewer has not really done any meaningful shooting with the camera.

    I just received my A7r (also coming from D-800) and like you I’ve made the change due to size.

    In limited time I’ve handled/shot with the A7r I’m very impressed with the sheer quality of the IQ, love the grip feel, although wish it would fit my large hands better (waiting for the grip to see if that helps), don’t much care for the menu system but hope to customize buttons so I can forget about the menus (it took me 1/2 hour to find card format command). The Sony FE 35 2.8 lens gives every indication of being a top performer (plan to use my Leica / Zeiss glass as well). Like you I was disappointed that there is no thread on the shutter release. This camera in particular calls out for a soft release due to the relative finger to grip position. I found a work around which you might want to check out. The Gariz XA-SB1 soft button which adheres to the shutter release. I’ve used it in the past on a different camera. It works pretty well, it doesn’t come off during use and yet it can be easily removed when the time comes.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos and for the great review.

  15. You should be able to sell the last one to Lonely Planet as front cover. I have a slight suspicion I would not be able to create the same pictures buying this camera… 😉


  16. Really interesting review with some atmospheric pictures – many thanks for posting. I have used this lens on the M9 extensively (see ) and it is a great lens, but in my view, the RX1 would do this just as well and is much, much quieter. I will still get the A7r, I just want a good fast 50 to complement the RX1.

  17. Great pics and thanks for the review! Anyone reviewed the a7 or a7r with the 35mm 1.4? Trying to decide whether to stick to my RX1 or get a 35mm M-mount with the a7r.

  18. Andy
    As a counterpoint, I tried the ZM 25mm on my A7r and it was very problematic with regard to
    red edge color cast. Both M 28’s were also unusable for my needs.
    As well, my Summicron 35 f2 asp was also a rats nest of color cast.
    I should add that I shoot a lot of landscape images that often involve snow and overcast conditions
    and this type of subject really brings colorcast issues to the front

    Conversely, my Canon lenses,both native and Zeiss ZE, have never performed so well.

    • Thanks Mark

      That confirms the point made from the dealer…..the sensor can be very inconsistent, given your experience. I ‘d be pretty annoyed if I bought this camera having tried a certain lens in a store and then the camera I buy arrives to produce a different output!!

  19. Awesome review, not just techie stuff its theory applied to real world photography. Amazing shots!
    Exactly a true photographer doesn’t need autofocus unless its doing sports or action shots.

  20. Very nice Gianmaria. Wonderful images of a wonderful city.

    I used my 24mm Elmar (3.8) on this in store today and the vignetting was not really evident. The 25mm 2.8 Zeiss was also fine that the dealer had on it. Perhaps there may be some WA options after all.

    That said though the dealer has found the sensor very very temperamental. He had purple fringing using his 50mm Summilux ASPH!! This does not seem to be the case for people such as Steve or Ashwin when they have used this camera. His thoughts are don’t be surprised if their is variability in this sensor from one camera to the other!

    Interesting as well given he is a dealer and sells this camera…..

  21. these images would have been good no matter what camera was used. How the subject matter and composition on each image was displayed was just fantastic.

  22. Gianmaria

    Thank for this clear real life observation, first time I read an experience which is not filled with hallelujas only.
    You point out your pro’s and con’s well.

    For me I take out

    – The 35 1.2 seems to work pretty well without annoying color shifts
    – You experienced the EVF as usable for a longer time

    Good job, nice city, interesting shots

  23. Gianmaria

    Thank for this clear real life observation, first time I read an experience which is not filled with hallelujas only.
    You point out your pro’s and con’s well.

    For me I take out

    – The 35 1.2 seems to work pretty well without annoying color shifts
    – You experienced the EVF as usable for a longer time

    Good job, nice city, interesting shots

  24. Anybody know how good the kit lenses are goi g to be. I do not have a collection of lenses hanging around!!

  25. Some lovely shots and I agree with nearly all of what you say. I have the A7 and the Leica M and as much as I like the CV 35/1.2 v2 on the A7 I have found that I prefer using it on the M as focusing using the rangefinder is so much quicker and actually for me more accurate.

  26. I am speechless to read all these positive comments.. glad you liked my pics!
    Despite all the criticism I would just like to say that I love this camera.. I sold my M9 for a D800 due to frequent issues, but I’ve been waiting for a small-FX-mirrorless camera all the time.. when I read about this A7R I said “Shut up and take my money!” 😀 Now I’m very satisfied.. dimensions are very important to me as a frequent traveller..

    For those who ask, the CV35 is the mkII.. a terrific lens.. I can safely stay just with it.. and to me it’s essential to travel with just one lens.. photography must be part of the trip, not the trip itself, otherwise you’ll end up shooting just postcards for tourists 😉

    Thank you all again!

    • Did you consider the Rx1 or RX1r if you enjoy the 35mm focal length and wanted FF in the smallest package possible ?

      • Yes, I did. I was very tempted by the RX1r. But I couldn’t afford it without selling my D800. So I decided to buy a Ricoh GR (APS-C) instead, waiting for the A7R. I couldn’t remain without the possibility to use my 14-24. In the end I sold Ricoh and D800 for the A7R that easily replaced them both.

  27. Even though I went to Paris a few months ago, these photos make me want to visit again soon. Thanks for reminding us how beautiful that city can be.

  28. Very nice images! I think the CV35/1.2 will see some increase in sales with all the exposure it gets on this website. Steve is very enthusiastic about it, so am I, and many more are.

  29. Very nice photographs (and PP as well). The Nokton 35/1.2 would be one of the lenses I would get if I were to go with A7r (what may happen in future).

  30. Very good user review with nice pictures. Ideal camera for these landmarks.
    I switched my order to A7R after some struggles. The plastic front cover make me worried. I like to use telephoto lens. My Leica R 250mm weight more than 3 lbs. Glad I made the change after I found the bundle package at Amazon. Mine will arrive next Monday.

  31. Stunning, incredible images! Great sales pitch for the A7R! Kudos to you as a photographer who can see the light and use the tool, in this case the A7R and 35 Nokton, to its fullest!

  32. As other have said, these are the first shots from the A7R that really make we want to have this camera, especially the rich low light saturated pictures. Thank you! (Except that now I really want to have this camera and I’m going to have to wait. It will only get better in the next year!)

  33. Nice notes, and really nice images. That lens draws exceptionally well with that sensor… and your eye.

    [Which version of the 1.2 lens is this? I had the original, a while back, before i got out of rangefinders. It would hurt to have to buy one again….]

  34. What aperture were you on in the long road shot? It’s quite sharp, and there is no motion blur from the people. How did you achieve this? It obviously couldn’t have been a long exposure.

  35. I have seen many pictures taken with A7R here and flickr, and I believe this lens is one of the best lens for this camera.

  36. Great shots – been looking for a review like yours with a non-Leica M-mount lens, specifically the 35mm. Question I have – between this combination vs the RX1 35mm f2.0, which is the better combination? I have an RX1 and wondering whether switching to the a7r + Voigtlander 35 1.2 is worth it. Anyone with thoughts/comments? Greatly appreciated!

    • Otus, Summilux ASPH, Noctilux, etc etc…..Depends on AF vs. MF, Leica vs Zeiss vs VL….etc, etc…

      That question is a tough one!! I’d see if you like the camera first then jump in. Obviously you DONT need to spend money like the above lenses.

  37. Thanks so much great shots I just got my A7R so excited i have allot of leica and ltm lenses and old nikon
    What’s with the 2 foot long usb cable no battery charger ? This should have been the camera of the year for its versatility in lens adaptation and the look of the shots are gorgeous and the detail its just the beginning software updates to come i hope

  38. Great photos, you really have an eye for how to use birds to add movement to your pictures!

  39. Nice shots Gianmaria.

    I don’t find the shutter sound too bad/loud on the A7, though it is louder than many other cameras. I’m more inclined to shoot street with a longer lens, so not an issue for me.

    It’s the ‘slowness’ of the shutter sound is going to take some getting use to for me.

    I know the focus is fast, and the shot-to-shot time is fast, but the drawn-out shutter sound makes me think of a southern drawl, or Eric Clapton (‘slow hand’) 🙂

  40. Talking about how just one good lens can capture that many memorable frames. Also remind me who is behind the camera is so so important. Thanks, Make my Friday.

  41. Some gorgeous photos, Steve. Lively colours where colour is there, and black and white when it’s not. And all with one camera and one lens. The magnificent skies are captured beautifully.
    I finally got my hands on an A7 last night at the Sony shop in the Dubai Mall and it was not love at first sight, I’m afraid. I ordered my Olympus OM-D from B&H (via the link from your site, of course!) this morning.

  42. Gianmaria,
    really a great reportage in Paris. i’m leaving in for 56 years (born on the right side and living now in the left side)..
    In one week you capture the greats easy touristic point of views.
    The A7r is amazing. I’m a Leica addict but bought with the Steve review an A7 who arrive just to day ..

    I will test it to morrow with an old lens from Voigtlander..the skopar 35 : 2.5..;with the spirit of a really small device…
    I hope to meet same quality of yours pics….See you

    Martin, Paris, France

    • I don’t recommand the Voïgtlander Skopar 2.5/35 mm before an opening of 8 because for landscape it’s not well definit.
      The QI is better at “wide” opening for nearer subjects (3-20 feet)

  43. Wow! As an occasional Parisian resident, all I can say is wow! You really captured the beauty of the city, and the shots are incredibly beautiful and well composed. Congratulations on some amazing work!

  44. Thanks for the post — the images are wonderful, with so much character. I just received the A7 and would add the following:

    Shutter is significantly quieter, especially when you turn off front curtain (you can’t do that with the A7r).
    Ditto the comment about the location of the shutter and the inability to turn off the “default back to LCD” — FIRMWARE UPDATE please!
    EVF is fantastic. As a Leica user that was an important open question for me.
    Extra battery is essential, and one odd thing: even if you plug in the USB charger (when charging in camera), you can’t tinker with the menu choices — you have to leave the camera “off” to charge. And the cord is like the shortest cord I’ve ever received. I can’t even use it to strangle myself in frustration over the Sony instruction manual, which is printed in 1-point font and makes no sense at all to me, though in all fairness, I’m used to Leica, where the manual might as well say “change shutter speed here, set ISO here, and press this button to take a picture”. 🙂

    Those comments aside, the image quality is astounding. I’ve tried it with a 50 Lux so far with no problems at all.

    And manual focus with focus peaking seems like a lot of fun (very different from rangefinder, which is a good thing, since I was looking for a complement to my Leica).

    • Thanks, Jacky. I’m siting here waiting for my A7 delivery and appreciate your comments on that model. I’m an M8.2 user hoping to stretch my couple of Leica lenses a little further with better low light capability and higher MP count on the A7. Your comments about the quieter shutter sound and great image quality were especially reassuring to me since I switched my order from an A7r to an A7 largely because I thought the quieter shutter was desirable and didn’t think I’d lose a ton of resolution. Your comments on the battery, poor shutter position and terrible manual all ring very true since I own a Sony RX100M2 and feel that model has all those problems. Thanks also for your comments on manual focus since that is my greatest remaining concern. I’ve not used focus peaking on the RX100M2 and kind of wonder whether I’ll adjust to that. Since your experience has been good, I feel there’s hope that manual focus on the A7 may work out well. Thanks again for a post I found very timely and helpful.

      • Robert, I think you will be pretty happy with the addition of the A7 to use your Leica lenses (full frame!). For what it’s worth, I find the focus peaking much more helpful than the focus magnification, but that’s just me. I can’t really explain why that is. I guess the magnification option is a little jarring for me, since you lose the full scene for a moment. So how about this for a compromise–An EVF with an option to “focus magnify” a tiny circle in the middle of the viewfinder while keeping the whole scene viewable in the remainder of the viewfinder.

        • this^ – if Sony implement the suggested picture-in-picture magnifier I think the A7/r would rival a traditional RF in focus accuracy. I believe Panasonic and Ricoh? have an option like this.

          Anyone have any ideas if Sony are as amenable to FW suggestions as Fuji? Perhaps Steve could have a word 🙂

          Wonderful pics Gianmaria

  45. Fantastic images, very dreamy. Photographing Paris is a very ‘mature subject (everybody has seen a billion photos of the great city) so I was thrilled to see your unique vision.
    Mille grazie,

  46. I’ve been anxiously awaiting a reviewer who proved the level of artistry this camera could produce and this reviewer has certainly done that. These photos are beautiful and clearly present the range of resolution, tone, bokeh, and dynamic range the A7r delivers while gratifying our aesthetic cravings at the same time! I greatly appreciated the comments on the ergonomic deficiencies, practical limitations of the battery, loud shutter issue and dial clutter. Sony is great at miniaturization and technical innovation, but I find their product design far from elegant. Small details like placing the shutter release in a slightly awkward spot, making the camera perhaps too small or too unnaturally laid out for a good feel, and generally overloading the design with too many technical bells and whistles definitely detract from the bonding potential of Sony cameras in my experience. I’ve always felt Sony should use the Contax G2 or Leica as models of well designed photographers’ cameras and sculpt away the extraneous features from their designs to deliver an essentially perfect still photographer’s tool. That potential is now clearly on the table and the A7 and A7r, but it sounds like perfection of the design issues may not be imminent. Be that as it may, I wish to congratulate and compliment Gianmaria Veronese on an excellent assessment of the newest breakthrough camera and on some really lovely photography.

    • Can’t imagine why Leica Inc. doesn’t employ all these bells and whistles. They don’t make someone holding a camera a “photographer”, do they?

  47. great pictures, but steve, delete the picture of the glass pyramid in fron of the louvre. youcould get in trouble with the french law. an artist has the rights of the lumination for the pyramid, same as the eiffel tower.

  48. Thanks for the honest reveiw of the pluses and minuses. I love the color in the street vendor pic.

  49. Wow! I just LOVE all these photos. Will try out my Leica M collection on this camera later today.

    • That’s an understatement. They’re absolutely beautiful, romantic, captivating, soulful.
      The old man in front of the Ferris wheel is my favorite. It’s an example of perfection in photography.

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