How about some Canon, Nikon or Leica Coffee? Great deals on these LenZcups!

How about some Canon or Nikon Coffee? Great deals on these LenZcups!

Just noticed that B&H Photo are now selling these famous lens cups/mugs and thermos bottles and at pretty nice prices. If anyone reading this is like me…then these may be something cool to grab (I ordered two t his morning). Every morning I wake up and within 2 minutes am at my machine making my 1st cup of coffee. Being such a photography and camera gear geek I wondered just today why I never picked up one of these cups! Especially since most of these are under $13!

I have seen these in the flesh before and they felt solid and nice. They are more of a conversation starter or for those of you who live to shoot. The thermos? Also very cool as you can bring it along on your photo journeys. Who here has ever left the house at 4Am in search of some nice scenery? I have and having a camera lens thermos would have pepped me up that extra percent 🙂

In any case these are now for sale and in stock at B&H photo starting at under $13. So click the link here to SEE ALL OF THEM! 


PS – If you are a Leica shooter, yes, you can get a Leica mug as well – check it out HERE.  (image of Leica directly below)


and the Canon/Nikon offerings…

IMG_359195 1020865 1020868 1020870 IMG_359121 IMG_359122 IMG_359209


  1. I have the Nikon coffee mug and just gave my dad the Nikon thermos for Christmas this year. Except ours actually have all the real Nikon branding on them and not the lenzcup logos

  2. I can verify that the bouqet from the coffee in the Leica mug is much better than the others.
    I feel all jittery drinking from the Canon mug, but have a pleasant smooth, creamy feeling after drinking from the Leica mug.

    • I’m interested in purchasing one of the Canon lens-mugs. Are the lids safe for transporting hot liquids? Do they come off or slide open easily? I’d like to be able to put it in my backback with hot tea.

      • Kenya, while the lid screws on and won’t come off easily, I wouldn’t trust the slide over the opening slit to keep liquid dripping out, especially if jostled around in a backpack! (Perhaps put the whole thing in a big ziplock Baggie first.) Good luck!

        • Thanks, so much Steve! I may get one anyway, but not use it as I might a thermos. There is the thermos version, but I’m not a Nikon gal.

          • You’re quite welcome, Kenya! BTW, I am a Nikon guy, but I got the “Canon” version of this LenZcup as a gift, and thoroughly enjoy it.Best of luck to you!

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