The Gariz Leica M 240 case is in stock again, act fast!


The Gariz Leica M 240 case is in stock again, act fast!

When I reviewed this case a few months back they sold out on Amazon within a few hours. They not only have them in black but I noticed today that they also have 10 BROWN cases in stock over at Amazon via the seller “Viva Outfitters”. I have purchased a couple of items from them in the past and shipping was super quick, no issues.

In any case, one of my fave cases for the M 240 and it can be bought for $199.

If you want to take a look, see more or buy it, click HERE to go to the Amazon page. They also have it in RED. Also in BLACK!

See my review of this case HERE. 


  1. Hi Steve – Just bought the Olympus OM-D EM-1. Thanks for your review! Does Gariz make a case for it or Can I use the Gariz OM-EM5 case for it? What do you use for your EM-1?

    • I am not a Luigi fan. Mainly due to price and the fact that it rarely fits correctly. I have seen some cameras with a good Luigi fit and some (the two I bought) with an awful fit that made them unusable. At prices up to $800++ the Luigi case is a crap shoot. At $199, the Gariz fits like a glove, adds some grip, a bit of height and easily comes off and goes back on. NO matter what case you have on, if you drop the M, it is going to have some damage internally at the least. That RF goes out of whack with a short drop.I love the Gariz, I like the Classic Cases and the Art Di Mano seem to be the best of the best at around $390 when it comes to fit, coverage, etc.

      • Since u mentioned Art di Mano… they also make leather reskinning kits for about $120. So u can give your Leica that A La Carte look for a fraction of the price. I use one from cameraleather on my M3 as the original finish had chipped. Now i am glad it had chipped as it looks so much better, and is nicer to hold, with the new leather.

  2. Hi, I’m not really convinced by those half-cases, scince they do not protect the most vulnerable part of the camera ie above the lugs. Artisan and artist or arte di manno seem to have a much more efficient design.

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