My Inspiration..My Daughter. By Luiz Paulo Furia

Dear Steve,

Father’s Day just recently passed in Brazil. As past year I’m writing to you on this date, and as past year I’m sending to you a few pictures of my inspiration, my precious daughter. I realized that I never had sent pictures in color to you. Just because I don’t get so many that way — a good composition in color is harder to do, at least for me. So this time may I share some few, in color.

Dear Brandon,
Be proud of your dad I’m absolutely sure he’s proud of you — working so close to him, and following his steps — it’s a dream for any father that comes true.

Dear Both,
If you do will it would be a pleasure to see these few posted like an inspiration that might inspire. I’ll be glad and proud, she either.

My best wishes, in color. And happy father’s day,

Luiz Paulo

PS > Don’t know if this is important (the exif data) — I keep shooting with my old M9, and keep enjoying it…











  1. Thank you for the nice words guys and special tanks for the Huff family — always so kind.

    All my best,

    Luiz Paulo

  2. Great fotos, Luiz!

    My favs: #4 and #5.
    # 1 I’d crop a little bit more towards the main subject and some are a litte dark, but that’s my taste.


  3. Hello Luiz Paulo,

    These pictures have the mood of the wonderful time in life where a child makes every day a new discovery. I love the colors, powerful and vibrant like in the work of Barragan.
    One day your daugther will be so proud of her dad to have captured these precious moments of her life in such a brilliant way.

    Thank you for sharing.
    All my best wishes

    Erik Neu

  4. Love the colors and expressions! # 3 is great. Assuming you did post, great job. Looks very natural and enhances the composition so well. Did you do much processing? Either way, great photos. Happy father’s day!

    • Thank you for the best wishes Ken. I do not process so much, I guess. Some pictures are straight of the raw converter which I use (capture one). Some I add a bit of Silver Efex (as luminosity layer) to pop up details.

    • Thanks Anirban. The picture of footprints on the wall has been taken at a museum, the camera was M9 and 35 summilux Asph.


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