1. Bought mine last month and took it with me to Nepal right now. It is doing a great job while being small and light. Really handy camera.

  2. Looking forward to your review as this camera and its Leica sibling tick most of the right boxes for a compact imho. Jono Slack has reviewed it and I find the IQ in his examples, particularly people shots and skin rendering, very disappointing. But maybe it`s the JPEG setting he was using. I hope you will have a GM5 for review soon as well.

      • Flaw? What flaw? I can get the same quality bokah as my full frame Nikon df when shooting the X close up. Besides, shooting wide open all the time is boring! It’s a 35, not a portrait lens. But very versatile. The lens is great in low light conditions and 3200 is very usable. I’m loving the camera.

          • The leica X will open to max aperture, I shot day of the dead in Olvera Street Los Angeles under very limited lighting, ISO 3200 max, everyone around me was using flash, I never did. The lens draws light very well. The lens will stop down once u get closer than 4 feet or so to preserve image quality, so it’s actually variable for close up shots. This has not been an issue for me. I compared the bokah in a very close up shot with that of my df, and the bokah was similarly very smooth. The X is built like a brick, no extending lens, easy menus I can activate by feel, pop up flash for fill if needed, and fantastic IQ. Despite what some have reported……it is a camera for low light shooting (I’ve done it).

          • It will open up but not at the closer distances, which is what I said 🙂 There are MUCH MUCH better cameras (for less) that kill the Leica X for low light shooting (and yes, I have done it with ALL of them).

          • There are many cameras for low light shooting, and I’m sure ” better” cameras than the X. It seems though, that you, and others have written it off as a horrible failure due to variable aperture at close distances. It is not a horrible failure. I prefer it (over fuji x100t for example) for its super simple menus, sensor, IQ, portability, ergonomics, pop up flash if needed, and low light capability. To write it off completely is ( in my opinion) not justified. It’s a big improvement over the x2 and will complement my m9 for travel.

        • Right, so Leica should decide for me which boring photos I should not take? that’s make sense 😉

          Not an anti-Leica guy: have M8.2 and M6ttl and 6 recent Leica M lenses. But this issue with the 113 is ridiculous.

  3. Too busy to open the box of my LX100 that was delivered last week. My bad. But now I kinda feel better knowing you’ll be reviewing it soon(est?).
    That said I shot at least 100 stills and 5 or 6 video clips over the past weekend with this iPhone 6. Both posted and emailed all the selects.
    Where does it end? Or at least cross over?

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