Did you receive your A7II? If so, send me your thoughts…

Did you receive your A7II? If so, send me your thoughts…


I know many of you ordered the A7II and they started shipping this week, so many of you should have one in you hands by now. I am curious as to what your thoughts are on the camera because I know what mine are. I feel it is a special camera that ticks most of my boxes from the build and feel to the 5-Axis IS to the IQ and color to the video performance. I think Sony hit it out of the park with this release, as well as on the price.

I am planning to post my full review by the end of the month and thought it would be cool to get a few opinions and image samples from the readers here to include in the review, so there is more than my opinion. I feel this would make for a really interesting review with not only my thoughts, but YOURS as well.

If you ordered and received your Sony A7II camera (or will receive it in the next week or so) and would like to write up a paragraph or two on it and share 2-3 photos from it for my big review, then send this info and images to me (JPEGs no larger than 1500 pixels wide) at steve@stevehuffphoto.com. 

Depending on how many replies I get, your images and text may end up at the end of my review in a special section called “Your thoughts on the A7II”.

I think this would be great and informative to have in the review so hope to hear from a few of you!


Steve Huff


  1. I have had mine for about a month, and have a love hate relationship with it! I love the design and small form factor, a big relief from carrying heavy dslr and lenses around. Love the files and the way they take processing but nothing new here since i shoot Nikon anyway and am used to the sony sensors in my nikon bodies.
    The thing i hate is the small hard to turn dials. The dials i use for f/stop and shutter speed are recessed too much for my liking and find i am always accidently changing settings just moving the back dial to adjust shutter speed. I would like to stay with sony for a while but won’t buy anymore unless they make some changes such as better control dials that are not so hard to turn with thin gloves on. and i also want better autofocus and wish they would remove the lowpass filter like i have on my Nikon d810 which is the best camera i have ever used and love it to death except for the big weight of it with my favorite lenses.

  2. The A7ii has not made me love the A7s any less – they are both great but different. I’ve been a little disappointed in the single-shot autofocus speed of the A7ii which seems slower than the A7s. However, the continuous autofocus speed (which I tried for the first time today) seems surprisingly fast and may become my default for the A7ii even though I rarely use it on other cameras. I’ll be anxious to see what you think when your review is posted.

  3. Got a chance to use mine a couple of times. I’m happy so far. Focus speed wasn’t a problem for me. Shutter sound also doesn’t bother me. It has a nice ‘shink’ sound. Color seems similar to the RX1. I found myself fixating on the noise at ISO 1600 when I was reviewing the images. It’s not terrible by any means, but I’m not used to seeing that much noise with the RX1.

    IBIS seems to be doing it’s thing since I’ve been getting good results hand held with slow shutter speeds. IBIS seems to work well for videos. I’m not seeing my usual shakiness. The AVCHD video had a lot of artifacts at the edges of people and the background when viewing in LR, but was fine in VLC so it doesn’t seem like an issue with the camera.

    Battery life isn’t that great. Glad I have two more on the way. I also found that while holding the camera my hand tended to pop open the SD door.

  4. hi just got mine this morning and so far i really like the focus speed and the ibis on a 135 mm and 200 mm lens but overall i don’t think its a replacement for my a7s, or the em1 – just don’t see many situations so far in one day where the a7s and em1 combination is improved with adding this camera – will give it a couple of weeks but early feeling is probably will sell it

  5. I’ve tried the A7II for a few days and I must say I don’t understand what all the hype is about. I’ve really tried to enjoy using mirrorless (starting with the x100S, then the XT-1 and now the A7II) but I think all the technology with peak focusing, zerbra lines and various histograms gets in the way of connecting with your subject and truly ‘seeing’ your photos. I don’t know why, but I just cannot seem to get comfortable and enjoy an EVF. I much prefer an optical viewfinder such a Nikon D810 or a Leica M one.

    My main intention was to use the 50’lux asph on the A7II but it is awkward at best. Using 5x focusing mag really slows things down too much for me as a people shooter, if I was photographing and composing static scenes I wouldn’t have a problem using this method, but for my use I think (unfortunately) that a M 240 with OVF is the way to go.

    If I were to give advise, based on my personal preferences, to an enthusiast (with deep pockets) looking to build up a nice all around kit based on a single camera, I’d point them towards a Nikon D750 instead of a Sony A7-series.

    • I can focus the 50 lux faster on the A7II (no need for mag focusing) than the M 240, and the IQ is better than what I get out of the M 240. The A7II, when used for a few days with an M lens will be a “no turning back” kind of moment for most who seriously try it. It’s an amazing combo, the A7II and 50 Lux (or 50 cron or 50 Zeiss, etc). I can’t stand OVF’s these days, and on a camera like the D800 or D810, I found the OVF experience to be no where near as satisfying as the EVF on the Sony. I do not sue zebra line or peaking, but focusing is a sinch. But we all have different tastes!

      • Just curious if the 50 lux with the A7II has a bit more pop like the M9 offers since the 50 lux on the M240 seems to be a bit flat looking.

        I’ve been considering the A7II or maybe A7S but have a slight worry about losing something with the transition to CMOS again. The M240 I owned briefly and it was a great camera but was just a bit underwhelming for things like 3D pop (which I realize isn’t something we can truly measure but it is noticeable in images.

      • Steve, did you had any chance to pair the A7ii with the leica 50mm APO Summicron? I have one here, and not sure of I should keep it or stay simply with the 55mm Zeiss…… (M240 was sold and replaced with the A7 version 1)

        • The 50 APO is fantastic as you know, but the Sony 55 is also pretty fantastic though larger and not quite as special. But $8k vs $1k… the 50 APO rocks on the Sony A7s and A7II, but as I said, all depends on what you want (AF or MF, Leica or Sony)

  6. I got mine on Friday and initial feelings are
    1. I like the new grip and shutter release position though I had got used to these on the A7 and A7s. The new grip also helps with the extra weight..
    2. IBIS well what can I say but it is a real plus with longer lenses such as the leica apo-telyt 135 and elmarit-M 90 as it means lower shutter speeds can be used but more importantly I can use focus-magnification and see the image without it jiggling around to much. Handeld shots with the FE 55 at 1/15sec are easily possible with static subjects.
    3. Don’t really mind the the extra weight and girth as as I said before the better grip makes handling easier.
    4. Like the full metal mount as in the A7s
    5. IQ in RAW seems to be the same (never shoot jpeg so can’t comment on this).
    6. Will take some time to assess the new AF features.

    • To add
      1. Shutter sound (compared to the A7s) is not so much quieter but different with a softer tone to the end of it’s movement

  7. For everyone waiting to see if there will be an A7s II soon, I had a really interesting thought yesterday…

    The A7 II replaces the A7, and the 46 megapixel A9 will replace the A7r, and then I think the A7s might be replaced by a Zeiss Digital Ikon. At least I think if the A7R gets the special treatment and is bumped to the A9, I think an even more special treatment might come for the even more special A7s. It would be a home run.

  8. Hey guys. I’m super excited about the Sony A7II. I have to say that its heavier than the A7S but the grip rocks. I only have the Zeiss 35mm f/2.8, so the IBIS in stills mode isn’t super noticeable. But the IBIS in video is AMAZING, I think much better that the EM1 (I own it). It makes the video look so good, as far as shaking is concerned and compared to video in the A7S. I’m not digging how noisy the files are at ISO 6400 and above, this might be a deal breaker for me. But I have some shooting to do and some pixel peeping to dive into (the RAW files aren’t loading up in Lightroon just yet). Thanks!

  9. I’m interested in the A7II. And the Nikon D750. The thing that really stands out is the Nikon is $700 more expensive and does not have IBIS.
    Shouldn’t that then be the other way around?

  10. I received mine last Thursday quite unexpectedly (had it on pre-order and wasn’t expecting it till next week), AF feels quicker and the focus locking on to subject when working fast is much improved, in hand it feels so much more robust, a solid camera compared to the A7/r.

    Focus tracking is idiot proof, never used it before on any camera and I had it working great first time 🙂

    In London today for a full day of shooting street.

  11. Amazon warned of shipping delays but A7ii arrived today despite west coast storms. First few test shots evening low light indoors extra fine JPEG no flash f2.8 1/60 plus 1/3 to 2/3 exposure comp Standard picture style LOOKED VERY GOOD with no hint of camera shake and very good auto white balance. Autofocus seems pretty fast – similar to A7s. Wife said use it now, don’t wait for Christmas! Will report back after a few hundred shots and side by side with A7s. I’m guessing the A7ii will be fantastic for everything except perhaps sports shooting.

  12. Loving mine. It is a mini mirrorless A900.

    I like the finish and the new grip is an improvement but the front dial is a bit close to the power switch – have already inadvertently shut the camera down a couple of times. I expect it will just take some getting used to the placement.

    Having two custom buttons on the top plate is very useful; currently I have focus magnify set to C2 and Steady Shot to C1.

    The object tracking is significantly improved but I haven’t had an opportunity to test its limits.

    IBIS is excellent and as advertised. I have tested it with FE and several electronic and “dumb” adapters. I like how Sony implemented the feature so that it only activates when you either half press the shutter OR focus magnify. You don’t need it otherwise so they figured out a nice scheme for maximizing battery life.

    The rear wheel feels a bit tighter (a good thing) and I appreciate how the LCD opens up further in the horizontal position. On the A7 it would get blocked by the EVF eye cup but no more.

    Finally, the shutter button is both larger and easier to engage. It is less spongy than the one on the A7 with a very linear action that needs less downward movement to trip. The shutter is noticeably dampened compared to the A7s (sold the A7 so don’t have that to compare).

    Overall, I really nice upgrade. Looking forward to using it as my workhorse.

  13. My Sony guy got me the a7ii a few days ago I’ve used everyone of the series. But my daily driver is one of my a7s’s I love it’s so much I saw no point in keeping the original A7. I was going to wait for a a7rii but my Sony rep talked me into this. And I am glad he did. The auto focus has definitely been improved tremendously. I see improvements in speed, continuous tracking and low light the a7s can focus in the dark this is almost as good. The 5 axis ibis for stills is amazing I hear it’s not as good as the olympus but I don’t know if I agree. I am able to get blur free shots on the 55 1.8 as low as 1/15 consistently and can go much lower if need be. For video this feature is even better allowing me to use that same lens for silky smooth footage for video. I have not seen the jello effect that I have seen from the Olympus at times. The ibis changes the whole idea of the a7 series we will now be getting some smaller faster lenses since the do not need to worry about OSS, we will see more lenses along the lines of the 55mm 1.8 or the 35mm 2.8.

    The photos I have seen seem to be improved over the a7 though I don’t see Sony claiming anything except JPEG performance improvements which I don’t use, not against it but I just like the raw workflow. But in raw there seems to be a slight improvement but that could just be me wishing because I like everything else about the camera so far.

    I love the grip, I hear people say that the cameras too heavy I personally don’t see a difference if anything it feels better the grip allows you to hold a longer lens easier. The new video codec is a welcome addition.for me this is almost a perfect camera.

    So here’s my list of things I don’t like

    The access doors to the HDMI, USB,microphone in, headphone and I know made of rubber and are hidden behind the camera strap area area they are kind of Hidden prefer the old ones he seemed sturdier.

    I do not care for the finish personally I preferred the old finished kind of made it seem a little different than everything else.

    And here’s my wish list.

    Give us the same sensor that’s in the Nikon D7 50

    Give us the same autofocus that’s in the Canon 7D Mark two.

    Internal 4K recording.

    • It is the same sensor as is in the Nikon 750. But the Nikon has lossless-compressed 14-bit raw files and the Sony 11-bit. I said it the other day that “Nikonized” Sony sensors produce slightly better, more subtle, tonal transitions. Sony fans didn`t like it. I have a A7s and Df and prefer the Df files by quite a margin. An A7III with 14-bit raw output, AA filter removed, a touch screen, long battery life and the silent shutter from the A7s would tick all the boxes for me.

      • Retow, do you have any side by side shots between the Df and A7s with same (similar) lens setup and settings? From what I have read, the difference between the lossless 14-Bit and lossy 14-Bit is rarely recognized in real world comparisons.

        As for AA, it all depends on what you shoot. Any photography of fabrics is going to be more challenging without the filter and as is, the A7 and A7II tend to moire even with the filter. I’m afraid of how bad the moire would be without one. The level of detail in the current setup is already staggering.

        Touch screen? Meh.

        Long battery life and silent shutter? Yes please.

  14. Sitting here wondering whether I should get the A7s or A7II. Can’t decide. Half stills, half movies. Low light would be great. But I have the nagging suspicion that there will be an A7sII announced in 1-3 months. B&H already offering deals with grip, free $200 mic, etc. Love the new grip on the A7II.

    • I received my A7II and got a chance to try it for video. I noticed too much of moire and other artifacts. Definitely not a good choice for shooting films even considering the camera has S-log profile and in camera stabilization .
      IMO , A7S is much better in video department

    • Hi Matt. I’m processing a RAW file from my A7II and it seems that Lightroom isn’t able to import/process this file just yet. So I had to convert to DNG. The DNG it looking like crap when compared to the JPG that I shot along with the RAW file. The colors are way off and I cannot adjust them. I am currently in Lightroom 5.7 on my iMac. I hope Adobe updates this soon.

      • Otto:
        I too had the same problem with my Sony A7II, until I checked for a Lightroom update. There is now a Lightroom update 5.7.1 that will solve this issue!! Yeah!

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