1. My 7II just arrived. Want to dlownload the fimware, but inspite of 70 years of amatuer photography I have no experience. I need instructions. I am on a Mac OS x 10.75. Please help or direct me to a site. I trust you to the point that my last 8 cameras were recommended by you and they are all as you described.
    Thank you.

  2. Thanks for alerting us and providing a link. These are nice improvements and quite noticeable. No problems updating on my MacBook Pro running OS X 10.7.5

  3. Good news. I thought that sony never release updates. I would like to have one or two for my RX1 ( especially AF improvements). I was asking for it, so I keep on waiting.

  4. Hey that’s my photo. Looks great on your site ๐Ÿ™‚ One huge improvement I noticed off bat is the near instant start up time. The camera also makes less noise and clicks when turning off and on. Nice Sony!

  5. They basically, squashed the OSS bug and then also improved the IBIS performance. Gone are the high frequency jitters that V1.00 exhibited and lead to reviewers stating that the IBIS was underwhelming or “not as good as the Olympus 5 -axis”. The IBIS now appears to be rock stable and smooth. Makes you wonder if there was a small bug in the IBIS optimization that snuck out the door on release.

  6. I saw that there are problems upgrading with Mac’s…I have a Mac Pro 64 bit running 10.10…can I go for it ?


    Just to be sure ?
    Thanks for your help.

  7. Funny, Fuji`s FW upgrades of which a few actually increased the shooting envelope of the cameras (electronic shutter, direct access to move the focus point) were called bug fixing recently. Sony`s IBIS had a well known bug which is now addressed, but called an improvement of it :).

    • It all depends on who writes the update blurb. If an engineer wrote it they would say they ‘fixed it’ implying it was broken. If a software person wrote it they would say it was ‘bug fixes’ implying it wasn’t their fault it broke. If a marketing person wrote it they would say its an ‘enhancement’ implying that it was never broken but now its better. Its all how you look at it, but in the end its the same thing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Sony is methodically eliminating all of the remaining issues that the Digi-Lloyds and Theins of the World bitch about. A few more fast primes and 14bit lossless raw files and there will be nothing left to complain about. Although if I had just spent over 20 grand on D810’s, 645Z’s, Otis’s and other massive lenses then saw a photo from the diminutive A7 Mark II that equaled what I had been producing with my GIANT gear, I’d probably be pissed and complaining too ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Well then, thats great news! I thought something was up with the stabilization as it wasn’t seemingly as responsive as the EM1 is when composing a shot but the results were good. The focus magnification stabilization is a BIG welcome. I use that feature a lot with my legacy glass. Way to go Sony!

  10. Steve, do you know if the IBIS technology is from Olympus? I know Sony makes sensors for other brand cameras. I was wondering if Olympus was licensing out their IBIS.

    • It’s a totally different system from the Olympus IBIS. Sony works with piezo magnets and Olympus with a feather. Olympus IBIS is load, Sony IBIS makes no noise. It’s got just the name in common, but not the tech.

    • Funny as I never experienced that bug. I was switching between Leica M glass and native glass without a hiccup. I would turn off the camera, remove the Native or M lens, attach the other lens and IBIS worked perfectly. I tested this 5 times on the body I have so not sure how to recreate the issue, unless some are changing lenses with the camera on..

      • It happens when you use one of Sony’s OSS lenses, not the standard E mount (non zoom) glass. There is a whole thread on it on fredmiranda and Sony has been in contact with the discoverer of the bug.

        “Ok Guys so have got the new body and it is still doing it What I have figured out is that if I change from either FE24-70 or the 16-35 to an adapted lens IBIS won’t click in. If I change from either the FE55 or 35 it will, so I am thinking there is a firmware bug. what maybe happening is that the camera doesn’t seem to register when a non electronic lens is attached after a OSS lens has been attached. I would suggest others if possible try to replicate this. I have contacted Sony UK about it.Here is the text of the email

        Dear Nick
        Here is a summary of the issue as far as I see it
        I bought the ILCE-7M2 last Friday the 12-12-14 and noticed on Sunday that at times that the IBIS feature stopped working when using a manual lens with an adaptor (voigtlander close focus adaptor or non specific Chines adaptor) with leica Rangefinder lenses. I noticed again yesterday that the IBIS had stopped working in these circumstances and thinking it maybe a camera issue my dealer (London Camera exchange in London) replaced it with a new camera. Unfortunately the issue is still there and I have narrowed down to when it is happening.

        First scenario IBIS doesn’t work with adapted lens
        1. I have been using the ‘FE24-70 OSS’ or ‘FE16-35 OSSโ€™ and switch to a manual lens with adaptor
        2. I turn on the camera and hear click and if I hold camera near to my ear I can hear a slight whirring
        3. I dial in the correct focal length for the lens
        4 On half press of shutter release the image doesnโ€™t stabilise
        5. I can turn IBIS on and off and there is no difference

        Second Scenario IBIS works with adapted lens
        1. I have been using the โ€˜FE55/f1.8โ€™ or ‘FE35/f2.8โ€™
        2. I turn on the camera and hear click and if I hold camera near to my ear I can hear a slight whirring
        3. I dial in the correct focal length for the lens
        4 On half press of shutter release the image does stabilise and behaves as I would expect

        I am shooting RAW without jpeg and with batteries that are fully charged. All other functions appear normal

        What appears to me to be happing is that when a lens that is not electronically in contact with the camera is used after the use of and OSS (Optical Steady Shot) lens for some reason the camera wonโ€™t activate the IBIS mechanism even though it sounds like is functioning. When using an adopted lens after using a Sony FE non OSS lens IBIS seems to activate.
        It would appear that this maybe be a software bug as I am having the same issue even on the 2nd camera.”

        • I am well aware of the “glitch” as some reported but when I take off the 16-35 and put on a Leica M lens, it works. If I take off the Leica M lens and put the 16-35 back on, it works. Couldn’t get my IBIS to NOT work.

          • Steve, I have the same experience going back and forth from the 16-35 to a 90mm Summarit on the A7ii. So far, its worked great for me! I don’t know if the adapter has made a difference in experiencing the glitch, but I’ve got the Novoflex (primarily because I was concerned about potential vignetting with the Voigtlander close-focus adapter).

          • Testing the new firmware shows that it has fixed the issue. Excellent job by Sony getting the update out so quickly.

          • Yes it has solved the glitch when switching from an OSS lens to an adapted lens with the camera turned OFF (didn’t happen when turned on and changing lens) and it is my email to Sony that is quoted above. The problem was definitely there and confirmed by many others. Anyway Sony have been quick off the ball this time so well done. I had been in contact with them over the Christmas period so considering the holidays and all pretty fast work

        • OK. So some have experienced this adapted lens issue and some have not. Does anyone know if this new firmware update has fixed it or not. Since I do not have a Sony FE non OSS lens (just the 24-70 OSS) I am afraid to try it since I may not be able to “undo” the IBIS turning off.

  11. Just updated using Mac OS X 10.10 and it is working well. Update takes about 15 minutes. If you have Play Memories on your computer make sure it is not set to launch on plug in. Better yet, remove it first as it will interfere with the upgrade process. Go figure…

  12. Looks like it may be compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 where other Sony updates have not been compatible. Has anyone tried with 10.10 yet?

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