Four steps in Milan, with the Leica M-E by Bruno Taraffo

Four steps in Milan, with the Leica M-E

by Bruno Taraffo

Hi Steve, hello everybody!

I’m an Italian man 38 years old regularly reading your beautiful site and, about a year ago, I decided to make myself a gift: a brand new Leica M-E!!


That’s what I call “Love at first sight”, since I simply cannot imagine a more sensual object to take pictures…

I’m not the kind of guy walking around with tripod and filters shooting at silky waters; I like real life and I just try to catch its shades with my own gear and sensibility.

I’m a huge fan of italian photographer Gianni Berengo Gardin and, of course, I go mad for black and white. Nevertheless, since I know life is in colors, sometimes I give them the chance to stay in my pictures…

Recently I spent a few days in Milan in good company: my wife, my Leica and a 35 Summicron Asph, and here you have the results…







I really hope you enjoy my shots and, if you have the time, give a look at my Flickr profile as “Bruno Taraffo”

Best regards, Steve!



  1. Loved the B&W in particular. Did you feel you were missing anything by going for the M-E rather than the 240? Or was it “just” the cash?!

    • Yes, John, for sure I’m missing ISO higher than 800… I don’t care for live view and I already have a DSLR with CMOS sensor. I just wanted a camera built only for pictures, without anything else than the base commands. And it costs less…

  2. The Milan photo con lo sfondo del duomo, more like a view camera on a sturdy tripod. Fantastico!!!

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