My First Impressions – Zeiss Batis 25/2 By Bob Israel

My First Impressions – Zeiss Batis 25/2

By Bob Israel


Getting a new lens is always exciting. You read the reviews (including Steve’s), you ponder whether your excitement is from the hype from the previews of others. You ponder whether this is really a ‘need to have’ vs. ‘want to have’ lens. Finally, you make the decision and place your preorder. Then you wait . . . and read some more . . . and wait some more . . . and see some images . . . and wait . . . and then . . . it arrives.

First, it’s the unboxing, not like you see on you tube videos but the anticipation of holding the lens in your own hands for the very first time. Today I received the Zeiss Batis 25mm f/2 Distagon. I’ve had a love affair with Zeiss for a long time shooting contax C/Y, Zeiss ZE and ZM lenses. But the Batis 25/2 is the first I’ve owned that will autofocus on the Sony A7 series. To say I was looking forward to this day is an understatement.

Pelican Point 072215-19

The lens is a thing of beauty. It has a modern look and feel and the OLED display just seems cool (yes, I’m a techie). The lens is much lighter in weight than I expected but it feels perfect on my A7II. I went out at lunch today and took a few shots. Nothing earth shattering but an assortment of wide open, closed down and into the sun variety.

Batis25 072115-18

Batis25 072115-27

Then I looked at the images on my laptop. I got the same feeling and excitement as when I first shot with the Zeiss ZE line. It was an OMG moment. The colors are rich and the lens is sharp even wide open. The lens is marvelous when shooting into the sun. OK, I realize I’ve only taken about 40 images, but so far, it’s an instant love affair with Zeiss . . . all over again.

Batis25 072115-44

Batis25 072115-53

Batis25 072115-41

-Bob Israel

Bob Israel
RJI Photography

See Steve’s full review of the Batis 25 and 85 HERE


  1. Bob, your 25/2 photos here and on FM are making it tough to resist hitting the “buy” button. Nice.

  2. In fact i never liked color from Zeiss lenses and i dont like them here. I also dont like colors from any A7 series Sony camera. You have a hard time if you want to make them look natural. Of course that is not important to everybody and many people dont even notice it. It is a matter of taste i guess. Sony did make good Discman though and many Zeiss lenses work well on other camera Systems.

  3. Hi Bob,

    Is this one of those lenses that makes you buy a camera just so you can have the lens? You seem quite enthusiastic. Thanks for your great photos.

    • James, it certainly could be one of those lenses? It’s wide and it’s application for landscape and cityscape at 25 make it a great walk around lens. The colors are simply stunning IMHO. I’ll trying some B&W conversions as well. Thanks- Bob

  4. I like wide, and I like these shots especially the color. It is on my want list and will order when Amazon has them.

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