One Year Update! The Wotancraft Ryker Bag still going strong!


One Year Update! The Wotancraft Ryker Bag still going strong!

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Yep, the Wotancraft Ryker is still my daily bag of choice for when I am out shooting my Sony, Leica or Olympus kit. A little over a year ago I reviewed the Ryker in black, then in brown and ever since I have been using the brown Ryker every day and it looks as good today as it did a year ago. It may be a little more softer but other than that it is wearing in quite nice. This is a bag that will last you for your lifetime in my opinion. It is built to a high quality, it looks amazing and feels amazing and is very functional. All leather, gorgeous interior, and for me, it will hold an A7 body (ant of them) with 2-4 lenses (depending on size) and charger, batteries, iPad mini, etc. I adore this bag and look forward to how it will look in another 5-10 years as it wears in over time.

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See my video below of my one year update with the Ryker! You can see more about it at Wotancraft HERE! You can see my original review of this bag HERE.


  1. Well after the Ryker, Ranger, Paratrooper and Commander I just ordered me the Thor with a nice Black Friday discount. These bags are simply the best there is! 🙂

  2. My Ryker arrived today. In short, it is absolutely gorgeous and extremely well-made. But, as others have written, including Steve, it’s not a bang-for-your-buck bag. My Think Tank 5 is far more practical because of it’s interior compartments. BUT…a huge BUT, sometimes I find all those compartments only makes it a bit tougher to find something. I own a number of cameras and each has a dedicated bag. I’m going to use my Ryker as my everyday bag when I go out with a minimum number of item, for example, my Leica with lens attached, a second lens, extra battery, cleaning cloth, mobile phone.

    • This is not a bang for the buck bag, and it was never implied as such. It is about beauty, quality, a lifetime of holding up, and it happens to hold all of my mirrorless gear perfectly, as well as accessories.

  3. Today I wrote my personal impressions of the Wotancraft Ryker bag into this space. My little ‘review’ was not 100% favourable and therefore not welcome on this site and therefore not visible to anybody here. Didn’t know You are such a selective flipshot.

  4. Got a Ryker (brown) before I went to Europe in July. Nice looking bag, well made and big enough for my mirrorless gear. What I really miss on that bag is a carry handle when I want to pick it up quickly in tight spaces. All my other bags have that and it’s very useful. I also found that the Ryker is not all that comfortable to carry around when it’s loaded, even moderately. It likes to move on my shoulder a lot and I have to adjust the position a lot. I use my Think Tank 5 more again, which I find easier to carry around and also is better organised on the inside. I’ll take the Tenba Mini to Japan in October. It’s not that ‘mini’ but light, well designed on the inside and also comfortable to carry around. I prefer practical over stylishness.

  5. I bought a Ryker before my trip to Europe with my Oly M5 II and absolutely love it. I’ve bought so many camera bags over the years and I finally found the perfect bag. Like Steve says, I was able to carry the M5, plus 4 lenses and accessories, switching lenses on the fly while walking around the streets. What’s not mentioned is that an iPad Air will fit in it as well. Perfect

  6. I’m one of those who bought one after your first review. I’m very happy with it. I also bought a Raven, which is great for minimalist forays 🙂

    Thank You Steve.

  7. Excellent review as always, Steve!
    I also found your review of the Tenba DNA 11, and was wondering which of these bags you’d recommend for a Fuji kit consisting of an XT-1, Fujinon 35, 60 Macro, and the 16-55 f/2.8 WR Zoom lenses. Thanks again!

    • I have tried a DNA bag, and would not recommend them. Velcro is annoying, the front slanted pockets are not very functional, and worst of all there is no padding above the camera area, so it the bag falls and hits the top your gear may be worse off.

      IMO it’s not sensible putting expensive gear inside a bag that isn’t fully padded on all sides. Luckily many are, including Think Tank Mirrorless Movers (check out the new 25i, I’m getting that one as a walk-around bag), the Wotancraft that Steve loves, the Billingham Hadleys and many others.

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