The Olympus E-M10. People of Mumbai by Raviraj Kande

The Olympus E-M10. People of Mumbai

By Raviraj Kande

Hello Steve and all worldwide audience of!

I am Raviraj Kande an actor and stand up comedian by profession born and brought up in Mumbai -India.

After reading most of the real world reviews I went for the Olympus OMD em-10 . I was going back and forth between Sony a6000 and OMD em10. The lens variety available finally made me go for Olympus OMD em10 and it was more stylish looking in the two.

I wanted something smaller yet powerful . Since I travel too for my live shows thought the little OMD will be great enough to document interesting stuff while travelling .

Also read all your reviews of OMD series which were extremely helpful since they were real world based with amazing pics which truly show the potential of micro four thirds system and the Olympus OMD offerings.

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The current lenses I have are sigma 60mm and the 14-42ez kit lens. The 25mm from Olympus is on its way . I had my friend from Australia Rahul Dutta a passionate photographer himself , send me the lenses and camera brand new, since its not readily available in India, and very expensive too.

It might sound weird but for me the camera body must look stylish , because if I love the way it looks I will use it more often . The Olympus em10 is very sexy looking camera with right blend of modern features and retro design .

It has been an absolute joy using the OMD em10 in variety of situations like concert , clicking pics of delicious food in restaurants , street portraits, landscapes ,fashion . It does everything with ease and style.

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OI000826-03 OI000854-02 OI000880-01 OI000210-01

I’m here attaching pics taken with the 60mm from sigma, a insanely sharp lens . This pics have been clicked while walking around on the streets of Mumbai . 2 pics are of my wife which were clicked again on street while walking around. The rest are street portraits of common people who work on daily wages basis in Mumbai. Some pics of food and flower too .

2015-10-22 09.41.34 1-01-01 OI000065-02 OI000079-01

All pics are shot as jpegs and edited on my phone in snapseed and at times vsco cam. But mostly in snapseed. Also all pics are shot in natural available light.

Thanks very much for your passionate in-depth non over technical real life usage reviews which help any body interested in photography make decision on factually basis. Also a big thanks to the community here who share their experiences with variety of cameras and lenses .

Sincerely- Raviraj .

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  1. I am glad that i have found your pictures made by you and supported by your Olympus! Rosat i went to a Photoshop here in Stockholm and tried to find out IF Olympus em10 would manage to follow people om the street going against you in a normal way. I was positive surprised! What is your opinion?!

  2. great pictures ! and what an amazing publicity for this little camera ! damn ! the photographer is more important than the equipment, no doubt about it

  3. These are some of the most amazing photos I have seen on this site!!! And a good example – you do not need a Leica to make stunning photos! It is the photographer NOT the camera that matters 🙂 It was a pleasure to see your photos!

  4. Hey R. Your images show off the camera and lens combination very well. BUT, more importantly, they demonstrate your exceptional ability to capture the character of your subjects. Based on these uniformly excellent portraits, you clearly have a rare talent. If these are among your first efforts, then you have a GREAT future as a photographer. Keep shooting. I look forward to seeing more of your images on Steve’s site.

  5. Hi Raviraj,
    it’s an absolute pleasure to be your friend and you are always welcome. I will be more than happy to send any equipment that you need.

    I have no words to explain how proud I am to see those amazing photos that you’ve shot. It’s not the camera, it is your art. What you have shown us here is remarkable and amazing. It makes me and am sure others,who will see these, wonder that how can one be this creative. Your photos add life to the stills. I admire your work and most of people checking this post will too.
    Wish you all the best

  6. Actually ‘Rob Williams’ i would say this is exhibit A for how to find good light and subject composition over gear.

  7. Hi Ravira! I am really exited about your pictures and I am going to buy a small camera, Fuji XT10 or OLY omd EM 10II. I think that OLY is superb but has a lack of af hybride Focus. I am a streetphotographer and people are moving in one or another direction so I wonder if OLY is the best camera under this circumstanses. The Fuji xt1 was my First choice a couple of months ago but the lack of ibis has made me wondering about the camera!

    • IBIS means lens are smaller and cheaper and designed only for very hi IQ. I have EM1 and pro zoom 12mm – 40mm f2.8 pro with snap ring for manual focusing and peaking …it cannot be beat unless you spend 3X.

  8. Dear Raviraj, I have seen many photos here on Steve’s marvellous site, but rarely have I seen better ones than yours ! You’ve done us Indians proud. It’s not the camera by itself (though it seems a great model – I use an E-PL5 and love its IQ), it’s your great skill and ability that shine through these pictures, which I looked at again and again…something I rarely do (Ashwin Rao’s submissions are another lot I look at again and again). Do get the 45mm f 1.8, you’ll love it’s IQ.
    Keep it up !!

  9. Very nice pictures! Your skill make the camera shine and with it you capture beutiful images! The fourth picture of the man with the red cap is intese and my personal favourite.


  10. Great images …. well done !! I am really enjoying my OMD EM as well images it takes are fantastic … I will take a look at your flickr page

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