SOLD! Crazy Deal of the Day. Leica 50 APO, $6000 NEW. 3 IN STOCK.

Crazy Deal of the Day. Leica 50 APO, $6000 NEW. 3 IN STOCK.


OK guys, OVERSTOCK.COM has a special sale on the Leica 50 APO lens. Yep, the premium BEST 50 EVER made (IMO) Leica 50 APO f/2 Summicron that sells for over $8000 normally but can be had now on special at $7200 or so. BUT..Overstock has THREE OF THEM for $6000 which is what I believe to be cost of this lens to most dealers. They are even offering free shipping or you can do express for $25 or so. Not bad. I have only bought from Overstock ONCE in life, and it was problem free. I have no affiliation with them though.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 11.30.47 AM

This is a rare opportunity to own this lens for much less than normal. Even used these sell for more than $6000. I used to own one, and I sold it for $7000 or so a while ago, and regretted it ever since. I would buy one of these but I do not have a spare $6000 laying around. Even so, this is a huge deal for a special lens. See my Part 1 review of this lens HERE and then a follow up HERE. and then again HERE.

To grab one of these three 50 APO lenses, which are 100% brand new according to Overstock, for $6000 click HERE to check it out. and no, I do not make any money from this if any of you buy one. Just passing along what I feel is a great buy.

 Just found another deal at Overstock on the Leica 24 Elmar. $1799 which is quite the savings. 


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    • My Noct was sold a year ago. My APO long ago. My gear is always kept updated on the MyGear page, so this should be no surprise. Now that I own the SL, I will keep a 28 Elmarit and 50 APO and probably a 90 Cron for my lens set.

      • Thanks!
        I checked the MyGear section before asking; you still have the noctilux listed in the lenses section under a7s 😉

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